A/N: Just a short piece based on the episodes of the 19th and 20th of December. Thanks for reading.

For the eighteenth time in an hour Jo glanced at the phone on the wall. It was a typical hotel model, did everything under the sun apart from what it was supposed to; she wondered how long it would take to dial out if she did decide to pick it up.

Not that she was going to, of course. She was going to stay wrapped up in this blanket, staring out of the double-glazed window onto the car park below. Even at this late hour there were still people coming in and out; drunkards mostly, usually with a woman on their arm. Every now and then a bout of raucous laughter would filter up from the lounge directly below. This room was all she could get last minute.

She hadn't wanted to go straight back to Nottingham. For starters, the place she had called home for the last four months was a dank two-bedroomed flat which she'd shared with Seth. Of course, she'd had her own place tucked away too but for the purposes of the investigation… Well, it had been wise to stay with him. So given the option of going back there and being faced with the prospect of packing up a dead man's life, she chose a night in Sun Hill thinking, with some ill-advised notion, that it would be better for her. No, that was wrong. Sun Hill reminded her too much of Tess and what she'd managed to screw up in the last few months.

Yeah, they might've got a gun dealer, a nasty piece of work, but it had cost Seth his life and her the… Well, it wasn't up to that standard but she still felt like she'd lost something. Tess had been right from the beginning. The arguments over the case! They'd been astronomical and at first she'd found herself enjoying them. Until, that is, she'd actually realised what was happening. By then it was too late; she was in a car on her way to Nottingham leaving her girlfriend literally standing on the pavement. And Tess had never forgiven her. Not that she was really expected to.

But now back in London Jo was notcing the gnawing feeling in her gut more than she'd anticipated. However stalkerish it sounded she'd taken a taxi to their old flat, not intending to knock, only to find that it was someone else's now. If possible, she'd felt worse after that. Her mind had been racing- where, why, what. Who. The last was the issue. Who. Of course Tess would've found someone else. Of course she would've. And what did that leave her with? A blanket in a hotel room for tonight. Who knew about tomorrow?

She'd accepted a permanent position back in Sun Hill. It had felt the right thing to do at the time- as Jack had said, she needed to be around her friends. The trouble was, she didn't consider herself to have many these days. Undercover work was not the best social aphrodisiac, and the problem with being part of a duo was the inevitable split of friends when you broke up. And it did help being in the county to fight for them. No, she had to face it. All she really had at the moment was Sun Hill. If that meant smarmy Stuart Turner so be it. She was sure she could get one over on him, given the right opportunity.

'There you go,' she said aloud. 'Getting back to normal already.'

Reaching over to turn the television on, she settled back in the chair. Switching between channels she halted on a news bulletin. 'And earlier this evening police confirmed two men were dead in what was thought to be a battle over guns. We have our reporter on scene…'

Flicking it off again, Jo exhaled and looked up at the ceiling. 'Back to normal.'