Sorry its bin so long, its been like 2years, my life's been so busy

Sorry its bin so long, its been like 2years, my life's been so busy. I don't own any of these characters blah blah blah.

Rashel was waiting for daphne outside, waiting to go home, but she heard shouts and chanting. As soon as she heard the name daphne she ran towards the chants in the gym, her heart skipped a beat when she saw her friend in the middle of the crowd in a fight with two other girls, the same tow a girl that was hanging around the arms of Quinn. Now there's a surprise. She looked for a way to get towards her friend, she looked up and saw a basketball net she ran and jumped up to it and hanged there waiting so she could regain her balance. She pushed herself off and somersaulted in to the middle of the crowd, right in between the tow girls and daphne, she examined her friend to see if she was ok but she saw that she was bleeding from the nose, this made Rashel made, raging mad.

"Want some of me too" her heart was racing and her head pulsing, she went comfortably into the fighting stance, waiting for one of the two girls to come towards her. Which one is stupid enough to think that they can take on me? She thought. Finally they ran at her at once, this made Rashel twist and punched rose square in the nose and turned on one foot to give a low blow to melanie. Daphne took it upon herself to take Mel of rashel's hands not that she was a problem. This is going to be fun she thought!

Rashel was waiting for the small involuntary movement that would give away which direction rose was going to charge form. She kept the tension inside, she stood face to face and Rashel laughed out loud, after the anger that built up due to quinn it was good to let the anger out. Rose charged at Rashel from her left foot, which was rashel's right. She stepped into the attack and deflected it with a wristlock, then striked the inside of her arm trying to hit the nerves for rose to fault. Then it all went quiet no more cheering and chanting. All that happened was rose falling on the floor hard, crying. Everyone stopped and everyone stared. Just then Rashel didn't feel so good.

She felt bad; she looked around at everyone's faces shocked, amazed with her technique and strength. She could see quinn in the crowd staring at her with amused eyes. "Well done Rachel, who ever thought you would have that in you" Rashel snarled "its Rashel and you must feel so proud of yourself don't you causing such a fight, well next your going to be the one crying!" quinn smiled and gave a looked of admiration and respect, he gave a look to the crowd and they all disappeared. Daphne waited for her but Rashel shook her head.

"Was that a threat?" he said coolly "no! It's a promise, and you will soon know I never break my promises" he smirked "you really must be dim-witted, you don't know what your saying and what your getting yourself into, I'd be careful if I were you I cud hurt you before you even blinked" quinn threatened "what makes you so sure of yourself" Rashel taunted quinn stepped closer towards her, so close they could feel each other breathing. She decided that she didn't like him being so close to her, she didn't like staring at his piercing dark eyes with her own emerald ones. She thought maybe he's not so bad looking, he's really beautiful, but why does he haveto act so malicious.

He then made a move to reach her face but rashel's quick reflexes stopped him without her even realising it. As soon as she touched him a shiver ran through her arm and entire body. It was neither pleasant nor nasty, she almost collapsed, it seemed like all energy had been taken away from her, if quinn's arm hadn't been there she would have fallen. She never realised how quiet and dark it had become. She was trembling in quinn's grasped then realising that quinn was too, once her strength came back she stood up on her own but quinn never let go and she was quite glad. From the distance she heard footsteps "quinn darling, what are you doing" a tall thin glamorous girl came into the gym. "What on earth, get off her quinn didn't you see what she did to rose?" Quinn gave a regretful look at Rashel then he turned his back and stopped before the tall girl and said menacingly "you do not tell me what to do, are we clear" the girls' mouth dropped in disbelief and nodded. Before leaving quinn stopped and said "see you around, watch your back, you don't know who's around". Rashel grimaced What does he mean by that?