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Seigaku Series: 15 Ways to Ask your Ideal Seigaku Regulars Out

Story 1: Go Fishing

Reika wants to score a date with Fuji Syusuke, but how will she do it when the all smiling boy is just too innocent for his own good, will her plan to hook up a date with the tennis tensai using her new found secret work?

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15 Ways to Ask your Ideal Seigaku Regulars Out?

Go Fishing

Reika watched the tennis practice as each Seigaku Regulars fought their tennis matches. She saw her ever-annoying classmate Momoshiro do his special move, the Momoshiro Super Great Dunk Smash or so…

Reika never paid attention to any of Momoshiro's bragging all she cares about is the information she can get about a certain tensai named Fuji Syusuke. She's been eyeing Fuji since her first year in Seigaku. She first saw the young tensai accidentally on one of her art museum tours. Never did she thought that the same tensai would help her the next day on her way to her new school, which happened to be Seigaku.

She became one of the thousand girls admiring the young tensai. Being the school journalist, she's given the privilege to choose what club she's going to feature every season.

For that, she chose Seigaku's Tennis Club for several reasons, one her surrogate brother is the tennis club's captain, two, she knew that it's her chance to get close and actually interact with her beloved Fuji-sempai.

Luck must be on her side when she found out that not only her surrogate brother but also her ever-annoying seatmate is a Regular of Seigaku's Tennis Club. Since then, she covers every competition the club participates in, she became close to the club members and hanging out with them most of the time.

Only last week before her brother-like figure left to have his left shoulder heal in Germany, she learned that they went up to a mountain and watched the rising of sun. For her it was cute and somewhat memorable.

She even saw the picture they had taken back then, if Tezuka didn't bring it with him all the time she could have stolen it but then she can never cheat Tezuka and eventually he found out about her little obsession on his teammate. He said he'd been suspecting such thing for a long time and didn't mind a bit as long as she doesn't cause them problems. And she thanked Tezuka for that.Tezuka also told her about Fuji's fascination in Photography, where Reika's skills lies.

And she's going to use that newly acquired knowledge to ask Fuji out.

She's been watching the game for two hours already and hasn't seen any signs of Fuji anywhere. Reika sighed and gripped her Cannon Camera. Her hopes on asking Fuji out came crushing down on her, she failed, and she felt so down when a cold can was placed on her cheek.

"A penny for your thoughts" a soft voice said from beside her. Reika gasped looking at her side to find the object of her attraction standing so near her with his cheerful smile.

"F-Fuji-sempai!" she breathed out.

"You seemed preoccupied" he said handling the cold juice to her.

"A-Arigatoo" she replied

"Is there something bothering you?" he asked.

"NONE!" her immediate response makes her sounds so defensive. She mentally smacks herself 'Baka Reika! You're too obvious!'

"Hmmm, maybe you miss Tezuka already." He said smiling fondly.

Reika snorted "Not in this lifetime." She murmured.


"Nandemonai…" she answered almost instantly laughing nervously.

"Sou…" Fuji said still wearing his cute smile Reika felt her cheeks redden. 'I'm not supposed to blush! Kuso! Don't blush! Don't blush you airhead.'

"Reika-chan, are you alright… you look flushed." Fuji asked putting a hand on her forehead.

"Eh?!" Reika's blush deepen, she can feel how hot her face were.

"You are hot… maybe you'll be catching a cold. I have medicine in my bag, come on." Fuji said tugging Reika towards their locker room.

Fuji gave Reika an aspirin. "That should do it."

"A-Arigatoo Fuji-sempai." Reika said. Fuji just smiled at her.

"Is that your camera?" Fuji asked pointing at the camera she's holding.

"A… Hai…" she answered shyly.

"Did you know that I love photography?" Fuji informed her.

'YES!' her mind screamed. She shook her head and replied "N-no…"

"How long have you been taking pictures?" he asked again.

'Since I found you!' her thoughts said. "Quite a while… I'm not used to it yet… I'm more into writing." Reika said. 'Not used? To hell! You've been taking Fuji's picture since your first year! Baka!' her mind countered.

"Is that what's bothering you?" Fuji asked again

"Huh?! A-ano…" 'Man this guy has lots of questions…'

"And because Tezuka's not here to help, you are sad." Fuji concluded.

"Eh?! That's not it!" Reika defended.

"Well, I could help you with that." Fuji said his smiling widening.

Reika's heart is pounding in her chest; she swore Fuji could hear it too.

'Way to go girl… just few more… Hell yeah!' "You would." She asked innocently.

"Of course. But, my fee is a bit above average?" Fuji joked


"Kidding!" he said smile widening.

"S-Sou" 'I thought it was true, thank heavens, this guy loves to joke a lot' she thought.

"A few lunch, dinner and movies will do." He said.

"HUH?!" Reika was shaken.

'Did he just said lunch, dinner, and movies?' am I hearing things or he said those. "Did you just say lunch, dinner, and movies…?" Reika asked.

"Hai, I did say those. I heard from Tezuka you are a great cook. So if it wasn't much trouble will you cook lunch for me, as for the dinner… well after the lessons we'll be quite tired and starving we need to be feed right? And for the movies… my brother said there are good movies to be shown early next week but he's busy so, you could stand-in for him and accompany me instead. Brilliant ne?" Fuji said with a bright smile.

'Damn it! Did he just ask me for series of dates?' "Oh." Reika's only reply.

"We can start the lessons today… tennis practice are finish by this time." Fuji suggested.

"Alright" Reika said handing the camera to Fuji.

Then out of nowhere Fuji snap the camera.

Reika blinked. "What the--??"

Fuji laughed. "Lesson One done… let's go get something to eat." He said dragging Reika out of the locker room.

She saw Kikumaru, Momoshiro, Echizen, and Oishi smiling at them as they left the school grounds. Reika smiled her sweetest smile and walk with Fuji who's smiling at her. 'Mission complete'

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