Notes: I know who Sheik is, kthxbai. That's why it says AU in the summary.

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The Wolf and the Cat.

Link, the Hero of Time. He was a wolf, powerful, strong, and silent when he needed to be. He was also gentle, and willing to bond with others and stick to a pack. He was devoted and honoured. His was muscular strength, strength in his blades. He was a fighter to the bone. A devoted, warm and caring fighter.

Sheik, the dark minstrel. He was a cat, lithe, sinuous and always so quiet. He was cold and aloof, and padded along the nights and days alone. He was singular and unknown. His was cunning strength, strength in his mind and in his stealth. He was an assassin, or a stalker, deep down inside him. A singular, cold and aloof assassin.

Destiny forced the wolf and the cat together. Wolf and cat would fight alongside each other in a battle for the place they loved, for the place in which they lived. The wolf would take the most of it for his pack, and the cat would stay behind, watching and padding around to attack those that would harm the wolf while he healed. Sometimes the wolf would get lost, and the cat would lead him on to his next place, always vanishing when finished.

A wolf and a cat are two different creatures. A Hylian and a Sheikah are also.

When keen blue eyes met lazy, yet wary, red, the differences did not matter. One cannot work alongside another and not feel some companionship, some warmth. One can never be too different.

Tanned skin kneading into pale skin and heavy breath against plush, opened lips, Link and Sheik pushed away their differences and embraced each other for who they were. Strong, calloused fingers threaded through fine yellow hair, and Link and Sheik cared not for opposites. Soft lips descended upon lips usually covered by a mask, and Link and Sheik embraced their similarities.

The wolf and the cat lay down together that night.