Austin Samuel Winchester

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This was part of Family Secrets – one of Dean's secrets. Hope you enjoy:)

Chapter One

Dean pulled into the driveway of 118 Mott Rd in Kansas. This place brought back so many memories for him. It brought him way back, to his and Carly's dating era.

Carly. Funny word. Carly was a rape victim and a runaway. But when Dean found her, she was doing better. She had gone back home and confronted her family. A few years later, while she was dating Dean, her mother died leaving Carly the house and all her possessions. Carly was heartbroken. But Dean was there to comfort. Then about a year after that, Carly got pregnant. By Dean. Dean had planned to stay, but his Dad called. And no one said no to John Winchester.

So Dean had planned to come to Kansas to visit Carly and their baby boy, Austin. But Dean never got the time. Finally, he did. John had sent him on some wild goose chase of a voodoo gig in New Orleans. Turns out all leads were fake, so Dean decided to take the time to visit.

His thoughts were interrupted as a little boy came running out the door, closely followed by another child.

"I'm gonna get you," the second one roared. He had dark brown hair and deep green eyes. He was holding a sword and stopped when he noticed Dean sitting in the Impala.

"Momma," he called inside. "There's a strange man in the driveway."

Dean got out of the Impala and slammed the door shut as he saw a woman come to the front door. She looked up and immediately, Dean knew it was Carly. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. She stood about five foot seven inches.

"Dean," she asked.

Dean smiled, "The one and only."

He could see the tears beginning to form in her eyes as she ran to him and threw her arms around him, "I didn't know you were coming."

"Surprise," he offered as he returned the hug.

She pulled away and said, "Come on inside. Austin is having a play date."

Dean gave her a funny look, "You mean chilling with his posse?"

Carly laughed a bit and started to walk to the front door with Dean's arm around her shoulders.

"Is he a stranger, Mommy," the little brown haired boy asked from the steps. His friend was sitting next to him.

"No, honey. This is uh- an old friend of Mommy's. We're going to talk inside if you need us," Carly said.

The little boy nodded and grabbed his friend to go play.

Once inside, Dean stood in the living room watching the two children play outside.

Carly came in from the kitchen and stood next to him, "Hard to believe he's yours, huh?"

Dean nodded, "Just hard to believe he grew up."

"Want the grand tour," she asked.

Dean smiled and nodded.

Carly showed Dean the study – where she worked from home, the kitchen, Austin's room – nicely decorated in Power Rangers, the bathroom, and Dean's guest room.

"Nice place," Dean said as he stepped into the guest room.

"Thanks. This room he calls his 'Daddy's room'. He keeps all your father's day presents over on the dresser."

Dean walked over and found a whole pile of drawings among several small boxes, "These are for me?"

"He made them for you. But he doesn't know who you are yet," she said and folded her arms as she leaned against the doorway.

Dean nodded. They had decided it would be best to keep 'Daddy's' identity a secret for now – incase Dean wouldn't be around too much. But Dean had talked to Austin on the phone several times and received tons of pictures of the boy.

"I'm spending the week. Can we tell him," Dean asked and took one of Austin's pictures in his hand.

"I don't know. Maybe. We'll have to see how things go," Carly said.

Dean nodded before walking over to Carly and asking, "What about your bedroom?"

"Don't worry about it, Dean. You're not staying there anyway."

Dean put on a cocky smile, "If I remember correctly, last time I saw the grand tour… we were wet and a bit on the hormonal side at the moment. And it included an extensive search of your room."

Carly smiled at the memory, "That's the past. This is the present."

Dean started to say something but was cut off when Austin and his friend ran in the room.

"Can we have macaroni, Momma," Austin asked.

"Please, Ms. Winchester," the other boy begged.

Carly looked up at Dean who was staring at her with a dear in the headlight look. This would have a lot of explaining.

"Honey, go in the kitchen. I'll be right in," Carly said, but Dean interrupted.

"Austin, how 'bout I make you two rockin' dudes some mac and cheese? We can even listen to your Mom's Led Zeppelin tapes."

"They're my favorite," Austin said as he and his friend dragged Dean out of the room.