Love without knowing

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Its rashel's seventeenth birthday and she was made to go to school, no matter how hard she protested to her foster parents they wouldn't give in. "Please don't make me go to school" she pleaded over and over. "I don't like it there it there and to go there on my birthday is going to be hell" Mary and James just smiled at her, "you still have an education to finish birthday or not" James said firmly but he really did sympathise he hated to going to school when he was her age also.

This wasn't the only birthday that had been ruined, but no matter how horrible the day got it wouldn't compare to when she was five. Her mother had been murdered and she would always remember the sinister face that brutally torn her mother's life away from her. She would never make the mistake as her mother to get killed she had always vowed since her mothers death to look after herself, and get revenge. She began to take self-defence classes ever since she was ten; she knew how to break bones with a single touch and knew how to paralyse the body when needed.

At night she would go out and track down filth that attacked innocent people, she would tie them up and just before the police turned up, she would reach into her back pocket and take out what looked like a snapper off end of a bamboo scratcher, then drew the five lacquered finger of the scratcher onto the criminals back to always remind them of their bad deed. As she did this she would say into their ears "the kitten has claws" to remind them she was the one who put them their and she was the cat.

She got a lift to school like normal, but with a big smile on her face she had opened her presents from James and Mary and it was the final sword towards her collection, she collected the sacred samurai swords in honour of her sensei. She thought they were fascinating and full of power, the perfect weapon. She met her only two friends that she had made at her school, nyala and daphne.

They were her best friends even though she hadn't been at that school for a year; she knew that she could trust then with anything. They knew about what she did at

Night a couple times week and they helped when they could. "Happy birthday" they both screamed and ran over to give her a birthday cuddle and her present. She was shocked when they gave it to her, it was the ninja suit that the martial artists wore, but she never had enough money to buy it. It was light and stealthy just the suit she needed, normally she would wear a scarf to hide her face.

She hugged them once more "you guys are the best, how did you afford it, oh you guys are so cool" and she carefully put it away and walked to class talking about it but they were very late. When they got into the classroom their teacher was in a very bad mood. "you three are late and how dare you turn up with an insolence to talk while you entered, do you care to let me and the class know why you are late" rashel felt herself darken "because we were busy" that seemed to set him off ranting and raving then gave rashel a detention, but daphne defended her "please sir, its her birthday that's why we are late because we were giving her, her presents". He seemed to soften "well in that case sit down and be quiet.

They all say down in their usual place while Mr smith carried on talking, when a slightly tall, dark aired boy with extremely good looks came into the room, with two girls either side of him. His name was Quinn and he was the most popular boy in the school and he was totally bad. There was not a single person in this school who had stood up to him, and when the teacher saw quinn he ignored him and carried on talking. "talk about favourites" rashel spoke, and Mr smith heard "care to speak up miss Jordan" daphne nudged her to be quiet but rashel sneered "alright , well what I don't understand, when me and my mates come in late you make a fuss but when he comes in you ignore it. Don't tell me your falling for this bad boy act, please don't tell me your scared of….." she couldn't find a word "of him" this made quinn turn around "so I don't scare you, well we'll see if I can change your mind about that" before turning back round he looked at her and her friends and smiled. Then rashel got sent to the head.

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