Title: Unbreakable Bonds

Rating: M

Chapter: 1/27

Author: So Yun

Beta: Witherwings1972 & myself on the re-edit edition.

Summary: Harry is in for a rollercoaster ride of a year. He finds out that Snape can actually be civil and nice. He begins to get to know his Godfather, and not to mention an adoption case and the final battle! Completed with Sequel in progress.

Thanks: Tsukinoko1,Dark Ketchum, Desartratt, ChildOfThePhoenix, Charlieschikmcsteamy, Dalamis, PadawanJan-AQ, Fifespice, Witherwings1972, SivanShemish, Azuredragon, Faye137 and Sillya.

September 14 2007

So it's been nine months since I undertook the writing of this story.

Just to recent readers, just letting you know this whole story is being revised and re-edited. So from here on the chapters have been fixed and extended as well as changed in some aspects.

I hope it will endure your liking readers! Thankyou to all those who added UB to their Alert/Favourites lists!


Chapter One-You would never know


Harry had stayed silent the whole train ride home, the night before nightmares anew had plagued him. It was Cedric, his friend of a sort dying, dying right in front of his eyes and him helpless.

His friends had given him little space, with overly worried looks and not knowing what they should do. Hermione nagged him about his eating and sleeping habits of late. Ron tried to occupy him with different things that in the end just irritated Harry to no end.

He knew they were just trying to help, but right now he need someone different, someone who understood him, someone….someone like a parent.

But that was never going to happen anytime soon in Harry's book so he stayed quiet as his Uncle pulled up in the drive way and they got out.

"We heard about the Diggory boy, we offer our humblest condolences," Uncle Vernon actually sounded weirdly nice for once, Harry grimaced as he set his trunk down in the entrance hall.

"To his freaky parents, you murderer!" His Uncle spat unexpectantly causing Harry to cringe and lean back into the wall.

"Yes boy, we know! We got a letter from your headmaster, Dwimblebore stating how we should give you space after one of your school friends died, also said you were there boy!"

Harry felt tears spring to his eyes and his nightmares swim to the surface. He had been fighting this all along and now his wound had been ripped raw and salt poured directly in it.

"No! I'm not a murderer! It was Voldermort, Cedric was the spare……Wormtail killed…..bring his body back, his parents…." Harry mumbled incoherently through his few escaping tears.

His uncle grasped his collar and roared in his face, "Stop blubbering you useless brat! We'll give you space alright!" With that he shoved Harry into the cupboard under the stairs.

As the door slammed and the lock clicked shut, it snapped Harry out of his emotions and his tears stopped. He then banged against the door indignantly yelling angrily, "Let me out of here! I'll be fifteen soon and you know my Godfather will get you! Let me out! Let me OUT!"

He yelled for five minutes until his voice became hoarse, he rested in the cramped space defeated. His eyes now dry felt prickly and uncomfortable so he took his glasses off and rubbed at them angrily.

Dust circled up his nostrils and made him sneeze for awhile and his clothes were itchy and the air stale.

Could his life get any worse?

Hours later he heard his relatives having dinner in the kitchen, roast pork wafting through the door shafts.

His stomach grumbled loudly, he was non existent as usual.

After the noises of dinner and late night TV were gone, Harry finally faded into sleep in his cramped position. He also faded into nightmares.

"Harry don't leave me! Don't leave me! He's going to kill me, stop him! Please…Harry…" Cedric then faded into a darkness of green, his eyes wide, dead, cold and lifeless.

"Not him, NOT HIM!" Harry's own yell woke him up from his horrible nightmare, reliving what had happened in the graveyard.

Harry sat up and hugged his knees, hiccuping and losing the battle to stop from shaking. Soon he was silently crying, not sure how he was ever going to get past this. Every night the same thing happened, Cedric would have the chance to plead, plead just before he died.

Then when he finally composed himself, he heard a dreaded yell of his Uncle coming. Oh crap…

"BOY!" Loud thuds echoed above his head, his uncle had heard his plaintive screaming. Suddenly the locks were undone and the cupboard door was wrenched open.

"You! Can't keep your ruddy ungrateful mouth shut! Waking my whole family up!" He bellowed and grabbed Harry by his hair and dragging him out, "I should put tape over your disgusting mouth!"

Harry shook him off and rubbed his scalp carefully, attempting to abate the anger inside him.

"Don't. Don't you dare say your load of crap speech to me, I know very well your damn expectations and I quite frankly don't give a shit! I'm just trying to live at the moment, but hell you wouldn't even know about that would you!?"

He yelled back and subconsciously stretched his cramped body. He even dared to look his obese uncle right in the eyes.

His uncle was shaking with fury, his face steadily going red and his beady eyes nearly bulging. He raised a pudgy finger up and managed to say, "How dare you! You-you ungrateful freak!"

Harry shook himself and yelled back, his anger not in check.

"Ungrateful?!! You shoved me in a cupboard the first day back! You insult me and my parents all the time!" Harry made it imperative to stay calm, he had no where to go if he got kicked out.

Sirius was still on the run and Harry had no idea he was. Hermione was on holidays and Harry knew that the Weasley's couldn't afford to shelter him.

"Marge was right! I should have put you in an orphanage when you showed up on my doorstep as a bundle of rags!" His uncle yelled back and shoved Harry roughly.

"I didn't have a choice!" Harry said back and stepped forward.

"Damn right, well your freaky parents shouldn't have gotten killed!"

"Don't you dare insult them! Insult me if you have to, but not them!"

"One more word you miscreant and I am kicking you out! I won't care what Dwimblebore says!"

"I'm sorry then, I shouldn't have yelled at you. I will try my utmost to keep quiet Uncle."

"You better boy or I'm kicking you out for good!"

With that Harry crawled back into his cupboard as his Uncle slammed the door locking it.

"Can my life get any suckier?" He whispered in the darkness and tried to go back to sleep after the heated argument.


After a night of restless sleep, Harry was let out of the cupboard to use the toilet and tend to a large list of chores. As he was reading them, his Uncle grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, "Don't get them finished Potter and I'll finally have some sort of excuse to get rid of you."

He whispered furiously as he went out to his car for work.

Aunt Petunia was waving Dudley off handing him a brown bag with a broad horsy smile on,

"Bye bye Dudders! Have a good time with Piers; enjoy the jam sandwiches I made you!" Dudley waved and gave her a fake smile and continued on walking down the footpath. As Petunia turned back into the house she scowled at Harry and slammed the door.

As Harry tended the roses, number one on the list he saw his cousin throw the brown bag in a nearby waste bin. The list was nearly endless; Harry was sweating all day long in his baggy clothes. The list mostly contained hard working garden chores which he knew his cousin or Aunt could manage over a few days. Not one.

As he wrestled the thorns on the rose bush his thoughts lingered on the third task and the graveyard. He tried to shake them away with thoughts of his godfather, Ron, Hermione and the coming year.

Much to his Uncle's disappointment, Harry managed all the chores in six hours and he grudgingly let Harry sleep in his own room. "Otherwise I'll never sleep properly and my nightmares will just get worse, cramped spaces…" Harry had said, hoping to convince the lard.

But at a price, his uncle didn't let him eat more then half a raw carrot before yelling for him to go to his room after washing the dishes.


In his room Harry paced and occasionally glanced at his bolted trunk. His Uncle had regarded it in the hallway before locking every ounce of magic object into it. "Not to be opened or death be on his head." Vernon had said exactly.

Harry resented that for he wished to look at his parents and also have his wand in case Deatheaters decided to drop in for another visit.

As he paced, he looked out the window at the misty sky then noticed a black silhouette in between the clouds. It was an owl and it was flying right towards his very window, he could vaguely see the letter attached to its leg.

Excitedly Harry opened the window quietly and let the jet black owl. Although he was excited Harry knew exactly whose owl this was. How many people absolutely love black. He thought sarcastically.

He carefully unattached the letter from his nemesis and was weary of the black owl who kept giving him a very Snape like glare. Probably learnt it from its owner, sodding owl, sodding Snape.

To Mr Potter,

Shackbolt, Lupin and I shall be arriving at your relative's residence in exactly fifteen minutes after you have received this letter. The Headmaster decided to take you to a safer and more comfortable location. We will be taking you to a residence with your Godfather for the remainder of the summer holidays. Be weary of our arrival and please do not blast our heads of when we arrive. Only one of us is a deatheater. Be sure to pack everything

Harry scoffed at the second last sentence. Yea that's why everyone trusts a deatheater. Bloody Snape. It was as if the black owl heard his silent remark because it nipped his finger violently, leaving a large gash. "Bloody owl!" Harry said sucking his finger then looking down at the remainder of the letter.

By the way Potter, Regent bites. Rather violently so too.


Severus Snape

"Gee thanks for telling me now Snape!" Harry spat, along with some blood from his bleeding finger.

Ok I won't blast your heads off, well at least Moony and Shackbolts? Nice owl by the way…


Harry Potter

He wrote hastily on the back of the note and attached it to Regent's leg very carefully.

"Be gone!" He said as the owl took flight and slammed his window rather hard. He began to suck his finger again and paced his room, he had already packed everything (And who the heck was this Shacklebolt person?)

His window slamming must have annoyed his Uncle, because soon after he heard his Uncle's huffing and loud footsteps up the hall to his room.

"Brat! You woke me up with your slamming! This is the last straw, get out of my house!!" He yelled and grabbed Harry and started to grab his trunk and Hedwig's cage which was empty.

She was at the Weasley's so as not to (not that it mattered now, all Snape's owls fault) annoy his Uncle.

"Uncle don't kick me out, my Professor will be picking me up soon!"

"Well he can pick you up from the gutter OUTSIDE this house!"

"But Uncle! They…."

"I don't care! OUT!" With that Vernon dragged the three objects down the stairs and threw them bodily out the front door. Harry landed painfully on the driveway, his trunk contacting with his knee, it throbbed excruciatingly.

"Off my property!"

So Harry grabbed his trunk, Hedwig's empty cage and painfully hobbled just off the Dursley's property. To the gutter, just as his Uncle had said.

His knee felt numb, but throbbing pain caroused up his body from it. A blue tinge started to form on it and it began to swell at an alarming rate. Gee just what I need a shattered kneecap.

He said to himself grimly and sat in the gutter, hoping the pain and fifteen minutes would pass by soon.


Arrogant Potter thinks he'll blast my head off when I waste my precious time to pick him up. What is Albus thinking bringing him to Grimmauld Place. It's bad enough with Weasley and Granger…I hope Regent bit him, hard.

Snape thought gleefully just after he received the sarcastic reply from Potter. He patted Regent gently and fed him a worm as a reward,

"You bit him didn't you? Good boy." Snape said softly smirking. He knew his owl would have disliked Potter as much as he did.

So Snape thought Potter might like an extra fifteen minutes with his muggle relatives. How little did he realize how much extra pain this would cause.


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