2 Months Later:

Adam was running around Lily's apartment making everything perfect for their night together. He had told her he was coming over to make dinner and he wanted to have it ready for when she got there so she gave him the spare key to let himself in. She was off at work. Lily had gotten a job working as a technician for a large company that ran computers basically twenty for seven. They had Lily during the day and another guy Jacob at night. It was the perfect job for Lily since all she really had to do was rectify downed computers and monitor employee where abouts incase of virus alerts.

She loved her job and that just made Adam that much happier for her. Being now in his second year of college and having stuck with the field of vet, Adam was now working as an intern in a veterinary clinic about five minutes from Lily's place. He got to work with the animals do the basics right now, checking weight, vitals, for flees and such. A nurses job basically but he didn't mind.

The lock in the door clicked and Adam walked over and smiled as Lily came in unaware of all the stuff around her. "Hey honey!" She smiled leaning up to kiss him and then walked straight down the hall to her room. Adam was a little amused at the fact she hadn't seen the several dozens of white roses tipped in her favorite shade of green around the room. As she started coming back down the hall she was talking. "I had the longest day…" She trailed off looking up finally noticing all the stuff.

"Happy birthday!" Today was special because it was her birthday and Adam had waited specifically for this day to ask her a certain question he hadn't wanted to ask for some time now.

Lily smiled brightly and walked slowly towards him looking around. "You did all this for me?" She asked sweetly. Adam grinned as she was close enough to touch he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to himself noticing she had unbuttoned the top few buttons of her dress shirt like she always did the moment she got home from work. "Stop looking down my shirt." Lily joked leaning up to kiss his lips.

"Sorry." He said sweetly when she pulled back a little.

"Forgiven. Thank you for all of this it's so sweet." She said happily.

"Present now or later?" Adam asked.

Lily bit her lip in thought and looked up into his eyes and smiled. "Now. I have no will power to say later."

Adam pulled a small ring box out of his pocket and handed it to her not releasing her waist with his other arm. "Happy birthday." He said kissing her forehead.

Lily's eyes sat on the small ring box in her hand unable to move. "Adam?"


"Are you…"

"Trying to." He said laughing very faintly. "Open it." He coaxed and Lily did so very slowly and she saw the ring that was inside opening the small box. It was a white cold quarter inch band with an emerald stone flank by two small sapphires.

Adam took the ring from the box, released her waist bending down to a knee and took her left hand in his. "Adam…" Lily said in a light sob as she smiled.

"Lily I told you once that my goal in life is to make you happy. That's all I want to do, but you saying yes to this next question will make me the happiest I could possibly be in life. Lillian Miko Watanabe will you marry me and make me the happiest guy on earth?" Adam asked.

Lily opened and shut her mouth like a fish out of water for a second as tears escaped her eyes. "Yes." She finally whispered forcing herself to speak.

Adam put the ring on her finger and stood wrapping her in a tight hug. Lily pulled away slightly and kissed him with all the passion and love she had inside of her. They sank into that kiss not wanting to break away, but Lily did wiping her eyes and smiling happily. "I love you Lily you're the only girl for me."

Lily smiled brightly. "I love you so much Adam you have no idea. Thank you this is the best birthday ever."

"Only for you Lil, only for you." Adam whispered kissing her. "I made you dinner."

"Then let's eat it." Lily said sweetly.

9 ½ months later:

Adam watched as Lily's father guided her down the small aisle between the many guest chairs. It was beautiful outside here in this secluded spot just in front of a waterfall. Lily had very few relatives and Adam's family wasn't that big, but a little bigger then hers.

His heart started pounding in his chest seeing her in the long flowing light mint green cotton bohemian like dress. She wore simple sandals on her feet, her hair was down straight like it always was adorned in small starflowers, and she held a simple bouquet of three Lily's. One for her mother with a yellow ribbon, one for her father with a green ribbon, and one for her grandfather with a red ribbon and all were tied together with a light green ribbon.

She was stunning walking down that simple aisle. When they finally reached him Cam smiled kissed his daughters cheek and then handed her hand to Adam. That of Lily's grandfather was conducting the ceremony and once they were holding hands and looking at each other all the rest of the world was gone.

Lily couldn't help looking into those brown eyes and Adam just stared back turning her heart to mush with the love she saw there. Never in a million years could she ever make up for being bless with Adam in her life. He had come at just the right time too. With her mother's accident and all Lily had been sad and down a lot of the time, but when she met Adam it was like she didn't want to be sad.

He made her smile and he made her happy and it was like from that day forward she knew that he could be the one and here they were getting married in front of their families.

Adam was in heaven standing with her on this crafted alter before their families taking her hand in marriage. He couldn't have imagined anything better then her in his life if he tried. Lily was his first and only love.

"I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bradley." Kanoi said softly. "You may kiss my granddaughter Adam."

Adam smiled at him and then kissed Lily bringing the ceremony to an end as they turned to their family and smiled. Lily dragged Adam quickly down the aisle and into the woods behind a tree while the guests went to the small tent that was set up for the reception. "You brought your pocket knife like I told you right?" Lily asked breathlessly not releasing Adam's hand.

Adam smiled and pulled the pocketknife from his pocket and handing it to her. Lily flipped in open and turned him to look at the tree they stood by. "When I was little my father brought my mother and I out here for picnics. It is my favorite place in the world."

"I know that's why you wanted the wedding here. But why do you need my pocketknife?" Adam asked smiling at her.

"For this…" Lily pointed to where her name was etched in under the names of her parents. Lily crouched down and added Adam's name with hers and Bradley under that. "Finished now we'll never forget where we got married."

Adam chuckled. "Lily I don't think I'll ever forget this day."

"I know but you never know, the only people who ever know about us are us and if someday one of us ends up forgetting…"

"Lily this isn't the notebook you're not ever going to lose your memories. I wont let that happen." Adam said kissing her forehead.

Lily wrapped her arms around Adam's waist. "I know, but nothings set in stone, I just don't want to forget and if I do make me remember." She said sweetly.

Adam and Lily kissed softly for a while until they heard rustling branches. "Save it for the honeymoon." Aubrey said walking over to them.

Adam grinned at his sister. "Yeah, yeah." He said sarcastically.

"We're ready for the bride and groom." Aubrey said smiling brightly.

Adam nodded. "Ok." They started to head that way and Aubrey took Lily's wrist quickly.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" Lily nodded and Adam smiled.

"I'll wait by the edge of the forest." He said walking off.

"What is it?" Lily asked.

Aubrey smiled and handed her a long thin jewelry box. "I wanted to give you this as sort of a welcome into the Bradley family. Lily smiled and opened the box. Inside was a charm bracelet similar to that of the one Tori and Aubrey wore, but some charms were different. There was a Lily and what looked like a computer.

"This is wonderful thank you." Lily said sweetly.

Aubrey smiled. "My mom and I each have one. The symbols each represent something different to us and I hope that maybe they'll represent something to you one day."

Lily sighed contently. "They already do. I never had a big family and now I have Adam, you and the rest of the Bradley's. Heck I am a Bradley now and I couldn't be happier. Thank you this is very sweet of you."

"You're welcome." She said and then gestured her head to leave the forest area and Lily went with her. They met Adam and Jarred at the edge of the forest and each took the hand of their rightful husband.

"Everything ok?" Adam whispered to Lily. Lily looked at him and smiled so bright.

"Everything is wonderful." She said as Jarred and Aubrey led them into the tent. After cheering guests, dinner, cake, it was again time for more toasts. Aubrey decided to go first.

"Little Bro, Lily I'd just like to say I've never seen Adam happier or more open then when he's with you and that in it of itself is a miracle. I know I've done nothing but torture you Adam since we were kids, but it was my job. I was just trying to make you tougher, or so I told myself as time went on." Adam, Tori, and Blake all laughed softly as did the other guests at the joke. "We've had our happy sibling moments, at each other's throats moments, worried moments, awkward moments, and even just silent moments when nothing needed to be said. I think it's safe to say I love you more now then I did when we lived together, distance only makes the heart grow fonder. I love ya little bro and I love my new sister in law as well. You treat her right or I'll be forced to get dad's shovel and dispose of the body." She giggled raising her glass. "Here's to the happy couple!" Everyone raised their glasses briefly.

A few more speeches and toast went around before the night died down. Lily and Adam slow danced while everyone started cleaning up around them, laughing and joking setting the perfect atmosphere for the couple. They may not have had music, but they had the sound of laughter and fun around them and that was enough.

After a long while things were relatively cleaned up and Adam and Lily were ushered to go home and pack for their honeymoon to Hawaii which they would be leaving for in the morning. Aubrey said her goodbyes to her little brother and Lily and they headed off with a wave to 'their' family.


"Adam?" Lily asked walking in the door of the apartment they now shared.


Lily turned to him and grinned. "Packing doesn't take to terribly long and I was thinking…" She trailed off giggling as Adam scooped her up in his arms and carried her back to their bedroom. He kicked the door shut behind him and set his new wife down on her own two feet.

Adam and Lily leaned in meeting in a passionate slow kiss as their hands diligently started working on each other's articles of clothing as they both kicked off their shoes to make it easier to undress. Lily's dress was the first thing to fall to the floor leaving her white and mint green lace bra and matching boy cut panties. "You never wear lace." Adam whispered breathless breaking their kiss for oxygen.

Lily grinned as she pushed his black over shirt off onto the floor where his pants were soon to be as well cause her finger immediately started working on them next watching Adam's eyes intently. "Well I thought I'd get you something special for our wedding night." She said seductively as his slacks fell to the floor.

"Why it's just going to be on the floor in less then five minutes?" Adam said grinning.

Lily giggled. "Then take it off me baby." She said huskily wrapping her arms around his neck. Lily only ever let Adam see the seductive side of her and that made him happy in so many ways. He stepped out of his pooled pant legs on the floor picked Lily up bridal style and lay her down on the bed crawling over kissing his way up her torso.

"Don't mind if I do." He said reaching his hand around and unclasping the strapless braw that hugged tight to Lily's petite frame. He pulled it away and it landed on the chair in the corner making Lily laugh until she lost her breath as Adam kissed her breasts and then up her chest to her lips. Moaning blissfully into each other's touch their mouths opened and their tongues met.

Adam left Lily's lips and his mouth trailed down to Lily's neck knowing that she had a week spot there after the months they had been together already he remember ever spot that made her shiver or make a sound in pleasure.

"Oh." Lily whispered softly as his lips gently caressed the smooth flesh of her neck and shoulder. Lily's hands ran lightly up Adam's toned smooth surfer chest making him hot from just the simple gesture.

Adam grinned as he trailed his lips back down Lily's torso. He grabbed the sides of her panties and started to pull them down her legs his fingers running along lightly caressing the soft lightly olive skin. She smelled off peaches and when her panties joined the rest of their clothes Adam removed his boxers and made his way back up her body.

Lily gasped and groaned in pleasure, her breaths quickening as Adam sucked her naked breast gently into his mouth. He made an effort to take his time and slowly torture her late into the night as he slowly moved from the one breast to her other and then finally made his way back to her lips.

"I love you Lily. "He whispered entering her body in a slow stroke. He paused gently when her body trembled beneath his to let her get comfortable and then began to move his hips in tune with hers.

"I love you Adam." Lily moaned lightly as a small whimper escaped her lips and the enormous pleasure she was feeling with his body this close.

Adam grasped Lily's neck to his lips as his hands travel through her hair clutching for stability as they moved together. Lily's hands wrapped around Adam's neck for support and she matched every thrust, and every breath he took.

A long while into their night of passion Lily began to feel her abdomal muscles tighten and her heart pace quickened. "Faster. "She whispered in Adam's ear and they began to moved rapidly into a faster pace feeling their limits were going to be met soon.

"Oh Lily. "Adam groaned as he felt her climax as she let out a cry of delight and he released seconds after her. They continued to move slowly into a stop.



"Don't ever leave me ok?"

"Never Lily! I'd die without you."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

The End

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