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Deep Field

By: Tech-Man

Chapter Two – Coffee

It had been three weeks since he had arrived on the scene of the fake bank robbery. The rose had begun to wilt at this point, but it still stood atop the dresser in his bedroom. He couldn't imagine anyone else other than Jinx leaving something like that for him to find. He had asked the crime scene unit to go ahead and preform an analysis of the scene. He had been fairly sure that they wouldn't turn anything up, but just in case he had to know.

The report had come certified mail this afternoon just as he was preparing for his shift. He had lucked out and managed to get a few shifts up in the projection booth. That meant him alone for his eight hour shift with 32 projectors. He could use his speed to the utmost benefit. Wally stuffed the report into his backpack before heading off toward the theater.

Surprisingly, it took him nearly three hours to get everything ready so he could read through the fifteen page police report uninterrupted. Sitting down at the desk shoved in the back corner of one of the wings he began reading.

The report had read almost exactly as he had imagined that it would. The perpetrator had left no finger prints or identifying material behind at the scene. The security cameras and electronic locks had all suffered equipment failures. Nothing had been stolen, the vase had been removed by Wally prior to the police arriving on scene. He had, had it tested to determine if any fingerprints were on it, but that too had come up clean. All-in-all, if the alarm had not been tripped and the vase not discovered there was no evidence that there had even been a break in, but to those who knew what they were looking at the tale-tale signs where there.

Jinx, had been there...

Another two weeks had passed and Wally still hadn't seen or heard anything from the pink haired bad-luck witch. After a lengthy patrol where he had worked to search every conceivable location for her, he was still as empty handed as before. Needing a caffeine fix, Wally headed toward his favorite coffee shop.

Once again not bothering to change from his uniform, he walked into the store and was immediately surrounded by fans. His eyes raked across the crowd, as they always did, looking for any sign of Jinx, and as usual he was disappointed. Everyone in the shop seemed to be excited about the arrival of the super hero; all except one young lady with long brown hair.

His eyes followed her as she stood up, carefully tilting her head so as to not make eye contact. She walked directly past him, lightly brushing his arm as she passed. Not once did she make eye contact with him, nor speak to him or anyone else for that matter. She was past him and out of the door before he even had a chance to ask for her name. Unconsciously, he rubbed his arm where she had touched him. He could still feel the lingering electric shock that her touch had generated.

In a split second Kid Flash was standing in the middle of the street looking up and down for any sign of the young woman from the coffee shop. After a few seconds of frantically looking he concluded that she was already gone. Seeing no sign of her he turned to reenter the coffee shop.


Kid Flash found himself staring at the concrete. Gently he rubbed the spot on his forehead where it had impacted the concrete. Embarrassment flooded through his system at having tripped like that. It was one thing to do so when he was Wally, but Kid Flash was supposed to pay attention to where he was going.

As quickly as he could he was on his feet again ready to pretend nothing had ever happened, when a small reflection from the ground grabbed his attention. Looking down to be sure he didn't trip again he watched as a single rose in a glass vase rolled toward the opposite side of the street.

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