An Interview With 3 Healthy Superheroes!

By: Katrina Ng

Interviewing 3 superheroes, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, we've asked them a few questions.

Q: How do you stay skinny?

Buttercup: Well, for us, we fight monsters and bad guys as our exercise. I also play sports like soccer and go to the Skate Park on weekends. I do Karate, tennis and basketball. What I'm trying to say, is that the more you work out, the more calories you burn, and that way you can stay skinny and fit.

Q: What do you eat? Does it help you during battles?

Blossom: Well, we eat a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner…well actually sometimes we have to skip lunch to save the day, but that's only a small detail. Buttercup really likes eel and egg, Bubbles likes meatballs and I like Octopus wieners. The are all quite good for you and contain nutrience in them.

Q: Do you ever eat JUNKFOOD?

Bubbles: Of course. Blossom loves to eat cakes, Buttercup loves candy, and to tell you the truth, I LOVE ice cream. Eating junk food isn't bad as long as you have a balanced diet. Although I'm sure your teacher has already told you that. My grandmother only lets me eat ice cream occasionally and I'm sure Blossom and Buttercup's parents do the same. Blossom eats a lot of cakes, as that was what the professor promised, but she makes up for it in her excursive, fighting crime and eating proper meals.

As we spend a day with these Superhero, science legends, the Powerpuff Girls Z, as they show us different places they like to go and eat. For this article, we asked them were they go relating to health. First they take us to Sakurako Kintoki's shop, where she sells green tea which has been known to be healthy and comfort you inside. After a relaxing time, Blossom decides to take us to a sushi bar. Sushi, which is mostly made of raw fish and rice, is low in fat and a delicious delicacy to eat. Next, Buttercup insists on bringing us to Tokyo's soccer arena and play a game of soccer. To compete with Buttercup, we found out you need to truly concentrate to even touch the ball. Following the game, we have to change from our sweaty clothing to clean ones. Bubbles now, show us how to dress fashionably in comfortable clothes. With a snap of her finger, a closet appears as she pulls out: Green cutoffs with a diagonally striped T-shirt for Buttercup, a pink skirt with a white blouse for Blossom, a pair of stone-washed jeans with an orange T-shirt underneath a yellow sweater for myself, and a blue skirt with a frilly light blue top for herself. When we finished changing our clothing, the girls decide to end the day with watching clouds floating in the afternoon sky with the Rowdyruff Boys.