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Death Penalty

After being trapped in that cramped uncomfortable metal tomb of a submarine Cid couldn't wait to get out and explore the odd little grotto they had come across. Red and Vincent had felt much the same. Red had come out and said so. Vincent however had simply been growing quieter and brooder as their time on the sub had continued. Cid should know, he was still sharing a room with him and the pilot could practically hear the gunman's brain over working, it was keeping him up at night.

Barret, Tifa, and Cait Sith said they had no problem keeping an eye on the sub, they didn't have no where near as much trouble on the sub as Cid did and was glad to see the tightly wound captain go, he was twice as short tempered under the water than above and as much as they liked the guy he was trying their nerves.

Yuffie had insisted in exploring to see if she could find anything useful, or even better, something valuable that she could lay claim to.

Initially Cloud had asked Cid to go with Yuffie. But the pair of them had loudly, vehemently, and in Cid's case explicitly protested the idea.

In the end Yuffie had insisted that no one had to come with her, but if Red happened to tag along she wouldn't complain.

"After all your not a dirty old who would like to keep an eye on my backside."

Cid started making gagging noises to which Yuffie just huffed and flounced away.

"Girls like that made me glad I never got married." Cid muttered.

He then realised that he was in the company of two men who and probably would have married their respective girls if they had the chance.

Luckily ether they hadn't heard what he had said or had dismissed it without thinking to hard. Cid decided to button his lip before he could force his boot any further down his throat.

The real trouble had started when they had entered the cave only to find out that the woman that had caught poor Vincent's heart was inside.


"That voice? It can't be...Lucrecia…?"

She was dead, or asleep, or something that Cid didn't understand that was between the two, and either way she was there, and lucid enough to talk to Vincent.

You'd think that could be good. The marksman could get some closure or something.

"Stay back!"

Of course that would have been too damn easy wouldn't it?

"Lately, I dream a lot of Sephiroth... My dear, dear child."

Cid himself wanted to slap her silly for mucking up her kids life so badly that they now had to stop him from killing everything in existence.

"Ever since he was born I never got to hold him, even once..."

But no.

"Vincent... Won't you please tell me?"

That stupid bloody idiot.

"Lucrecia... Sephiroth is dead..."

He tried to comfort her, lied to her and done anything he could to help her even though Cid thought it should have been the other way around.

Which of course meant he was hurting even more, telling her that her son was dead, when in fact they were on their way to kill him their selves.

If the stupid bastard kept up this behaviour he was going to kill himself, and it may not be an accident.

When Vincent asked to be left on his own with her Cid was ready to protest the idea even more loudly, vehemently, and explicitly than he had protested the idea of being stuck with Yuffie for hours.

Cloud however clapped his hand on Cid's shoulder and started steering Cid out of the cave.

"You got an hour, if your not back by then I'm sending Yuffie and Cait to get you."

Once outside the cave Cid turned on Cloud but before he could even open his mouth Cloud cut him off.

"I know what your thinking and I don't think he'll do it."

"Why they hell wouldn't he kill himself?"

"Because he told her that her son was dead. He won't do anything drastic now until that lie becomes a truth."

"Then what's all this be back in an hour rubbish then?"

"Insurance. Vincent likes Yuffie, he wouldn't want her finding him dead, if there's one person here capable of annoying him it's Cait, and if coming back early means he won't have to deal with him, then he won't."

Cid still hadn't agreed and said so, loudly, vehemently, and explicitly.

But Cloud had been right. That time.

This Time however Vincent had asked to see her again, when he had killed her husband less than twenty four hours earlier.

The fall out from Vincent's request had not been pretty.

"Oi Spike gave us all time to do what we needed, if you didn't then it's just gonna have to wait won't it!"

Vincent turned to Barret, his tone clam and even, the opposite of the former terrorist's.

"And how would you suggest I would have been able to get down to Lucrecia's grotto, and back in the space of one night?"

No one could answer Vincent's question.

"I believe the trip would take less than an hour on the Highwind." Vincent cocked his head towards Cid. "Correct?"

"Yeah, give or take." Cid said unwillingly, he did not like the idea of Vincent going back to that cave at all. What if he told her that Sephiroth wasn't really dead? How would he know that Vincent wouldn't kill himself then?

"So why didn't you take him last night then?" Cait Sith asked.

"Because The Highwind was being refuelled and I spent most of the night going over her from fore to aft, she didn't get though the fight with the weapons unscathed you know!" Cid growled teeth grinding on his cigarette.

"How long do we have before Metor strikes anyway?" Tifa asked. "An hour down to the grotto, and the extra hour that would add to the flight to the northern crater, do we really have time for it?"

"It'll take us half a day to get there anyway, and then we have to find the bastard, I say two hours ether way isn't going to make a difference." Cid muttered, refusing to look at Vincent.

"I believe we have at least two days before Meteor lands." Red pointed out. "I do not think Vincent's detour would jeopardise our mission."

"He's watched our backs I don't know how many times. And I've never heard him ask for anything from any of us." Yuffie said. "I say we let him."

"So it's an extra two hours of our lives in transit." Cid muttered glaring at the ninja. "You think your stomach can handle it?"

Yuffie gulped looking a little green already.

"Yeah. What kind of weakling do you take me for?"

Cloud coughed but the way his hand covered his mouth made it seem like it could have been a disguised laugh.

"Besides Cid's right out of us has a good reason for being against being stuck on this flying bucket it's me and I vote for the detour." Yuffie said.

It was then that Cloud stepped in and agreed that Vincent could visit the god damn woman, and that they had wasted enough time arguing.

And so here Cid and Cloud were in the damn cave watching as Vincent approached the pillar of crystal that incased the woman he loved. She didn't make an noise as he drew near and Vincent dared to raise aa hand and reach for the cold structure, suddenly the cave was filled with light. Blinding everyone. When they could see again, Vincent was flat on his back, half in the pool of water that surrounded the crystallised woman.

Cid ran to the gun man pulling the man out of the water. He was breathing harshly as if someone had just knocked the wind out of him and he seemed to be out cold.

And there was something else. Even though he was unconscious and Cid had dragged him a good three feet out of the water. His grip hadn't relaxed on the odd gun he was now holding.

"What the hell did you do to him woman!" Cid shouted. "And what's that?"

"He lied to me"

"So fucking what?"

"He needs the Death Penalty to save Sephiroth."

Cloud and Cid looked at each other.


"There's only one way to save him now…tell him…tell them both that…I'm so sorry…"

"Hey wait what did you do to him?" Cloud asked. "Wake him up!"

But the crystallised mother of Sephiroth didn't answer.

Vincent moaned. He blinked before he sat up staring down at the gun un his hand. If you could even call the thing a gun. It looked like it could give a rocket launcher a run for it's money in the power department.

He looked up at the piller of crystal with narrowed red eyes.


When no answer came he nodded to himself and got to his feet and left the cave.

Cid turned to Cloud. "Ever get the feeling your missing something?"

"All the time Cid." Cloud sighed. "All the time."

AN2 : Just for the record, no I do not think Vincent is suicidal, but I do think that Cid and Cloud, and possibly some other members of the group may think he is.

Poor guy needs a 'No I do NOT want to kill myself' T-shirt or something XD