Fandom: Dracula the Series
Title: Finding Destiny Pts 1-3
Characters: Maria, Klaus, Jonas, and mention of shipping Alexander and Sophie.
Ratings: PG-13
Summary: pivotal moments in the life of three minor characters that I like in Dracula the Series.

AN: written for my lj friend m. ravensblood

Pt 1. Maria

Maria had a suspicion that Alexander was going to turn that girl Sophie, Maria thought wasn't sure exactly how old she was but knew that the Sophie was younger than she. Maria had thought at one time after she was turned that she could be some Vampyre Queen, but she knew know as she watched Alex with Sophie that there was no way that was going to happen. There was no glamrous life for her ahead, she would be stuck forever as a servant.
There would be no more helping of people or dawning a police uniform to fight crime. Maria would be reduced for ever to wear an unsexy black dress, and a startched white apron and always be serving Alexander, and possibly in the near future Sophie

Pt. 2

Klaus had spent his whole life being number 2, and having to live to someone else's expectations and not his own. And now, no matter what he did Alexander was intended to keep Klaus at right hand man status. Klaus did not like this in the least bit He wanted to try to become the man in charge, and not be held back by anyone. Klaus knew if he wanted to, he could become more powerful than Alexander.
So, he began to kill random people, he did it specifically on a pattern on a map, just because he could. He knew people wouldn't believe a vampyre would be killing in a pattern, as that would seem like a foolish thing for them to do, but that is exactly why he would.
Klaus enjoyed terrorizing people, and he longed for the old days that Alexander told him about, the days when Alexander was known as Dracula and could kill at will. And even though Klaus had been warned and threated not to keep terrorizing people, Klaus's thirst for violence and blood was too great for Alexander to ever quench.

Pt 3. Jonas

Jonas Crane had longed for immortality as long as he could remember. And after he was woken up after his sixty year name, and as he struggled with Dracula, he knew he had to make a choice on things. The old man's words were sinking in, and the old man was a fan, he had to listen to him.
Jonas watched Dracula turn gracefully into a dozen of bats and fly away. Then Jonas knew it was his final performance, he had a brief conversation with the old man, which he wasn't really paying attention to, though his mind was on autopilot at the moment, and telling him exactly what to say. This moment wouldn't matter afterwards anyway.
He walked on the stage, holding the stake in with one hand and his cape with the other. He couldn't live as a monster anyway, not with the struggle between the thirst for blood, and his not wanting to have to hurt anyone.
He held the stake in hand contemplating it before he drove it quickly into his body, saying goodbye to everything mentally as he closed his eyes and let death take him.