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Deep Field

Chapter 1 – Lincoln City

Wallace or Wally as his friends and family called him was walking back to his apartment in Lincoln City. Wally had just moved to the city from Steel City where he had lived with his parents. He had just graduated from Steel City Academy or SCA. To most people Wally seemed to be your average kid that had finally managed to get out from under his parent's watchful eyes. Not that he had minded living at home; he was just getting tired of always having to come up with excuses for missing curfew and unexplained absences at school. You see, Wally was not just Wally, he was also known by the name Kid Flash. The only ones that knew he was Kid Flash were the Teen Titans from Jump City and the Flash otherwise known as Berry Allen. He had moved to Lincoln City for two reasons; the first being that a high crime rate and no hero to speak of made it a very enticing place for a hero on his own to move to. Not, that he wouldn't have back up; all he had to do was either call the Flash or the Titans and they would be there to help him. The second and more important reason was a certain pink haired bad luck witch that was rumored to be living incognito in Lincoln City. Wally hadn't seen her since after the battle with the Brotherhood of Evil. Through he had never told anyone he had really wanted to get to know Jinx. The problem was she disappeared after the battle and no one had seen neither hide nor hair of her for several years. Using all of the resources available to a super hero he had managed to find information that she had been living in Lincoln City ever since the battle with the Brotherhood. Now he at least had a location he just didn't have any idea what she had changed her appearance to. One problem solved; two more take its place.

Wally reached into his pocket fishing for the key to his apartment. Finding nothing he sighed as he shifted the grocery bags in his hands looking in his other pockets. Damn. He thought to himself as he looked up and down the hall to see if anybody was there. Finding no one he started his molecules vibrating and slowly walked through the door of his apartment. Wally walked over and started putting up his weekly supplies when his Titans communicator started ringing in his pocket. He reached in grabbed it and flipped it open in one swift move. The blank screen turned to static for a moment and then the face of Robin appeared. "Hey Robin, How are thing in Jump City going?" Wally asked leaning against his kitchen cabinet.

"Oh fine, just some thieves and other minor criminals," Robin began panning the communicator out to show the entire common room at Titans Tower. "We were just wondering how things we going with you and your search," he finished waving his arm to indicate the rest of the Titans.

"Yes, friend, have you found Jinx yet?" Starfire asked flying up close to the screen so that only her face was evident.

"No, Star, I haven't found any trace of her other than that she is supposed to be living here," Wally said letting a sigh escape under his breath.

"How hard can it be to find someone with pink hair," Terra chimed in grabbing a hold of Starfire's leg and pulling her back down onto the floor.

"She changed her appearance," he began looking at the group through the communicator. "I have run through this entire city looking for any sign of her, but have come up empty handed every time. Hey guys, I'm sorry but I have to get to work."

"Going out for a little patrolling?" Cyborg said giving Kid Flash a wink.

"No, I have an actual job. I work at the theater in the mall," Wally said looking embarrassed at his need to have a real job.

"You have an actual job? What do you do clean up other peoples messes," Beast Boy yelled falling over on the floor laughing. "I can't believe that you have to wo-OUCH!" he exclaimed rubbing his side where Terra's boot had just found it. "What was that for?"

"Just because you mooch off of the Titan's Spending accounts doesn't give you the right to make fun of Kid Flash," Terra finished giving him a dirty look.

"Don't worry it's no big deal," Wally began, "I wanted a normal job. I have to live in a normal apartment and it would look weird if I never went to work. Besides it may give me the chance to find Jinx."

"Okay then, have fun at work," Robin said giving Wally and inquisitive look, "and call us if you need any help."

"Will do," Wally answered, "Catch you guys later." With that Wally closed the communicator and shoved it back into his pocket.

Wally zipped to his room and changed into his work uniform with his Kid Flash uniform underneath and ran through the wall on the way to the mall. He stopped in the alley behind the theater then walked around to the front walking in with all the other employees. Wally spent the rest of the weekend working twelve hour shifts followed by rounds as Kid Flash patrolling the city.

Wally walked through the door to his apartment completely exhausted from not sleeping the entire weekend. Busiest mall in the city and there is not a trace of Jinx. Why won't she just show herself to me? She has to know that I'm in the city, right? Maybe she really doesn't want to see me. Maybe that is why after three years I haven't heard a word from her. Wally collapsed onto the couch in the living room not having the energy to make in the bed room.

Dream Sequence

Kid Flash walked down a darkened alley way looking for any sign of Jinx. "Jinx?" he called out only to have silence return to him. He rounded a corner and came face to face with the Hive Five ganging up on someone he could see. Wally charged forward quickly taking down the Hive Five and tying them together to with thick nylon rope.

Slowly Kid Flash approached the crumpled figure lying before him. It was a girl. She had brown hair wait there was pink underneath it. He kneeled down pulling away the wig revealing a head full of bright pink hair. Carefully he turned her over in his arms looking into on pink and one green eye. "Jinx?" he whispered as the girl focused her eyes on him.

"Kid Flash what are you doing here?" she asked her voice barely audible.

"I'm here to rescue you," he responded lightly stroking her cheek.

"Sorry, but it looks like you're too late for that," she laughed as her eyes close and her chest fell.

End of Dream

"JINX!"Wally yelled sitting straight up on the couch. Franticly he looked around trying to make head of tails of his surroundings. Slowly his breathing returned to normal as he wiped the sweat from his eyes.God, not those dreams again. It's the same dream every night. Every time I fall asleep it's the same damn dream. What does it mean? I have to figure out where Jinx is and get to her before those idiots from the Hive Five hurt her.

Wally stood up and made his way over to the kitchen cabinet grabbing a bag of chips and a coke and making his way back to the couch. Wally propped up his feet taking a hold of the remote he started flipping channels to see what was on. After flipping through every channel he had Wally turned off the TV and changed into his Kid Flash uniform.

After making several passes around the city Wally stopped off at a midnight coffee shop to get something with lots of sugar. He quickly switched in his civilian clothes and walked up to the counter; after ordering his drink he headed over towards one of the tables in the back corner. He surveyed the group of people mostly teenagers staying out late. There were a couple of people that looked like they had just gotten off work, but only one person caught his eye. She was sitting next to the window sipping on a small cappuccino. She was wearing a black blouse and pants set with boots underneath she had long brown hair that extended down to her mid back and the greenest eyes he had ever seen. Wally watched the girl who not once looked in his direction. After signing a couple of autographs for the employees and other random people who showed up to see Kid Flash he was on his way.

Kid Flash made a couple more passes through Lincoln City not really looking for crime, but mainly trying to see if he could find any evidence of a certain pink haired witch. After searching for nearly an hour at top speed Kid Flash headed back to his place slumping on the couch.


Wally awoke with a start from the communicator going off in his pocket. He flipped it open looking at a report from the Lincoln City PD about a back robbery in progress. In the flash on an eye Wally was replaced with Kid Flash and he was on his way to the bank.

Kid Flash slowed outside of the bank he couldn't see anything wrong with the place there appeared to be no evidence of force entry. "You're late," a disembodied voiced called out from the shadows. The voice was both vaguely familiar and completely unknown. Kid Flash looked around of any sign of the person speaking; zipping over to the shadows where he thought the voice had come from he found a very unusual item: a single red rose.

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