Surprise! I thought of this about a day ago, I guess. This is my Christmas "Holiday" fic this year. For those of who even care, Riding Shaow won the most votes, so that will be my first fic in 2007. But this is about a four a short multi chapter fic. I'm sorry that this is so short. I promise the other chapters are longer.

Summary- Sam Fenton died in a car accident that was out of her control. An angel gives Danny a second chance to relive the last three days with his wife considering the way they parted. Danny is shocked when he finds out the angel kept his word, now he struggles with keeping the rules the angel laid down. He only has three days with his wife, and then she dies all over again.

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AN- Italics are flashbacks.

He sat there over the limp figure. It had all happened so fast, and for the first time he was unable to do anything about it; the bright lights, screeching tires, and his wife dropping to the street dead. He just sat there and cried. He had lost the love of his life. Tears fell from his eyes onto her cheek. No matter how much he cried, she wasn't coming back. He tried to push the memory away, but it persistently kept coming back.

"What's this?" Danny Fenton looked up at his wife. His face paled at the fishnet stockings that she was holding. She was mad because the stockings in question were certainly not hers. Danny's memory lapsed back to his last business trip where things got a little out of hand with his co-worker.

"Sam, it's not what it looks like"-

"Is this why you like to go on business trips?" Her violet eyes narrowed. Danny gulped letting her eyes bore into his skin.


"Daniel Fenton, you are a"- She stopped her self and help back a scream.

"I can't stand it here, I'm leaving."


"Out." She slammed the door. Danny's head fell into his hands; sleeping with Jessica was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Jessica had started to give him flirtatious looks and subtle hints, and he was dumb enough to give in, and now he had to fix this mess with Sam. Right before he could go out after her, the phone rand. Danny picked it up.


"Hey Danny." He heard Jessica's voice on the other line.

"Jessica, we have to talk."

"When can you schedule your next business trip?" Danny glanced at the door, if he left now, he could catch up to Sam.

"I have to go."

"But Danny"- He hung up before she could protest any further. He ran out the door hoping he could find her.

"I can't believe him." She fumed. She thought he was loyal all this time. She trusted him, and now she didn't see how she could trust him any longer. Something caught her eye; Cujo, the neighbor's dog. She cursed under her breath, how did he get out?

"Cujo." She called out. The dog barked and ran further away.

"Come back Cujo." She ran after it laughing, but she still didn't want to be playing games with it. She had more important things to think about than to play games with him, even if his owners couldn't.

"Cujo, come to Sammy." She used her baby voice to try and coax the dog. He yelped and ran on liking this game he was playing.

Jessica gritted her teeth as she hung up the phone. What did she do wrong? She had given all the looks and the right moves to suggest it. It was only last weekend, and she thought he had enjoyed himself, and he still refused to ditch his wife. She knew it was wrong, but Danny was the handsomest guy at the office, and all the girls knew it. It was a race to see who could crack him first. She had won, but now he treated her like nothing ever happened. She wouldn't stand getting ignored.

"What the heck does she have that I don't?"

Danny ran down the street. It would be faster as Phantom, but he wanted to stay low for a while considering all the lies the media were spreading.

'What would they do if they found Phantom and Sam together?' Danny mused. She didn't need that, and neither did he. He just wished he knew where she went. He was so busy lately, he felt disconnected from her. He didn't know where or with whom she hanged out with.

'Jazz and Valerie probably.' He reassured himself. So why did he have a gut feeling that something would go terribly wrong?

"Cujo, this isn't funny anymore." She yelled to the dog. He ran and suddenly stopped. Sam approached him slowly thanking heaven that he wasn't running. The dog leaped into her arms, and started licking her face.

"No, I won't forgive you. Let's take you home." Cujo erupted into a barking fit. He wiggled out of her arms.

"Cujo." She looked up where he was barking. There was a truck coming straight for her. She stood there like a deer caught in the headlights.

Danny was walking home until his ears picked up barking.

"Cujo." Sam adored Cujo, so there was some hope that she went after him. He took off running he transformed after he heard Sam's scream. She was in danger. Before he got to her there were screeching tires, and Sam, his beloved wife was dead.

No one was left after they cleared the scene. There was nothing he could do now. He dropped to his knees and his head fell back to yell at the sky and whatever was up there.

"Why God, why did you do this to me." He yelled before breaking down in tears.

"I didn't even get to tell her I love her." He whispered. He looked around and there was an eerie glow to one of the shops. He was almost drawn to it. He found himself opening the door. There was a man dressed in all white.

"Hello Daniel." Danny backed away in shock.

"Who are you?"

"Who am I isn't really as important as what can I do for you?"


"I can bring your wife back."

"What did you say?" He asked the angel incredulously.

"Things ended on bad terms for you. I give you the chance to relive the past three days with your wife, so you can make things right."

"Do it."

"I warn you Daniel, there are some rules you must follow even if it is painful."

"I'll do whatever it takes to get Sam back. What are the rules?"

"Number One, She must never know what happened to her." Danny nodded, he would never want to bring up the subject of death to her anyway.

"And number two, everything must play out like it did tonight. You can't alter it."


"No buts Daniel, those are the rules."

"I'll do it." His head fell and the angel nodded before disappearing. Danny rubbed his eyes. Was he seeing things, or worse talking to people who weren't really there.

"I need more sleep." He uttered under his breath. He walked all the way back home where he crawled under the covers and drifted off into a deep sleep.

The alarm clock was a rude awakening to young Daniel Fenton. His arms stretched as he pushed himself in a sitting position. He nearly jumped out of his skin when his arm touched something warm, another warm body to be exact. He jerked away, and in the process fell out of bed. Sam sat up in her nightgown.

"What's wrong Danny?"

"It's you." Confusion spread over her face.

"Danny, of course it's me. Who else is there?" Suddenly everything from the night before came back to him.

"Three days." He whispered.


"No one." He recovered.

"There's no one else but you." He answered her. He couldn't believe it.

'Three days.' He thought to himself.

'Only three days.'

RGT- Once again, I apologize that it is so short. Happy Holidays. I'll be updating really soon.