Preview from Unbreakable Ties, sequel to Unbreakable Bonds.

"Harry?" Sirius looked up carefully at his godson who lay on the couch at Sirius' cottage. The teen was burning up and a fever lay on the edge grasping to pull the boy's temperature up. A sheen of sweat painted Harry's agonised face and his mouth trembled every so often, his skin covered in goose-bumps.

Sirius narrowed his eyes and gently caressed Harry's face then exclaimed, "Oh god you're burning, I have to call Snape!" He scrambled to get to the cottage's fireplace in the kitchen, Harry moaned in his wake.

"No Siri…….no…..I'm freeezzzzingg….." He slurred and rolled onto his stomach but ended up rolling off the entire couch. Sirius paused halfway through his floo call and anxious cried out, "Harry!" as he heard the thump.

He came running back into the room with a worried Snape in tow as well as Draco. They rushed to his side and they lifted him up under the arms, "He's drenched!" Snape barked and sneered at Sirius, "Haven't you taken care of a sick child before?"

Sirius narrowed his eyes and went to retort but found Harry's glazed stare on him, "Please….don't fight….ergh…I'm gunna throw up!" He managed to moan before he pitched forth emptying his lunch all over Sirius and Snape, even a little on Draco.

"Sorry…" He mumbled as they cleaned it away in a flick with their wands. They smiled at him to reassure him as they hauled him up the stairs.

Harry moaned again as they entered the bathroom and they began to pull his clothes off. Draco followed behind idly, his face etched with worry. The two elder men gently sat Harry down against the shower wall and sat on either side of him.

"Is he going to be ok, Sev?" Draco asked timidly and took in his guardian's expression.

"He's very, very sick Draco. I don't understand what it is though….this isn't a normal fever…" He mumbled to himself and turned the cold tap on to a gentle patter as in rained in on them.

Harry shivered violently and tried to pull away, "No….too…cold" He managed to choke out. Sirius pulled him closer to warm him, but also keep him under the water to get his fever down.

Snape continued frowning at himself and surveyed Harry very carefully then shot up, "I can't believe I didn't see it! He's been poisoned!" Snape and Sirius gazed at each other sharply then were stopped as Harry had stilled.

His eyes were closed gently as the cold drips rained down on them, "His lips are going blue! Snape, he's not breathing! Do something!"

Snape hurried with his wand, nearly fumbling. Fear etched on either man's face, if they were looking carefully at Draco they would have noticed a smirk on the young man's face.


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