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Oh, was there someone behind him? Oh no, it must have just been a fairly tall tree that had a green trunk and yellow leaves.

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

Oh, was someone trying to talk to him? No, it must have just been the wind.


Oh, was that a hand on his shoulder, trying to pull him back into a strong chest? Nah, it must have just been a branch of the uprooted tree that was following him around for some reason.


Sena, in many ways, was a very childish boy, and his way of giving the cold shoulder was definitely one of his childish ways.

Even during practice as Eyeshield 21 he wasn't listening to Hiruma, asking Kurita to repeat all of Hiruma's order since all he could hear was 'the wind.'

It was really starting to piss Hiruma off. Maybe he shouldn't have said that Sena was his bitch? Damn! Why did no one have a good sense of humor these days!

He had tried to get Sena's attention after practice to, but the kuso chibi was still ignoring him. How immature could he get! Of course, he was awfully cute when he was being immature, all pouty and trying his best to be rude and ignore him- but that was not the point!

How could they ever go on a second date if they never got together to plan their second date! Of course, their first date hadn't been much of a date, but they had been alone together and it ended in a kiss, so it counted, right? Damn straight!

Now if only Sena would get his act together and stop ignoring him… Well, Sena didn't seem like the type who could hold a grudge for that long, this whole thing would probably be all cleared up by the next day.

One week later…

'Goddamn it I'm sick of this!' Hiruma thought as he stomped through the hallway, for one taking no pleasure seeing classroom doors slam shut, as if a couple inches of wood could stop him.

At first it had been kind of cute, then kind of annoying, and now it was just grating on his frayed nerves.

He stopped and turned suddenly, eyes practically glaring holes through the door that lead to class 1-E, Sena was probably in there, completely unaware how much his little 'let's ignore Hiruma-san!' stunt was getting to him.

Hiruma glared at the door for another couple of seconds, a smirk growing upon his face as he wondered what would happen if he barged in the class right now, not leaving until Sena had chosen to acknowledge his presence once again.

Well, he'd never know until he tried right?

"YA HA!" He kicked the door open with one leg, brandishing several guns in each hand.

"Oi! Fucking secretary!" He walked over to Sena desk, grin widening when he saw most of Sena's classmates rush towards the door.

He was towering above Sena now, grinning down at him like some sort of evil wraith. Sena looked a bit frightened for a moment, before he eased himself back into his ignoring faze and started starting at the window.

Hiruma could have sworn that a vein in his forehead popped.

He let go of the guns in his right hand, and had taken hold of Sena chin and had forced the boy to look at him before the firearms had hit the ground.

"Don't ignore me. It's pissing me off." By now even the bravest of souls had left the classroom, but Sena just frowned.

"It's your own fault though, not only did you say I was your bitch." Sena's eyes narrowed a bit when he said that word. "But what you say was our first date, absolutely sucked."

"Hey, I told you I was joking about the bitch thing. And that qualifies as a date! We were alone together and it ended in a kiss. You see?"

Sena bristled, frown deepening. "But I want to go on normal dates too! Would it always just be football practices alone?! I WANT TO GO TO THE MOVIES AND THE AMUSMENT PARK AND HOLD HANDS AND NOT BE BLACKMAILED INTO DOING ANY OF IT!" Sena paused, and took a deep breath. "I guess that about covers it."

Hiruma cocked one eyebrow. "So, does that mean if I promise we'll have better dates, you'll go out with me again?"

Sena smiled and tilted his head to the side. "Of course Hiruma-san!" Said blonde decided that now was a good a time as any to get his fix, and leaned down to give Sena a firm kiss.

"Alright, I'll talk to you after practice, kuso chibi." He threw a wave over his shoulder as he began to walk away. "Hiruma-san! At least use my actual name now that we're, you know, going out." Hiruma peered over his shoulder, a small smile resting upon his face when he saw how much Sena was blushing. "See you at practice, Sena."

And as for Sena's classmates, who had been able to hear everything from their hiding place in the hall, well, none of them would feel the urge to ever pick on Sena again, and since there were quite a few gossipers in that class, by the end of the school day, neither did anyone.

Death by Hiruma was a way that nobody wanted to go.