Forlorn Love

((Author's Notes: This story will not have a happy endign. I warning you, if you donot like sad, sad endings then LOOK AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!))

"Shit I have to stop doing that." Gheb said, as he lay back down and died again.

OR DID HE??? (A's N: Alternate endign? ZOMG))

Gheb did not lay back down a die again. now he though about bring lyon back with th wpoer of love. He leaned over his former boyfriends comatose (that means dead) body and realized his head was gone. and gheb wasnt a practicioner of the magick arts (big phrase for wizard) so he couldnt give him a new head. so he went to a dead soldier and ripped his head clear off his soulders, then attached it to lyon. lyon awoke.

"Gheb my love you have brought me back!"

"Yes my love. no we can dof reazky things again" Gheb took his big muscualar arms and ripped lyon's robe off. he stared at Lyon's nakedness before plling it out and sticking it in

"Faster, Gheb, faster," said Lyon. "Your jiggling fat is so erotic!"

Gheb pushed harder, then suddenly with a gigantic (big) mound he caem. Lyon came too and then both came over each other untl the stopped. Then suddenly lyons head exploded (oh no!)

"SHIT I DID IT AGAIN" said Gheb angrily. Gheb was sad not even more sad then he had ben before. He left castle rigwald in search of more love the end.

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