It was the only constant within his ever-changing world; he would be awakened like a new-born to her. His mind a clean slate, save for his battlefield experiences. Yet, somehow…amid the never-ending cycle of memory wipes and re-programming, she would remain.

Perhaps it was because she was the first thing he witnessed? His 're-birth' from the Sensory Deprivation Chamber heralded and watched over by her and her alone. Or maybe it was her voice? His chamber only blocked external stimuli; ESP was not considered in its construction. She even sang to him once, or at least he thought she did. The 're-adjustments' weren't as fool-proof as everyone seemed to think, and a few memories, shattered , broken things, still endured.

He liked seeing her, unbelievably enough. He was a killer with 'no doubts or emotions', yet she stirred something in him that had been growing and wished to be released. But he had only been released three times since arriving in this peninsula of death, never long enough to even look at his object of amore.

The second time had been interesting though, to say the least.

It was an assassination; one of Skowronski's troops had gone AWOL, apparently driven to some unique form of madness which allowed him to ignore Gene's orders . He had been sent to deal with him before he blurted the San Hieronmymo base's location. He was accompanied by two of the Red troops as a 'precaution'.

He did the job, a clean and efficient kill, as was expected from 'The Perfect Soldier', and then things went downhill.

They joked about her. It was your usual Soldier affair, something crude and insulting while at the same time reeking of underlying innuendo.

He hacked off the offending soldier's arm (While pondering about obtaining a new weapon; machetes weren't very good for severing limbs. He needed something…sharper) and then blew out both of his knee-caps.

For good measure, of course.

Gene didn't like that, he used 'The Voice' on him before bringing him back to her. She had no fear though, and he even contemplated telling her why he did it.

She wouldn't understand though, and as he obediently entered the Sensory Deprivation Chamber he wondered. When he woke…would she still be there? Or would she be just another shattered memory, a broken piece whom he wouldn't recognize?

As always, his mind was Nulled.