A Random Final Fantasy 7 yaoi fanfiction generator fic. Kadaj/ Kadaj. (Figure it out). Keyword was 'Essential'. Enjoy! Sort of pineappley (kinky).


It was essential that he did this. This sight of the blonde, with his amazing body, made his every muscle stiffen. Kadaj rolled over in bed so he was facing the ceiling, ignoring the sounds of his brothers in the next room. Morons wouldn't stop fucking. Hell, they were like rabbits!

The essentiality of the task at hand distracted the eighteen year old from his brothers. He needed a release, both sexually and mentally. But his blonde lover wasn't at hand, and he had nobody else to fool around with.

Kadaj sighed. If this wasn't essential… But it was. And it wasn't as if it wouldn't feel good, because it definitely would. He had been waiting for Cloud to spread his legs and put forth, but that hadn't happened yet.

Kadaj slid his boxers down around his ankles. One of his hands immediately went to his already hardening member, and the other was groping for the vibrator he kept in his top drawer. He began to jack himself off, finally locating the vibrator and sucking on it for lubrication. His hips bucked into the tunnel formed by his hand, and he forced the vibrator into his tight opening. God, he had been chaste for close to three months now, and he had tightened up horribly.

He flicked the vibrator on, moaning lowly at the sensation moving against his innermost area. He continued to work his hand up and down his hard cock, which was growing slick from pre-cum. He arched his back and began to drive the sex toy in and out of his virgin-esque opening. Kadaj made a small noise of pleasure as his prostate was probed over and over again, touching that 'spot' that his body wanted a human to touch. He finally came, his hot seed spilling over his hand and stomach. For a moment he blanked out, his mind emptying of all conscious thought. The next, he was aware that he needed to clean himself up, and he cursed at his incompetence.

Well, it had been essential, hadn't it?