In The Spaces Between Words

Rather that you speak no more
lest your words do naught but hurt,
and let your silence do the talking
for I love it all the more
Your voice is harsh; your tone is curt,
although your words hold no ill meaning
Your murmurs vague, your whispers hoarse,
though in your touch I sense warm feeling
So stay those vocals cold,
and hold me close till the pale morning
With each syllable more love is lost
It's best to leave your reasoning
In the spaces between words,
our perfect silent little world,
you will hold my hand and smile,
and I'll drink in your gentleness
In the spaces between words,
when all your questions have grown old,
we'll go back to our unique style
and forget these lonely lies,
our endless games 'neath autumn skies.

What? A series of oneshots. L/Light and/or vice versa. Character/relationship driven, possible AU later on. Shounen-ai and/or yaoi. Yes, there are spoilers for the whole series.

Why? Because I'm obsessed with this fandom and pairing right now, and I NEED to write this. Also, I've never done a series of oneshots like this, so I'm trying out a new style.

Please read and REVIEW. Tell me how to improve and if I should continue. I'm new to the fandom and pairing, so all criticism is helpful.

That said, please (I hope) enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer applies to all future chapters of this fic. Death Note belongs to Obata Takeshi, Ohba Tsugumi and all those lovely people involved in publishing the manga, making the anime and movie and merchandising. I do not make a single cent from this story. It is called FANFICTION for a VERY GOOD reason.