Chapter 25

Severus had planned this night to the last painstaking detail. After six weeks, Harry had finally been released by Madam Pomfrey to resume sexual activities. Severus for one couldn't be happier. He was finally leaving behind his childhood and stepping into the role of a man.

Lily and Cian had agreed to take Jayson and the recently returned Aaron for the evening, so their parents could spend some intimate time alone. While they had been seen in each others company often, Severus wanted more then a few heated kisses that lead to no where other than frustration.

In the preceding six weeks, Harry and Severus had done what they should have back in the fall when this all began. They'd talked for hours and gotten to know one another. While under Pomfrey's watch, however, Severus was more often then not sent into the arms of his consort even though a kiss alone from his mate would feed him well enough, it did nothing for his aching libido.

Lighting the candles with a quickly spoken spell, Severus finished his preparations for the night he'd planned to claim his wayward mate. As the clock on the mantle chimed the hour a soft knock was heard coming from the door. Straightening his robes and taking a final look around the room, Severus nodded in satisfaction; the atmosphere was perfect. Taking a steadying breath to calm his rising anticipation, Severus opened the door to find an obviously nervous Harry waiting on the other side.

"Come in." Severus gestured widely as he stepped back. He stood taking in the awe that graced Harry's face slightly hidden behind the silver mask that gleamed in the soft glow of the roaring fire light that lit the room.

Harry was dressed comfortably in soft slacks and a silk shirt both in black as Severus had requested. Only his trembling hands betrayed his nerves, though he hoped he showed no other outward signs. Taking in the room, Harry saw a small table set for two aglow with soft light coming from twin tapers. The air was scented with sandalwood and jasmine, his favorite scents. Harry was surprised Severus had remembered as Harry had only mentioned that fact once, in passing. The fragrant air was filled with the gentle sounds of a cello- viola duet that Harry couldn't be arse to name. In all the room was beautiful.

Harry turned back to Severus one eyebrow cocked in question.

"I felt we needed some time away from the children to focus on ourselves for a while?" Severus answered easily. "I hope that it will lead to other more…personal involvement, but I will be happy with just a few hours alone with you if you do not feel up to intimate relations so soon."

"I have been more then ready to fall into your bed, Severus; it was Poppy that was objecting." Harry smiled shyly.

"Well, why don't we sit and talk while we dine for a while and see what transpires?" Severus asked while holding a chair out for Harry.

Dinner turned out to be a stiff and nerve racking affair for Harry, he was unclear as to what Severus wanted from him. The incubus seemed to be trying to seduce him. That alone was confusing for Harry. Why would he bother with seduction when Severus knew damn well that Harry was more then willing to do and be anything Severus wanted?

As the night progressed Harry became more nervous and confused. Severus was asking questions about Harry's life, fears, hopes, and dreams. This was not the Severus that Harry knew at all. Harry was beginning to wonder if he had ever really known the man.

"Come; let us continue by the fire, maybe with a glass of wine to relax, you seem far too unnerved to be enjoying yourself," Severus spoke quietly into the long silence.

"I'm not so much unnerved as confused. You've never cared about my life before, in this time or in my own," Harry admitted as he took a seat on the soft fur before the fire.

"Yes, in the past weeks I have been trying to rectify that mistake. From what you have told me I will become an insufferable ass, not fit for human companionship if I treated you, my lover for over five years with such little respect." Severus acknowledged his failures grimly, he too opting to sit on the fur rug before the blazing fire.

"You had plenty of respect, Severus. You were my closest advisor while at court. You and Lucius both were actually." Harry automatically jumped to Severus' defense.

"I may have respected you as a king, but did I show you your proper due in my bed?" Severus asked calmly.

"I was never in your bed, Severus." Harry responded truthfully, gazing into the fire not allowing him fall into old hurts. Severus was trying to change, Harry cold see that, however he wouldn't let himself hope. Harry knew eventually Severus would tire of Harry and his inability to claim Severus as he needed occasionally.

"That is the sort of thing I mean. I never even allowed you into my bed, yet you are my mate and the bearer of my child. You deserve better. It is one of the reasons I asked you here tonight instead of us being in your chambers." Severus shifted closer to Harry gazing deep into liquid emerald eyes filled with love, longing, lust, and confusion. "So there is no further confusion, I want to claim you tonight. To make you mine for the rest of existence," Severus purred his voice velvet wrapped in smoke.

Harry nervously took a deep drink of the wine he held in his hand. Coughing slightly as he fumbled the glass. A small amount spilled down his lips and chin. Severus was transfixed by the sight following the few drops along their path.

Moving slowly Severus closed the distance between them and began to gently lap the wine from Harry' throat chin and finally the wine stained lips. As full bodied and delicious as the wine had been, to Severus however, the wine, though the best on the market, was grape juice compared to the heady flavor of his mate.

Severus took his time wanting to savor the slight man before him. To memorize each taste of his lips, each whimper and moan that graced his throat, to capture each scent of the beautiful creature that was his mate, his perfect companion.

With painstaking slowness, Severus eased the glass out of Harry's hand while unbuttoning the black silk that kept the incubus from the skin he craved to taste… feel… smell…devour.

Severus felt his magic unleash as he supped on the feast that was his mate. Their clothing dissolved without conscious thought. The first contact with the naked silky skin of the small body beneath him was almost his undoing. Severus pulled away slightly from Harry and closed his eyes fighting to control his incubus nature. He refused to lose as he had done the first and only time they had been intimate together.

Harry watched in fascination as Severus changed before him. He lover's hair turned blood red and lengthened. His normally pale skin turned ivory and large black bat-like wings sprouted from his back while talon-like nails ripped from his fingertips. The most alarming change was that of Severus' face. His normally yellowed and uneven teeth straighten and turned pure white. The canines sharpened to small fangs reminding Harry a little of a kitten. Harry knew however this was no kitten he was dealing with.

When Severus finally opened his eyes the onyx orbs had changed as well. The whites of his eyes had turned black while the iris had bled to the same crimson as his hair. The pupil had also under gone changes they were now cat-like in appearance. While Harry knew that the look should have been frightening, overall, Severus was one of unearthly beauty.

Severus waited in fearful anticipation while Harry studied him. Severus knew the incubus had escaped the tight confines he kept on it. This had only happened once before in Harry's company and it had forced Severus to flee rather than have Harry reject him for looking so…not human. Now however there was no choice but to have Harry see what Severus truly was. A demon.

Severus flinched in surprise as Harry lifted a hand to gently cup his face. "So beautiful. Why do you hide yourself away, love?" Harry whispered in awe. Severus could not stop the tears from gathering in his eyes, the relief was so great but he did not allow them to fall.

"I was afraid you wouldn't want anything to do with a demon like me. It's why I ran out on you when we were together in your shower. Only Lucius has ever seen me like this. I could not have lived through your rejection at the time and then the fear seemed to breed to the point to where I hid from you completely. I made many excuses but the real truth was nothing more then my own fear." Severus rushed trying to get it all out at once.

"Nothing can make me reject you, never fear that again, my love," Harry proclaimed pulling Severus back down to him and claimed his red lips, mapping out Severus' mouth with a supple tongue. Severus moaned, having to pull back once again to regain his control.

After warring with himself, Severus began again taking in all that was Harry. The smell of vanilla and chamomile that made-up Harry's shampoo, the harsh scent of lye from his soap. Even the gentle scent of lavender from the powder Harry used on their sons. Underneath it all however was the pure male musk that was all Harry.

Another moan ripped through the incubus as he began to explore the feast his lover presented. Raising Harry's hands over his head and locking them in place, Severus began to chart Harry with his lips and sweeping tongue. The long lithe neck was nibbled and marked making the incubus purr happily at the sight. Proof to all that this wanton creature was his alone to enjoy. Over a firm chest and dusty pink nipples begging to be lightly chewed and pulled on until they were little hard peaks of quivering nerves. Severus even went so far as to lick the fine hairs in Harry's armpits, basking in the rich aroma and heady flavor, in his quest to learn the different smells and tastes of his mate.

With each caress of questing hands, sweep of the nimble tongue and kiss of his soft thin lips, Severus was pleading for Harry's submission rather then demanding his surrender as he had done in the shower almost eleven months before.

Unable to move, Harry could only feel. At the first swipe of Severus' tongue, Harry's eyes slammed shut. The pure onslaught to his senses made him light-headed. Whimpers and moans were the only communication Harry was capable of. Although fearful of the responses foreign to the young Cronos, Harry gave in to the feelings and let his incubus do what he would. Knowing that, above all else, Severus would take care of him as he always had.

Severus, finished licking away all trace of his mate's scent from his armpits and chest, moved down again to the firm rippled stomach teasing his lover by thrusting his tongue into the deep belly button, pulling another delicious moan from the man below him. Harry's erection prodded him in the chin smearing pre-come along his jaw line. Despite wanting to take his time and drive Harry into frenzy, Severus knew he was pushing his incubus nature to its breaking point with his slowness. In one fell swoop Severus swallowed Harry down. While Harry was no where near the size of Lucius, Harry's much smaller cock fit comfortably into his mouth and throat.

A deep seated purr erupted from his chest. Taking the time he could now allow himself, Severus teased the weeping organ with soft nips and firm licks. All the while savoring the salty sweet taste of pre-come flowing freely from his lover's slit. An idle thought past through Severus' mind as he enjoyed the flavor…'Shakespeare having never tasted Harry never knew the true meaning of bitter-sweet'. Pulling playfully at the foreskin caught between his lips, Severus felt like a maestro conducting a concert, playing Harry like a finely tuned instrument of superb caliber. Severus chuckled lightly as Harry's moans turned into incoherent ramblings begging Severus to take him, while it sounded pleasing to the incubus within, Severus wanted more.

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Knowing he would not last long Severus ran two taloned fingers over his own heart drawing blood. While coating the talons with his own rich blood, Severus moved Harry's long black locks away from his neck. Between thrusts Severus used blood coated talons to stake his claim, drawing large double S's on the exposed neck.

Harry hissed at the slight pain as his neck began to burn where Severus was tracing a pattern on his neck. He knew that the Incubus was marking him, but this had not been detailed in any book he'd found, so he was unsure as to exactly how it was accomplished. The pain was short lived and Harry felt his balls tighten with the familiar ache that proceeded completion. Harry did nothing to stop the orgasm from ripping through him his cock untouched.

When Harry succumbed to his orgasm, Severus quickly followed unable to stop the intense pleasure from the tightly constricting muscles that milked his of his seed. Collapsing heavily on to Harry, Severus panted while marveling in the new connection he found he now had with his powerful mate.

It took many minutes for Severus to gain control over his mind enough to realize that he must be crushing his diminutive mate beneath his bulk. Returning to his normal human appearance, Severus rolled to his side, his now flaccid cock pulling out from its warm enclosure as he did so. Severus gathered Harry into his embraced sighing happily.

"You're mine now," Severus announced with deep satisfaction

"I always was, Severus." was Harry's sleepy reply. Even to the pessimistic Slytherin Severus believed the man spoke nothing but truth.


Being an auror for fifteen years had prepared twin brothers Aaron and James -I prefer Jay- Potter for everything, except the last seventy-four days. Neither thought they would be leading a group of thirty-eight barely trained witches and wizards into the fray as they had been. Nor that they would be leading the young heir to the house of Potter into battle before the boy had even finished school.

The mission was simple, track a known Death Eater and find Voldemort and his lair. That was it. The force of forty was nothing more than a precaution. It turned out it was an enemy ploy. They'd been waylaid on day forty-five and trapped in a small abandoned house in the highlands of Scotland completely cut off from all help and supplies.

During the twenty-nine days they'd been under siege, Aaron and Jay had lost all but two of the people who'd become their friends. Now only the Potter's and a little witch with a very large attitude by the name of Sorcia Castfree were left. Sorcia had turned out to be invaluable. Her very Slytherin tactics and a strong foundation in the Dark Arts had saved them many times all ready.

It seemed, however, that for every Death Eater the four brought down, three took their place. The four stranded Phoenixes were in dire straights and the tell-tale crack of Apparition told them more had joined the thirty-odd Death Eaters already there.

Aaron and Jay shared a silent ominous look. They knew they most likely would not see tomorrow. As Aurors they had expected to die in battle one day, but to take so many of the wizarding youth with them was a tragedy in their eyes. Having James with them at this point was heart breaking. They knew that the Potter line would end and there was little either of them could do about it.

The two younger members of the doomed band shared their own look. Both had a way out of the situation, but neither was willing to leave the men who had fought so hard to keep them alive. Sorcia was a Raven Animagus and James had Prongs. They nodded to each other, it was agreed they would live or die together.

"Jamie, Sorcia, we want you two to try and sneak away before they have a chance to pull together a strike. With so many coming I don't think they will allow this to go on much longer," Aaron spoke quietly breaking the silence of the small room.

"No, Dad. We stay here. The best we can hope for is to take as many of those bastards out as we can before we fall," James replied in a firm unyielding tone, the same tone he had heard from Lily Evans so many times.

"Jamie, you have to carry on the line. The Potters will die out today otherwise." Jay tried to reason with his nephew.

James gave a small knowing smile, "No, it won't my son is already here and more powerful than the family could ever dream."

"What the hell are you talking about, son?" Aaron almost yelled.

"Uncle Jay you met him. Evan James. He is a Cronos and is my son. The Potter line is alive and strong and all ready grown if I have my dates right. Evan should have given birth by now." James explained to the awe stuck Aurors.

"You mean that little bit of a man that I fought along side at the Trelawney Estates? He is my grandson. That boy showed himself to be a god, and then yelled at us when some idiot told him to go end this bullshit." Aaron seemed more then a little unnerved.

"The Cronos are very powerful that is true but they can't fight our battles for us. They have a job to do. The have to keep the balance of time, not fix our fuck ups. We allowed Voldemort to gain power. We need to fix everything ourselves if we can. Besides I'm no coward to sit back and watch someone else fight for me. Not when I'm able to do it myself."

James looked out the small window towards the black cloaked men that gathered not three hundred yards away. "I'm proud he had the balls to stand up for what he believes and still help us out. He's so powerful and still he is caring and kind. Everything I wish I could be," James finished in a whisper barely heard by the others

The twins shared another silent glace. A wizard capable of getting pregnant and carrying the child was powerful indeed, but to be a Cronos was even more so. But it was the fact that their heir, a boy who had never cared for anything other then himself and his friends, was standing behind the man that would be his son was the true deciding factor for them.

"I never met Evan but I feel like I know him from James," Sorcia added softy. "The Potters breed good men, I know that for fact. He'll see that the line is strong; you need not worry about that. But we need to get off this emotional crap and get with it. We have some of Voldemort's fan club wanting to meet death," Sorcia almost purred the last with a mischievous, and not a little scary, smile.

The Potters laughed at the compliment and the name she had given the Death Eaters somehow thinking of them as a fan club made them less frightening. The men nodded at her and stood before pulling each other into a tight hug. "Nusquam delinquo familia cognomen patria" they quoted the family motto. Never fail in duty, family line and country. Potters always have been and always will be warriors, they all knew it and today they would die for it.

Taking one last look at each other, tired hungry and sore, they were proud warriors today. Their clothes filthy and in tatters as they nodded their goodbyes before casting their shields and exited the little safety they had.


As the sun set on the Summer Solstice, hundreds of seers around the world fell into a deep trace. All gave the same prediction. At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Myrddin Emrys quoted the new prophecy to the small group that had gathered together to celebrate.

The beacon of the light has fallen from grace,

His dark protégé strives to take his place.

Darkness fills the heart of the men

With Light's fall no hope can remain.

In it's place nothing but despair and pain

The one with the power is here,

The unborn king to be crowned

Lion, snake, raven, badger owl powers in him combined.

Time holds him not within its chains

With his sword freedom shall once again be claimed.

The one with the power is here; the unborn king must be given his crown

Correct the past to save the future, least the world drown

Harry looked at Severus and whimpered before letting loose a pain filled scream as his blood and time itself fought. The onset of Paradox Syndrome had begun


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