I don't own Grandia II, but I've yet to see prologue stories for this game, so I'm making them. I plan to do Ryudo, Roan and maybe Mareg or other stories. Depends how interested I am.

"She's... dead?"

"That murderer!"

These thoughts ran madly through the mind of a boy about 13 years old as he tried, unsuccessfully, to get to sleep. The boy was exiled from his only home. Branded as nothing more than the brother of a murderer. A monster. Having no where to go, he was now scrounging for food and living in a forest near a town.

The ebony haired boy was too old for the orphanage to take him, and he knew no one would want him, especially if they knew who he was, so he was completely alone in the world. Trying to survive without theivery. Luckily he was very good with a sword. So he could survive. But fate decided that wasn't enough for this youth.

It was then he heard the sound of flapping, wings beating against the wind nearby. The boy lifted his head and rubbed the little bit of tears that remained off his face, before he looked in the direction of the sounds to see a bird flying overhead. It circled above him several times, as if studying him, before turning back in the direction it came from.

He closed his eyes as he sighed and muttered under his breath, "Just a bird... Who cares..." Not much later, he heard another sound. Footsteps, crumpling over the grass and dried, autaumn leaves. His body jerked to his feet as he grabbed his sword and stood ready as the figure approached.

Upon closer inspection, he saw a woman, about 30, stout, and strong. Her dirty blonde hair layed softly around her shoulders, giving a little femininty to her appearance. The most notable were her eyes. The young 13 year old could tell that this woman had seen much death and sorrow in her time.

But the real question was, would she harm him? Could he beat her? At this point it was uncertain either way, he would attack this woman if he had to, but he was raised not to. Deep down, he felt that a man's job was to protect a woman. "Who are you?" He spoke with worry.

She stood there looking back at him, her own sword in her hand, but her eyes, looked at him intensely. He suddenly felt like a rat, being watched by an owl. She smiled at looking at the way the boy held his sword. It was obvious to her that the boy was trained, but his voice also told her more about him. He was frightened and alone. It was obvious that he wasn't a hardened warrior.

She smiled as she heard the same wings flapping above her as she nodded a moment before she spoke, "Lower your weapon boy, or you will get hurt."

The boy stood his ground, taught not to back down from anyone as he barked at her, "Don't give me that! I'm not stupid enough to leave myself out in the open to an attack."

The woman just looked at him, "It insults me, that a young brat thinks he's got a chance against me..." With that she got into a fighting stance and ran at the boyi. He struck at the woman but she twisted around and slapped the back of his head with the hilt. She was playing with him. She wanted to see if he could keep his cool. With a quick wave of her hand, the earth began to rumble, using her mana eggs, she had casted quake on the area surrounding the boy, causing him go fall backwards. In a flash she was up on him and he had a sword in his face as she muttered, "You should know how to keep your balance at all times boy..."

With a quiet growl the boy uttered in despair, "If you're gonna kill me then do it."

The woman looked at him a moment before she began to laugh, "You must be joking. I may be a despicable Geohound, but I'm not a common murderer. Now who the hell are you to be in such a hurry to die?"

The boy looked at her a moment before answering, "My name's... Ryudo..."