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Summery: The war had finally ended. Of the Order of the Phoenix there were two survivors.Harry will do everything in his power to change that. slash SS/HP

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Chapter 1

The war had finally ended. Of the Order of the Phoenix there were two survivors. The only two who believed they would not survive the war. Harry Potter, the young man who everyone had put their hopes and fears upon, and Severus Snape, the traitor.

Harry sat in the midst of the fallen bodies with a hopeless expression on his

face. The Dark Mark marred the right side of his face, a parting gift from Tom Riddle, the wizard known as Voldemort. Clutching his side hoping to stem the bleeding wound that was there, his right arm hanging at his side, he slowly stood. The Boy who lived did not look like a hero, but like a battered and broken child.

Even at 21 Harry was still only 5'5 and weighed less then 120 pounds. His time with the Dursleys would effect him for the rest of his life. His hair, no longer a fly away mess that it once had been in his youth -when he still believed that there was good in the world- hung down his back, having escaped its leather thong he had used to tie it back at the nape of his neck. His green eyes once full of life and innocence were now dull and haunted. He had seen too much death and destruction for innocence to dwell there.

Stumbling, he made his way to the only other survivor on the battle field once known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Snape was sitting on the front steps holding his fallen godson. Draco Malfoy's once white blonde hair was now caked with blood and dirt. The gash at his neck told how he died. Snape, the once snaky bastard, that every one swore had no heart was now sitting with the last of his family and his hope of the future laying dead in his arms, tears streaming down his face.

Harry knelt by the stricken wizard and waited, knowing the grief-stricken man would speak in his own time. Harry looked up at the castle behind him. It still looked as it did just that morning. On the castle itself, you could not tell that the deadliest battle of all time had just been fought on it's front steps. Hogwarts standing as the last beacon of hope for the wizarding world, that now lay in ruin. Turning, Harry looked out into the distance, as far as he could see were the fallen bodies of the wizarding world's greatest families and strongest wizards. Harry Potter the conqueror, now ruled a wasteland.

After the fall of the Ministries of Magic around the world, the Free witches and wizards had unanimously elected Harry Potter not the minister, but the King of the entire Wizarding world. He had not wanted the mantle of King, but like many before him he could do nothing about it. Under his banner, the people flocked to what they thought was his cause. Little did they know that Harry Potter had lost sight of the cause when his chosen family, the Weasleys and Hermione, were murdered by a madman just three weeks after he'd graduated Hogwarts, four years ago.

"What do we do now, your Majesty?" Severus asked breaking the young King from his thoughts.

"We do what we had planned to do this morning before all this shit happened. Except now, you heal me and I get a mask to cover the shit on my face. Only now I will go back and fix this mess so that it would be as if it never happens," Harry responded.

"We already talked about this, Potter. You can't change the past that much. You must be careful. You know what you can change and what you can't. Just stick to the plan and hopefully all we come out right," Severus admonished without rancor, well much anyway.

"I want to make it so that this will not happen. So that they live. I also don't want to rule the wizarding world. You know that," Harry exclaimed, falling back onto his bottom with an oomph.

"You don't have a choice. You are the only heir to the throne left, which is why you were named King in the first place. Now let me heal your arm and side. Lose the shirt, brat," Severus commented while gently laying Draco's body down.

"Fine," Harry growled, and then waved his hand bashing his torn bloody shirt.

The damage to Harry's side was worse than the Potions master thought it would be. Once again Severus Snape could not figure out how the man before him had live through his wounds. From his armpit to his thigh was flayed open. The cut was so deep that Severus could see the ribs below the skin. Murmuring the cleaning and healing spells below his breath, Severus watched as the cut sealed leaving only a fine line to mark where the wound had once been. After finishing that; Snape spelled the wound on Harry's shoulder, fixing the torn muscles and ligaments, and then closing the wound, as he did for the cut on his side.

"Any other major pain?"

"Yeah, I think a may have broken a rib and my wrist is fucked. Plus the bruises," Harry responded, as he rolled his eyes. "But you could just cast a diagnostic spell and find out everything."

Snape had the urge to smack the smart mouthed youth. But he had to admit -if only to himself- that the child was right. Quickly casting the spell, Severus blanched. Harry was bleeding internally, the blood collecting in his stomach. His liver had shut down, and his kidneys were failing. His heart was also damaged, a nick to the left ventricle. Severus stared at the man trying to figure out what to do now. He could deal with most injuries but Harry's injuries were beyond his abilities. His young King was going to die. Severus sat back hard and rubbed his hands over his face as if trying to scrub the skin away.

"You have internal injuries I can not heal. I have no idea how to begin, much less come to a satisfactory outcome." Severus became more agitated as he spoke.

"Okay, get me stabilized. Stop using such big words, calm down and we'll get me to Poppy," Harry said calmly.

"And how, pray tell, do we get you to someone that has been dead for a year."

"Sev, I am going back in time to a point were Poppy is still alive. Get me the Journals, I'll need them. And hurry, if what you say is true I might end up in the wrong time." Harry was now getting irate, the pain in his stomach increased, and Severus sat there staring at him as if he were an enigma that defied solving. He had not been looked at like that in more than a year, and never by Snape. "Snape, get your greasy, potion stained, arse off this step, get me the journals and get back here. Now," Harry yelled.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Severus nodded as the man brought him back to the problem at hand. Harry was then granted the amazing sight of the unflappable Severus Snape- the great greasy bat of the dungeons- running as if a demon was on his heels and gaining. Harry could do nothing but laugh.

Fifteen minutes later, Severus was back with the bag that saw Harry through all seven years of schooling. Inside was a seven compartment truck like the one Moody was held in during fourth year, filled with books that he might need and money from his many vaults. Both men knew that this was most likely the last time that Severus would ever see Harry again; at least as the man he is.

"Sev, you have to help me stand up." Severus reached down and pulled his king into his arms.

"Just in case I fail, I want you to know that I have been in love with you for five years and I'll do anything in my power to save you the pain that Voldemort put you through," Harry rushed to say. Before pulling the older man into a searing kiss, plundering his mouth as if it were the last thing he would ever do, and Harry admitted that it just might be.

Severus was shocked to say the least. Gasping, Harry plunged his tongue into Severus' mouth savoring the taste of his love for the first time, and most likely the last. Pulling back after but a precious few moments, Harry pushed Severus away, pulling the bag off his shoulder as he did so. As Severus tumbled back he caught a flash of light and a loud popping sound not that different from apparition. As the sound dissipated carried away on the wind Severus' faint whisper was carried with it.

"I love you too, Harry."