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Uchiha Christmas
By Keiji
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Naruto shivered slightly, rubbing his hands together and shoving them deep into his pockets to keep his fingers warm. The winter chill was wafting over Konoha, and each passing day got icier than before.

At first Naruto thought it was brilliant. He loved playing the snow, and what he so called 'training' in the snow using snowballs and throwing it at Shino and alike. However he soon remembered that the nights were terrifyingly empty and bitter.

He trudged through some thick snow, unable to feel his ankles anymore. He huffed, a mist of white breath. He forced his teeth and knee's not to shudder, but even then he could feel his body clenching up, trying to store some heat away, or at least, shiver some live into his body.

"D-Damn i-i-it..." Naruto bit his frosted lip. He had just got his foot stuck under a ledge beneath the snow. Something was tugging at his shoe.

Unwilling to bend down and take his hands out of his pocket to free himself, he started wriggling his leg. As a result, he fell backwards and plopped into the freezing ice snow with a muffled yelp. He shivered again, trying to grin himself into self reassurance.

Suddenly he heard something.

He jerked around and looked into the pitch black forest, that teetered on the edge of the path. Something was there, inside the forest. Naruto could feel someone watching his every move, as if waiting to pounce.

Quickly he got to his feet and brushed the ice off himself. Hurriedly, he turned back to the path and decided to take a sharp turn back towards the village center. He glanced over his shoulder and sighed with relief as the forest shrank between the buildings again. Grinning to himself stupidly he pretended he was a cripple and dragged his left foot in the snow, leaving a long smudged trail behind him.

A rock hit his head.

"GAH!" Naruto yelled, bracing himself as if an earthquake was about to happen. He opened one blue eye cautiously and looked around.


Something heavy landed behind him.

Naruto stumbled and turned around. First he was face to face with black cloth. As he slowly looked up, he realized he was staring at a cloaked man with a large brimmed tokado. He bit his lip sharply by accident.

"Itachi?" He whispered, taking a step back. His cerulean eyes began to open with fear, white snow reflected in them and one, solemn, black figure.

"Naruto-kun," Itachi smirked beneath the shadow of his tokado, giving a slightly amused chuckle.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" Naruto managed to work his throat, though it hurt in the cold air.

Itachi sighed a long breath of white air, still chuckling to himself. The snow crunched under his feet as he took a step closer to Naruto. The blonde immediately sprang backwards, but was caught against a wall.

"What are you doing in Konoha?" Naruto pressed himself against the wall, looking up at Itachi and biting his lip nervously.

Itachi shrugged, his black cloak shifting as he did so. Naruto was close enough to see under the shadow and up into his quiet black eyes.

"…was looking for presents."

Naruto spluttered at his answer. "You? Presents for Christmas?"

Itachi raised an eyebrow as Naruto fought back his laughter. Eventually the blonde boy gave in and started laughing, his voice ringing beautifully in the empty snowy streets.

"Shall we?" Itachi motioned.

"Shall we what?" Said Naruto stupidly, grinning, despite the fact an S class criminal was standing in front of him.

"Shall we walk?" Itachi said, with absolute calmness in his voice. However, after being with Sasuke with so many years, Naruto could tell he was getting slightly annoyed.

Naruto thought about it, and then nodded slowly. It was, after all, Christmas. He fell in step next to Itachi, their feet softly scrunching down the ice in synchronized steps. Itachi's cloak gently swished side to side, occasionally brushing against Naruto's jeans.

A particularly cold breeze passed by and Naruto shivered, pulling a ridiculous face and gritting his teeth together. Itachi looked down at Naruto by his side and chuckled.

"Cold?" He pointed out, more as a statement rather than a question.

"N-No D-d-d-d-duh…" Naruto gritted his teeth again to try and stop his chattering.


A swift move and a heavy black cloak was thrown back and around Naruto's shoulders, enclosing him immediately in warmth. Naruto's blue eyes widened and he tried to wriggle away, but a strong arm wrapped over his shoulders and held him there, pressing him against the side of Itachi's warm body.

"Better?" Itachi asked, not needing an answer.

Naruto nodded numbly, sinking into the warmth of the cloak and his arms.

"So…" He mumbled sleepily. "Who are you buying presents for?"

Naruto felt Itachi's toned muscles shift, a sign that he was shrugging again.

"For my little Otouto."

"….Sasuke?" Naruto blinked, looking up at Itachi. Itachi glanced back down into his curious blue eyes but didn't say anything. The joy of rhetorical questions.

Naruto unconsciously wrapped an arm around Itachi's waist for a comfier fit as they both continued walking down the path, seemingly, aimlessly. But it felt better to have company.

"I tried looking for a present for him," Naruto huffed. "But ever since he came back… you know… he's like…. Distant."

"Hn," Itachi's response.

"I mean, I don't know what to get him. What should I get him? He doesn't want anything… he doesn't need anything… not from me at least."

Naruto cast his eyes downwards and watched the snow disappearing under his feet.

"So… what are you getting him?" He finally asked Itachi, tugging at his sleeve. "Something shiny? I figured because he's like a magpie, he would like shiny things. Right?"

Itachi couldn't help laughing lightly at that. "You think Otouto is a magpie… how cute."

Naruto puffed up in protest at being called cute. "What are you getting him?" He questioned, adding a prod to his side.

"A pet."

"A pet? He'll probably rip it to pieces!"

"I hope not," Itachi chuckled. "I'm going to drop it off at his house tonight. After I've wrapped it."

"Really? … A pet… where is it then?"

"With me," Itachi reassured, his grip tightening over Naruto's shoulders.

"But there's no where you could've hidden it… unless…." Realization dawned upon Naruto. "It's a hamster!"

Itachi deadpanned, staring at the blonde as Naruto shoved his hands into his pockets, searching for a tiny hidden mouse or hamster. Itachi slapped his hand and he disappointedly took his hands out. He folded his arms and his lips formed a small pout. Nothing.

"Actually, it's you," Itachi pointed out.

"Haha… very funny…" Naruto grinned. The grin slowly slipped off his face as Itachi smirked. "Are you serious?" He swallowed, his voice suddenly dry.


Naruto widened his eyes and he squirmed, trying to get out of Itachi's arms. Itachi held onto him tightly and continued walking, forcing him along.

Wait, remember, he's a criminal... he murdered all of Sasuke's family! Why are you there? You shouldn't be doing this...

"Like I said, I was looking for presents," Itachi repeated. "You will do," He smirked, chuckling.

"Wh-what are you talking about?" Naruto yelped, trying to wriggle away from his strong grip. He could feel his wrist burning. Itachi ignored his protests and swiftly picked him up, throwing the boy over his shoulder and walking off as if normal.

"Let go..." Naruto hit his back. His voice rose. "LET GO!"

Itachi smirked and merely made his way to the Uchiha mansion.

Itachi threw the blonde boy down onto the bed. Naruto landed with a oomph and bounced slightly on the mattress. His cheeks were tinged an icy pink, flushed from all the protesting and fighting from being kidnapped.

"Don't look at me like that," Itachi smirked, taking off his tokado and setting it down.

What the hell is wrong with you? Get away from me!" Naruto shifted uneasily and tried to wriggle off the bed but Itachi grabbed his ankle and yanked him down so that he laid on the bed properly. Naruto yelped with protest as Itachi forced him down.

"Shhushh..." Itachi soothed. "This would be much easier if you cooperated."

"Bastard, I'm not a present," Naruto began to yell and sit up, but Itachi shoved him back down onto the bed.

"I was planning on you popping out of the Christmas cake or something, but since you're so ..."

"Let GO!" Naruto bit Itachi's hand, causing the Uchiha to flinch.

Itachi quickly took out a gag from his pocket and wrapped it across the blonde's mouth before he could bite or yell anymore. Naruto glared at him furiously, making muffled noises behind his gag, wriggling on the bed.

"Do stop playing around," Itachi sighed, as he began to undress Naruto.

Naruto's eyes widened and he started to squirm even more. "NNNnnghh!" He protested, his blue eyes literally shaking with uncertainty.

Itachi quickly slipped the boy's jacket and shirt off, smirking at how Naruto shivered in the cold.

"Don't worry, I'll have you wrapped up in no time."

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