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Chapter 10: Cheater Cheater Pumkineater

"Luke! I absolutely love this house." Lorelai grinned as they walked through it with Rory, Jess, and his parents.

"It's wonderful." Amy agreed.

"So, do you think it's a keeper, Dad?" Luke asked.

"Most definitely, I've always loved this house, and it's close to us, so yeah. I believe it is a keeper." Will nodded.

"What do you think kids?" Lorelai asked Rory and Jess.

Rory shrugged. "Its nice."

"Just nice?" Lorelai teased with a smile. Rory shrugged and gave her an annoyed look.

"You don't like it?" Lorelai's face fell.

"I just don't want to move. I don't understand the point of moving." Rory told them.

Lorelai looked sadly at Luke.

"I think it's great." Jess smiled as he walked around the kitchen that they were standing in. "…and it's close to grandma and grandpa, right around the corner of the Diner. Lots of rooms, plenty of space, and we can make one of the rooms into a Library or something. That'd be cool." Jess smiled. He could tell Lorelai was hurt with Rory's reply, and like Luke, he couldn't he stand to see the Gilmore girl's sad, so he wanted to make her feel better. But it wasn't a lie either. The house really was great, and he would love to live there.

Luke smiled gratefully at Jess.

"I've got to get going. Are we done here?" Rory asked.

"Yeah, sure. You're free to go from us horrible people, you are forced to call family." Lorelai tried to joke, but Rory just glared at her and walked out. Jess was now irritated with her behavior. Jess got into bad moods, but he NEVER EVER took it out on his family.

"Rory!" he called after her as she walked off the porch of the house.

"What do you want, Jess?" She asked annoyed.

"I want you to change your fucking attitude." He yelled. Rory had never seen Jess so mad before in her life, and it kind of scared her, but she wouldn't dare to show it. Everyone in the street turned to look at them.

"What do you care?" Rory asked.

"I care because you are making your own mother, your best friend, feel like shit for something she hasn't even done. Yes, I get it, your mad because of the whole Dean thing, but even if he is a great guy, it's stupid to be mad at her for whatever reason you're mad at her for." Jess yelled.

"Dean has nothing to do with it!" Rory yelled back. "So stay out of it."

"Oh really? So why are you acting like such a fucking bitch?" Jess yelled in her face.

"Because I'm tired of this stupid family!" Rory yelled back. People nearby stopped to witness the fighting. "….And this stupid town, and most of all you!"

"Oh? Your tired of me?" Jess laughed. "Okay. Fine! Go be with Dean, or whatever. I don't care anymore, I am not going to protect you anymore, but when he hurts you, I won't be there."

"It's a good thing he won't hurt me then." Rory hissed.

"Your so ignorant." Jess laughed. "He's cheating on you!" Jess yelled.

"Go to Hell." Rory yelled. "I hate you!"

"Back at you." Jess yelled back.

"Jess. Rory." William came out onto the front porch.

Rory looked at her grandfather and walked off.

"Jess." William said surprised as he walked up to his grandson and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"What's gotten into her?" Jess asked.

William laughed. "She's a girl. She has a boyfriend, and I am pretty sure her family, and her best friends not liking her boyfriend isn't helping one bit, and it's easiest to be mad at the ones you love more than the ones you don't love." William told his grandson.

"Grandpa." Jess laughed. "Are you telling me that she is mad at me because she loves me?"

"Of course. You're her best friend, and her only cousin. That we know of." William remarked. Jess laughed. "She loves you more than life itself, it's just its hard for her right now."

"Yeah…" Jess trailed off. "But grandpa, this Dean guy, he really is up to no good." Jess told him.

"I believe you." William nodded.

"I'm going to go hang out with Tristan. Tell Luke and Lorelai that the house is great, and I will meet them at the Diner for Dinner."

"Ok." William nodded and walked back into the house.


Luke and Lorelai sat on the couch of the crab shack later that afternoon.

"Luke." Lorelai whispered as she pressed the stop button on the movie they were watching.


"I don't think we should buy the house." Lorelai told him. "It's just, Rory, doesn't want to move." Lorelai looked down.

Luke nodded understanding where she was coming from. "What's gotten into her Luke, I just want to be there for her, but she keeps pushing me away. What did I do wrong?" Lorelai cried into Luke's chest.

"Sh… it's just a phase. I am sure everything will be okay."

"She hates me. She… hates me."

Rory had walked into the crab shack at the beginning of the conversation and was listening from the door trying to be as quiet as possible. It was breaking her to bits hearing her mom. She bit her lip and walked back out and let the tears fall. She ran back to her car and jumped in.

Rory knocked furiously on the door of the house she went to.

Dean opened the door and gave her a nervous smile.

"Hey Rory, I thought you had something to do today?" Dean asked.

"I went to the library, but stuff happened. Anyways, I wanted to see you." Rory smiled.

"I'm kind of busy." Dean said.

"Oh?" Rory looked confused, but suddenly it became clear when a blonde came in the entryway and called for Dean.

"Oh." Rory realized.

"She's my lab partner." Dean told her quickly.

"Lab partner?" Rory asked unsure.

Dean nodded and closed the door to his house and walked onto the porch to hug Rory.

"I can't believe you'd think I was cheating on you." He kissed her forehead.

"Those people in your family are getting to you." Dean laughed.

"You have no idea." Rory sighed.

"How about we hang out tonight?" Dean asked.

"Deal." She smiled and leaned in to kiss him.

Rory walked off the porch and Lorelai's words kept ringing in her head.

Truth was, Rory didn't know exactly what was going on. She felt the same, but she was angry. She felt so alone because Jess, Tristan, and Paris ignored her. Lane was distant, and her parents and grandparents seemed to be on Jess's side.

Rory walked home and went straight into her room ignoring all her family that was in the living room playing a board game.

Rory sighed. She was never like this. She was the sweet innocent girl that never got into trouble. That would never hurt a fly. Now, she was hurting everyone's feelings.

Rory picked up the phone and called Dean. The line was busy. She angrily through the phone on the bed and collapsed next to it and slept.

"Rory." Luke called tentively into the room.

"Hey Dad." Rory smiled from the bed.

"What's going on?" Luke asked softly as he sat next to her.

Rory shrugged. "I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like everyone hates me."

"Nobody hates you. I think people are just too stubborn. Now, I know I don't like Dean, but if you really think he's a good guy, than I trust you. Of course, in my eyes, no boy is good enough for you." Luke smiled.

"Thanks Daddy. I don't hate mom. I know she thinks I do, but I don't. I just… I don't know what's going on with me." Rory said.

"Me either honey, but I am sure things will go back to the way they were." Luke told her.

Rory nodded wiping away the tears that threatened to fall.

"Get some sleep." Luke told her.

"Okay." Rory grinned. "Night Dad." Rory whispered as she snuggled into the pillows.


Rory got up with a smile on her face.

"Wow, daughter of mine. Smile upon her shining face?" Lorelai smiled.

"No school, which usually I'd be sad about, but today I was thinking of surprising Dean with lunch or something." Rory smiled. "See ya later." Rory waved as she was out the door.

As Rory was walking to Stars Hollow High for lunch she saw Lane come out of one of her classes.

"Lane!" Rory smiled.

"Hey, Rory!" Lane waved. "What are you doing here?" Lane asked nervously.

"Chilton has a break today." Rory said.

"That sounds cool." Lane told her.

Rory nodded. "So do you know where I can find Dean?" Rory asked lane.

"Uh…" Lane shifted uncomfortably.

"What?" Rory asked with a small laugh. "Do I have something on my face or something?"

"No… it's just… Rory..." Lane trailed off.

"What?" Rory asked again except her smile fell.

Just then Jess came up to the two of them.

"Rory… I didn't know you were coming today…"

"Well… We have a day off at Chilton… So I cam to see Dean." Rory said as she brushed past them and walked toward the cafeteria.

"Rory… No." Jess said as he caught up to her as she opened the doors of the cafeteria.

"Don't go in there." Jess said.

Rory rolled her eyes. "Leave. Me. Alone." Rory told him as she pushed past him and walked in.

Rory looked around for Dean and finally spotted him with his lips locked with the same brunette he called his "Lab-Partner." Rory stepped back and ran back toward the doors of the cafeteria but didn't make it past before she landed in the arms of Jess.

"I'm so sorry, Rory." Jess whispered.

"Please… Don't say 'I told you so'. Please." Rory cried.

"I won't." Jess hugged her tightly.

"I'm going to go home."

"I will take you." Jess said.

"You should hate me. I turned into this psycho monster. Hate me." Rory cried.

"I can't." Jess said. "You're my cousin. My best friend."

"I'm sorry." Rory cried.

"It's okay. It's okay. Let's go home now." Jess said as they walked out of the high school, giving lane a small goodbye.

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