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Summary: Season six. Chris has a tough time dealing with his family's distrust, with his memories and with the constant threat against his brother. But what happens when a strange man from the future comes along? And what are his real intentions? Set after Chris-Crossed and Prince Charming.

Secrets revealed

By Amantine

Chapter 1: Pushing away the pain

Christopher Halliwell, son of a Charmed One and an Elder stood on top of the Golden Gate Bridge taking in the amazing sunset before his eyes. Orange and red light danced on his young face as the sun began its dive into the horizon, his eyes coming alive in the fiery hues. Still, in spite of the scenery before him, the young Witchlighter was lost in his own dark world. Painful memories invaded his mind in flashes, starting with his father's absence and ending with Wyatt's fall into darkness. Chris winced at the recollection and let out a long shaky breath. Even though his brother had turned completely seven years ago Chris still felt a strong bond with him to which he held on to like a security blanket. Wyatt was, after all, a strong father figure for him ever since he realized that Leo would never take the time to get to know his second son.

Leo would come and go as the world needed him to, not as his family wished. That almost always left a sad Chris behind who fought back the pain and the disappointment of being left behind yet again. It was never like that with Wyatt though.

Wyatt, nomather how tired or caught up he would be, would stop dead in his tracks to make Chris his number one priority.

Another reason for the strong still lingering bond was the little detail of Wyatt being the only family Chris had left.

Chris closed his eyes and sighed yet again. Sometimes it was just so hard to invoke his past. Memories brought back pain; pain brought back suppressed anger and anger led to emotional exhaustion in Chris's case. And he couldn't afford exhaustion right now. Not while the threat directed towards Wyatt was still out there somewhere.

So Chris did the only thing left for him to do: he pushed the pain someplace in the back of his mind and hoped for the best. He was well aware that the bottle was almost spilling and that the way he was currently leading his life would make him burst sooner rather than later, but he couldn't just deal with things now. He didn't have the strength to face his own emotions just yet.

'Maybe in another seven years', he mused, a pained smirk crossing his lips.

With that simple thought Chris allowed himself to enjoy a couple of moments of peace and quiet, away from the daily demon vanquishes, away from his family and away from the future fate of the world which loomed above his head.

Chris breathed in the scent of the cool breeze which ruffled his dark hair, making it even messier than usual. A bemused smirk crossed his lips as he pushed back a strand of his rebellious hair, the words of his mother echoing in his head: 'Christopher, if you don't get your hair cut you might as well kiss your powers goodbye until you do!'

Yes, that's what she would have said if she ever took in his appearance. But right now, Chris was too busy trying to keep the world from literally going to hell to care about the sheer detail of his overgrown locks.

And there he was again: his mind overflowing with memories and images of his brothers' turning. Sighing in disappointment Chris tried to block out his own dark thoughts.

'Can't I at least once have a moments' peace without the future hanging over my head? One moment… That's all I ask for', he thought looking up to the darkening sky.

A sudden gust of biting wind blew over him, cutting through his jacket and sending shivers down his spine. Pulling up his zipper and thrusting his hands in his pockets Chris continued to watch the darkness crawl over the city which curiously seemed to come alive.

A distant voice made its way in the back of his head: 'Chris!'

"Not now!" he silently complained to himself for lack of a better listener.

'Chris!'… There it was again. Piper was calling him and it seemed pretty urgent.

Letting out a sigh of annoyance mixed with a pinch of worry Christopher dematerialized into a flurry of sparkling turquoise orbs, rematerializing seconds after in the Manor's attic where he was greeted by a most unusual scene.

Piper was standing before a young man who currently resided in a crystal cage, a stern look upon her face as she eyed the stranger from head to toe. Leo, who was calmly sitting on the old sofa, was currently watching them all with interest as Paige and Phoebe were nowhere to be seen. Chris took in the scene and frowned as he saw absolutely no purpose to him being needed there.

"Piper, what's going on?" he asked warily, seeing as his mother was on the verge of a temper tantrum.

The Charmed One merely pointed at the unfamiliar figure and resumed pacing around the attic, her eyes blazing with fury. Furrowing his brow in confusion Chris took a couple of steps towards the fuming woman and took a better look at their visitor.

The man was about two years older than Chris himself, with broad shoulders and a muscular structure. He had short dirty brown hair and possessed a pair of blazing black eyes, yet his expressionless face seemed to be used to hide away any emotions and thoughts which came across him. He had the bleak aspect of one who's been through hell and something in Chris's head just screamed 'familiarity' towards the stranger. However the young Halliwell couldn't pin-point the exact location where he had encountered the man.

"He came through the attic wall, Chris", Leo explained gently. "Pretty much the same way you returned a couple of months ago from your trip to the future".

That moment something inside Chris's mind clicked and the young man turned to look once more at the caged stranger.

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