He could see her feet as she approached. Hear her footsteps, the sound sticky with blood- shlick, shlick, shlick.

Two meters... huh? She was much closer than that, by now.

The horned girl glanced down at the young man kneeled by her feet, as if just noticing an insect- nothing more.

His calm gaze met hers.

"Aren't you scared?" she asked. Her voice sounded surprisingly old for a girl so petite.

He smiled slightly. "No. I had a friend once... a dear friend, who was like you." He indicated the horns on her head. "She told me the human race would come to an end in five years. I guess this is just destiny. No... no, I'm not afraid anymore."

There was a sickening wet sound, that of flesh being torn apart and blood splattering across the floor.

She knelt by his severed head. Still looking into his now-sightless eyes, she said, "That certainly is admirable."