"Georgiana! Georgiana Darcy!" Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy chorused. Their hands were entwined so as not to lose one another, as they pushed the opposite direction of the crowds. Elizabeth suddenly stopped. "Georgiana," she breathed. She tugged Darcy in the direction of the fallen girl, where she lay, unconscious against the side of the wall.

"We have to get her off this ship, Mr. Darcy. We have to get her in a lifeboat immediately."

"We have to get you both in lifeboats immediately. This ship is sinking, but the two of you will not be on it when it does, that I know for certain." Elizabeth's eyes shone.

"Either you and I are both on a lifeboat, or you and I are not. It's all or nothing. I shall be with you."

"No, Miss Elizabeth-"
"Just Elizabeth, if you please."

"Elizabeth. No. You will be on a lifeboat whether or not I am on one."

"I will be where you are and nowhere else."

"Elizabeth. Listen to me. You have four sisters to care for, and I would- that is to say, if I do not make it from this ship alive- I would greatly appreciate it if you would look after my sister for me. I would entrust no other, considering my absurd aunt, dying cousin, and no other close living relatives." Elizabeth let a tear escape from her eye.

"Truly? You want me to look after Georgiana?"

"Truly. You are an amazing woman, Elizabeth." He looked down at his sister and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. He then handed her to one of the officers loading the lifeboats.

"Until the next time we meet, Elizabeth," he said with a look of angst and dread upon his face.

"Give her my love, will you?" Elizabeth nodded, tears now flowing freely from her eyes. Then, he kissed her. This was deeper, more passionate than the one before. Mr. Darcy ran his hand through her loose hair, as she placed her hands around his neck. Mr. Darcy broke it apart, and stepped away. He brought her hand to his lips, before saying very softly in her ear,

"Good-bye, my darling." He then turned his back, and walked away.

"Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy!" Elizabeth cried after him as the officer now took her hand, and began to pull her in. Now she was weeping uncontrollably. Her body was wracked uncontrollably with sobs, her hand clutching her chest. As her breathing slowed, she remembered her last promise to Mr. Darcy. To care for Georgiana. She calmed her shaking body, then pulled the girl's body to her, giving her lap to her as a pillow. She stroked the golden curls gently, pulling her coat over her throat more.

"There, there dear. All shall be right. I will be here for you always, and so shall your brother. He'll be here, all right. He will be here."

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