Nothing Like Frostvale


Maria crept up behind her oblivious sister as she strode down the corridors. It had been almost three days since the Mage of Despair had finally disappeared forever. Seed of Life was certainly Void Magic. Unpredictable as a Frostvale snowstorm. The woman held in her arms, a small bundle wrapped in blankets.

"Worst three days of my life." Natalya muttered sensing Maria's presence. The younger Despair sister sighed defeated.

"Why do you say that? People have always told me that pregnancy is the best time of a woman's life." Maria responded, walking next to her sister.

"Yea, if you like carrying thirty extra pounds around your waist for nine months."

"So, have you decided on a name, yet?" Maria asked after the insuing silence. Natalya smiled and nodded.

"I think we have, actually. Serras and I spoke it over last night... and I think we both like Sage."

"Sage?!" Maria asked, raising an eyebrow. "Sage? Like... Sage...?" She muttered. She looked down at young Sage. "Hope you have good memories of her as a baby. She'll grow like a weed till she's about six. It's like a sugar rush. Real great at first, then you slug about for the rest of your life." She smiled. "I figure she'll reach Gale's age in about... oh, a week."

"A week?!" Natalya asked. Maria nodded.

"Yup. It's complicated, but Seed of Life, if the target reverts to a child or younger, their age growth is accelerated until about six."

"Remind me never to take your advice again, Maria."

"Okie dokie."

-Two Weeks Later-

"Kawaii Neko!" An older Sage shouted to Wolfblitzer.

"I'm not a cat!" He replied, continuing to walk down the corridor.

"Kawaai Neko!" Sage repeated, following Wolfblitzer.

"I'm not a cat!!" He repeated, trying to loose Sage.

"Kawaii Neko!" She shouted once more.

"I'm not a freakin' cat!" Wolfblitzer and Sage continued their 'Kawaii Neko' and 'I'm not a cat!' game for several minutes as they walked to the dining hall, ready for Frostvale dinner. They came into the hall, with everyone sitting around the table.

"Mommy, where's everyone? They're not usually this late..." Gale muttered, looking at the empty chairs.

"I don't know, dear. Knowing Rayne, she's probably not dressed yet. THAT, or Lizzie is having another hairband delemma." Maria smiled, remembering the time Lizzie got attacked by a re-animated hair ribbon, which proceeded to tie her up and begin several... actions which should just be best left at 'kinky'. Maria turned and went to break Wolfblitzer and Sage's ensuing fighting. "Hey! Break it up, Kitty!" She shouted, pushing Wolfblitzer away, a greeting which was returned with a very enraged 'I'm not a freakin' CAT!'.

"Kawaii Neko!" Sage shouted one last time.

"SERRAS!" Wolfblitzer shouted. "Tell you daughter I'm not a freakin' cat!" He muttered to her. Serras paused, giving Sage a death stare.

"Now, Sage. You should know better. 'Kawaii Neko' is not proper notation for Wolfblitzer. You should say 'Baka Neko'.

"I'M NOT A CAT!" He bellowed, emphasis on the 'not' and 'cat' bits. Gale sighed, staring down at her watch, looking on as the seconds ticked by.

"Where could she be?" She wondered, tapping the crystal face of the watch. "This is new... she's never been late..." Before she could finish her statement, a pair of hands covered her eyes. Gale smiled.

"Terribly sorry about being late." A voice came from behind Gale. The girl took hold of the wrists and pulled them from her eyes, turning in her chair to see a pair of Amethyst eyes, a slight twinge of emerald gleaming off the surface. Her hair was short, her bangs unruly, highlighted with a bright fire red color.

"KAY!" Gale shouted, pouncing on her friend. "It's okay, you're forgiven." Gale's friend was Kira Anasi, or Kay as Gale and just about everyone else, save her parents Rayne and Lizzie, called her. "We better get going, Kay, or we're going to be late."

"Yea. My parents don't mind being late, but Mrs. Despair doesn't like waiting. She's impatient." Kay rapped her knuckles against one another, popping them in sequence.

"Uh..." Gale muttered, looking about. She leaned in closer and whispered. "Which one? Aunt Natalya, or mom?" Kay laughed and tossled Gale's hair.

"Both of 'em. The pair of them don't know the definition of 'wait'. Come on, let's go, my little, potent Nightingale. We must make haste, and get to the food before Alex and Sage!" Kay pointed towards the west, dashing off heroically.

"Other way!" Gale hollared towards her. Kay made an about-face and marched past Gale, hiding her embarrasment.

"I knew that..." Kay muttered as she passed Gale, who laughed slightly.

"What's the hurry? Knowing those two, their too busy to sort out which tongue belongs to who, to even think about foods." Gale droned, using her mother's term for food. Kay about bust her gut open laughing.

Upon arriving in Aria's shop, where Frostvale dinner was being held, they were most surprised to find Alexis and Sage already sitting there.

"BOOYAKA!" Sage shouted as the walked in. "I told you they'd be the last ones in! I freakin' TOLD you!" She jumped out of her seat and did a very cheesy victory dance.

"Sit down you great fool. You're embarrasing yourself and me." Alexis droned, grabbing Sage's shoulder and pulling her down.

"Well I'll be a Ninja Monkey's uncle! They actually beat us!" Kay droned, rubbing her fingers through her hair. "We honestly thought the pair'a you would be too busy trying to cover the hickies." Kay, a very blunt girl for her age, droned, a smile crossing her face.

"Oh!" Alexis barked quickly, grasping her shirt over her heart. "Such words do wound me! Thou hast no faith in the faithless... To die... to sleep!" She shouted, standing, hand still over her heart, and began stumbling about in an overly-dramatic fashion. She collapsed to the ground, playing dead.

"Uh... well, we DO spend an unhealthy amount of time together, Alex." Sage muttered, poking Alex.

"Shhh! Don't give them ammo!" Alex whispered.


"Yea, well..." Alex started, standing. She began to think. "You're name's a letter!" Alex pointed to Kay.

"That's, actually a pretty pathetic retort, Alex. Try again."

"Well, you're a..." The argument continued for some time, the pair of them trying to top each other's barbs.

It continued for five more minutes before a piercing whistle interrupted them. Everyone stopped and covered their ears.

"Oh god!" Alex shouted, falling to the ground. "I'm deaf!"

"Na, that was just Safiria. She's got the tongue to do that kinda thing." Wolfblitzer replied, grabbing his cutlery. "I wish they'd hurry up. I'm hungry."

"Aw... is u a hungwy kittie? Does the hungwy kitty want some miwk to settle the stomach-womach?"

"You talk to me like that one more time, and I'll show you why they call me Wolfblitzer!"

"Yea, it's a whole lot better then Angelica..." Gale muttered, nearly inaudible, her hand covering the majority of her mouth.

"I heard that, Gale Despair! You may be Maria's daughter, but I know a few ways around the system! I'll get you!" He pointed his knife threateningly at her. She pulled her right eye lid down and stuck her tongue out, giving him an emphatic 'Mmmmblah!' "Oh, that's IT!" He shouted, getting violently out of his chair, brandishing the knife, and began chasing Gale.

"MOM! WOLFBLITZER'S CHASING ME AGAIN!" Wolfblitzer stopped mid stride, slid to a stop and rushed back to his seat, nearly falling over himself.

"That's a lie! That's a lie and you know it! She's spreading lies about me!" He shouted back.

"Stop your bickering and get ready for foods. Who's hungry?" Maria replied, stepping from the kitchen.

"ME!" Everyone shouted, jumping up. As they sat down and started eating, the same thought crossed Sage's mind as Gale's.

'There's nothing, quite like Frostvale.'