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Crossing Over is Never Easy

By Dark Ice Dragon

Questions Answered? Or More Questions asked?

"A shinigami," –Danny still couldn't pronounce that word so he substituted it with 'God of Death' every time it came up- "has two jobs: to send good spirits -called Plus spirits- to Soul Society-" Ichigo started before he was cut off.

"Soul Society?" Tucker repeated, confused.

"You call it heaven," Ichigo translated. Danny blinked at that. So heaven was called Soul Society. That was… different. It also said that no religion was 'right' though. "And the other is to purify bad spirits called Hollows," he continued. Oh. So 'Hollow' wasn't a specific name for a ghost then. … Wait, there's more of them? How come he'd never seen any other Hollows before? Or heard of them? Wouldn't any of the other ghosts have even made a passing mention of them?

Danny stopped speaking though Ichigo didn't continue on straight away anyway. "That was what you were doing back there, wasn't it?" Danny realised. Hollows were 'bad' spirits. Coming from being 'hollow' and 'evil' inside. No-one could really come up with original and non-redundant names could they? Not that he could talk. Danny Phantom. Riiight.

Ichigo nodded.

"So, what does a ghost have to do to be called a Hollow?" Sam asked Ichigo.

"Ah…" Ichigo scratched the back of his head. "Rukia told me there was two ways a spirit can become a Hollow: if they stay in the living world for too long after their death and if hate and despair consume their souls, and if a plus spirit is eaten by another Hollow and forcibly becomes a Hollow against their will." Danny swallowed at that. Technically, practically all the ghosts in Amity Park were Hollows then by the first definition. But as far as he was aware, none of the ghosts ate each other. So what else made a Hollow a Hollow ? Was there something else that set them apart from other ghosts? Or was Ichigo calling pretty much every ghost here a Hollow?

"Who's Rukia?" Tucker was the one to ask this question.

"Rukia is, another shinigami," Ichigo said slowly. "She…" he paused, unsure how to put what he wanted to say into words.

"There's more than one God of Death?" Sam asked, looking at the area where Ichigo was standing in. "Just how many Gods of Death are there?" Her tone was a little on the suspicious side.

To this, Ichigo merely shrugged. "Rukia hasn't told me the exact number. The main stuff she's told me is about Hollows and that shinigami usually go back to Soul Society after they've purified a Hollow."

"So, why haven't you?" Tucker asked after a brief pause.

Ichigo sighed and rubbed his forehead with a palm once more. "Because I can't. The shinigami in Soul Society don't even know I exist an' Rukia wants to keep it that way. Rukia is the proper shinigami – I'm the temporary shinigami that's acting in her place while she regains her powers."

Danny took a deep breath from after reiterating Ichigo's every word (even though he didn't need to, really). Then everything filtered though what had actually been said. What!? Temporary God of Death? How'd that end up happening? How can you temporarily be a God of Death? Both of his best friends were staring, mouths slightly agape, at the spot they thought Ichigo was standing in –Sam's gaze was too far right, Danny realised- when he looked at them to see their reaction. Good, so he wasn't the only one confused by what Ichigo had said that. And he didn't exist either? What the heck did that mean? Danny was beginning to get a headache. Nothing made any sense whenever he tried to get an explanation from Ichigo.

Ichigo's eyes flicked to the three of them in turn before he gently crossed his arms and slouched further on the windowsill. "You're taking this a lot better than I did," he commented.

Danny took another deep breath before exhaling and shrugged. "This is just another weird thing that happens here I guess. Hoboy. So, how old are you anyway?" Danny asked in curiosity.

"Huh?" Ichigo blinked at the question. "I'm fifteen."

Danny's eyes widened and his mouth really did drop open at that. "But - that would mean - you're only –" Oh look, his brain just overloaded.

"Danny? What'd he say?" Sam asked cautiously. Tucker was looking at him in worry.

"He's, uh, fifteen," Danny said faintly. He floated down to actually sit on his bed. Fifteen. And again, the question, how did he become a God of Death, even if it was temporary?

Sam and Tucker's reactions mirrored almost exactly how Danny's had been a minute earlier: shellshocked.

"You're only a year older than us?!" Tucker blurted out incredulously, actually being able to say what Danny had been trying to.

Ichigo seemed surprised by their reactions to this revelation. "I guess so," he said slowly. He didn't seem sure why they were making such a big deal out of his age. They had thought that he was the God of Death. Which meant they had assumed that Ichigo would be thousands of years old. Not just a year older (jeez, he could have just turned fifteen yesterday for all they knew).

Before anyone could say anything else to this, the racket of someone running up the stairs could be heard. All four heads turned to the sound.

"Ack!" Looking wildly around to make sure that there was nothing out of the ordinary, Danny realised that he still had the Fenton Foamer on his bedside-table. He quickly hid it beneath his bed (making sure he didn't accidentally set it off) and then changed back into his human form. The bed squeaked under his sudden weight.

A second's silence.



Ichigo knew that he was staring at Danny just like how he and his friends had been staring at him (or where they thought he was) a few moments before, but then, he had reason to. Maybe just the same as those three had as well.

His entire appearance had changed: white hair turned to black; the black skin-tight suit (?) that he had been wearing morphed into a regular t-shirt and jeans; and, looking closely, Ichigo could even see that his eyes had changed colour from green to blue. All in a flash of light that lasted for a second. A blink of an eye. If that. He had heard the creak of the bed that proved that Danny was actually, physically there.

But how the hell did that happen? How did someone become – become a person that could choose when they're a spirit or not?

But, thinking back, that could explain a few things. When Ichigo had been searching for Danny by using his Spirit Thread, he thought he was searching for a spirit, not a living being. It also explained why the room wasn't dusty or in the process of being packed away if it was Danny's room; there was no need to since he was still living in the room. Another reason he had thought of, was that Danny had died a long time ago and the newest member of the family was now occupying the room.

The door opened and the girl with red hair that Ichigo had seen earlier, poked her head through the gap. "Danny!" she cried out in surprise. "You're… um, here!" When she was saying that, he eyes were darting around the room.

Danny's eyebrows furrowed and his lips curved in confused amusement. "Yeah, Jazz, I'm here. You heard me come in, remember?"

A blink of incomprehension. "I did? Oh yeah, I did." She laughed self-consciously and then said, "I just heard on TV that there was another ghost attack nearby and I was worried about you." Jazz had Ichigo's full attention after saying that. They actually said on the news that it was a ghost attack? But then… just how many people could see ghosts here? If it was on the news, then that meant that it was being taken seriously, didn't it? Unless it was another 'explosion' but Jazz knew that it wasn't really that.

A quick roll of the eyes. "I'm fine, Jazz. I haven't left the room since you last saw me."

Jazz bit her lip and looked like she wanted to add something else but she shook her head. "I'll be downstairs if you need me," she reminded them. She then retracted her head and closed the door.

Danny, Sam and the other boy, who Ichigo still didn't know the name of, heaved a sigh of relief. "Man, why was she worrying? I didn't leave the house through the front door so she 'knew' that I was still here. I don't get it," Danny complained.

Ichigo grunted. "She your older sister?"

"Hmm?" Danny turned his head to look at Ichigo. "Yeah, she's my older sister by two years. Why?

Ichigo shifted around slightly on the windowsill. "She's your older sister; she's meant to worry over you. I've got two younger sisters and I want to protect them from anything that happens to them. I don't think that they can't take care of themselves –I know they can- but I'm still protective over them. It's what's being an older sibling is all about." He finished with a small shrug. It was a bit of a speech for him and it anyone he knew heard him, they would have been surprised – but they knew how he felt about his sisters so they wouldn't be that surprised. He continued to keep his gaze on Danny to make sure that he understood his point.

"Wow," Danny said quietly. "I didn't think of it like that." Ichigo nodded to himself – he had gotten the point.

"What did he say Danny?" the other boy asked him, since the conversation was starting to become one-sided for him and Sam again.

Danny repeated what Ichigo had said. After that, the three of them was quiet as they mulled over it. Ichigo saw Sam's eyes begin to narrow in suspiscion for some reason.

Ichigo let them have that moment (why were they thinking it over? Wasn't it obvious?) before he asked Danny the question that had been bugging him since he had seen Danny transform. "How can you change into a spirit?" He had had other questions before that one but this question now had his highest priority over the rest, for obvious reasons.

Danny's eyes flicked to Ichigo before they slid to his friends. He took another deep breath and scratched the back of his head. "He's asking how I can become a ghost," he said before anyone could say anything. Danny started to fidget with the bed covers.

The girl, Sam, gave Danny a wry smile. "How about you start from the beginning?"

She got a roll of the eyes in return. "Ya think? But I was wondering if there should be… visuals when I'm explaining how I became like this." Danny waved and hand over his body.

The other boy shrugged. "It won't make that much of a difference."

"You're talking about that… green thing, aren't you?" Ichigo asked carefully. Not that it was green now with the hazard colours in front of it but it was still assumedly green behind the barrier.

Danny nodded slowly. "Yeah. The ghost portal."

The ghost… Ichigo felt uneasy by hearing the name. Ghost portal. Where did it lead to and did anything come out of it? From the name, did it mean that only ghosts could pass through it? Or did it lead to a world where ghosts resided, completely separate from the Earth where living people were in? …Like Soul Society.

"So… do you want to see it? Well, kinda see it."

Snapping out of his thoughts, Ichigo nodded to the question. If they could take the barrier down from the 'ghost portal' then maybe he could take the quicker route home. That was to say, of course, if he had even travelled through it. Something green had grabbed him just after the Hollow attack (but how the hell had it gotten here instead of being purified and sent to Soul Society?) and when he was conscious again, the portal behind him was green. That could all be coincidence and since when could some kind of mode of transport forcibly haul a person away?

Danny started to lead them to his bedroom door when he paused. "Jazz was doing some homework when I came in – I don't know if she's still doing it but… you know, keep it quiet. You know what she's like sometimes when she's concentrating."

The other two chuckled, but it didn't last for long. "Yeah."

Ichigo followed them at the rear. They made it down the stairs and into the kitchen. Jazz looked up from her papers, her face curious. The TV was still on, the sound near silent in the background.

"We need to go down to the lab because…" Danny trailed off, unsure what to say.

"Homework!" Same finished for him quickly. She half pushed Danny so that he would start moving again.

The other boy nodded. "Making sure that he goes and does it."

"All right," Jazz murmured, returning to the work in front of her.

The four went down the steps to the lab. Looking around, not much had changed, Ichigo noted. As if it would, seeing only half a day had passed since he had last been there.

Danny was standing by one of the panels, glancing at it now again alongside his friends.

After blowing air through his teeth, Danny started to talk. "This is the Fenton ghost portal," he said, waving a hand to indicate the protective barrier. "I'm not going to open it because a ghost'd probably pop out if I did. One, I can't be bothered fighting at the moment and two, Jazz is upstairs – she'd definitely hear something and want to investigate."

So they could open the barrier to the ghost portal whenever they wanted. And from the sounds of it, the spirits that came from the ghost portal were the ones that created havoc for fun. If that was the case, then why did they open the door to the ghost portal in the first place?

"Right. The explanation," Danny said, gaining confidence in the telling of the tale. "A couple of months ago, my parents had been working on the ghost portal, trying to make it connect to the two worlds – they'd been trying to do that since college. After a lot of failed attempts, they gave up on it."

Danny shrugged. "I was curious and was Sam and Tucker." He nodded to each one. "I put on a hazmat suit and took a look inside.

"Turns out, there was an on-off switch inside it," he said, deadpan.

Ichigo didn't react, save for regarding the closed ghost portal. He didn't interrupt Danny.

Danny continued. "I lost consciousness. When I came too, the ghost portal was working… and I was a half-ghost, half-human. A halfa, as the other ghosts call me.

"Since then, I've been fighting ghosts that came out of the ghost portal while trying to keep up at school avoiding my parents as 'Danny Phantom'," he said this using air-quotes, "since they're ghost hunters and trying to be in before my curfew."

Ichigo turned his attention back to Danny. Curfew? He knew the problems with that – but at least he had Kon to inhabit his body while he was out 'working'.

"When is your curfew?" Ichigo asked curiously. His pop was so friggin' strict about when he was supposed to be home at. And to him, an unreasonable time. But at least it wasn't too much of a problem since he didn't go out with his friends usually.


Ichigo stared at him, a blank look on his face. "I have to be home by seven."

Hollow: The name of bad spirits that are no longer human and eat souls of the dead and living alike.

Plus: A good spirit that's waiting to be sent to Heaven.

Shinigami: Translated as "Death God" or literally as "God of Death".

Soul Society: Heaven

Spirit Thread: The visualization of spiritual auras. They are created by compressing spiritual auras in the atmosphere into visible "threads"


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