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"Olga?" Frank asked astonished. He couldn't move from the doorway of the homey kitchen.

"Hey sweetheart! Breakfast will be ready soon, and since Abby was so good at waking up Daddy, would you want to go get your brother up too?" Olga greeted while stirring up the batter for pancakes.

"Yea!" Abby exclaimed while running out of the room.

"She didn't jump on you did she?" Olga asked as she turned around to check on the baby that was banging his spoon on the highchair.

"N-no," he stuttered.

"Well that's good maybe she's getting out of that habit. Hey baby boy what do you think your up to, huh?" she said off handedly as she grabbed the spoon from the baby's hand and kissed his forehead. "Coffee's made by the way."

"Thanks." he muttered making his way to the coffeepot on the counter.

Just then a loud crash was heard followed by a bellow of "Damn Abby!! What on earth did you think you we're doing?" A loud squeal, then the thunder of feet on the stairs.

"Daddy, Daddy!! Help! Jimmy's gonna get me!" Abby ran into the kitchen as fast as she could with her brother on her heels and behind Frank's legs. Frank looked up from his coffee to see the older version of his, former, eleven year old son Jimmy.

"Alright you little squirt! You gotta come out from behind Dad's legs sometime!" he threatened with a slight smirk on his face.

"No way! You'll get me and throw me in the pool!" she retorted.

"Abby we don't have a pool!" he responded.

"Well you'll find one! And then you'll throw me in!"

"Hey, hey you two! Breakfast is ready, save the death threats until after please," Olga interjected. Jimmy made as exaggerated sigh as he made a grab for Abby, picked her up and put her in a chair. Giggling she kissed her big brother's cheek.

"Mornin' little Caleb! And how's the coolest little brother on the planet today?" Jimmy asked the infant. Caleb gurgled and cooed in response. "Really, is that so? Well I'd have to disagree. I think that the Phillies are the best baseball team."

Frank and Olga took their seats around the table and started eating. Conversation flowed freely from everyone except Frank, who took in the entire atmosphere.

"Jimmy have you talked to your mother lately?" Olga asked.

"No and I don't really want to either," he said sullenly.

"Jimmy, you know that you should try..."

"Ma, look I don't want to talk to her I know she doesn't have much to say to me so don't worry about it," he told her. At this Frank's eyes went wide.

"Frank what is it?"

"It's uh... it's nothing Olga. Just thinking,"

"Well that's never good Dad," Jimmy told him.

"Ha ha," he muttered dryly. Suddenly the situation seemed surreal. Here he was, eating breakfast with a family, together, something he had never done with Pat, with two other kids, a wife who loved him and no real arguments. Life seemed too good to be true. Something in his gut was telling him that something was wrong. He needed to go to NNL as fast as he could and talk to Hooter. Maybe he could tell him why he had a feeling that something was wrong.

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