Austin Samuel Winchester

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Chapter Twenty Eight

"He's staying here," Sandra asked. "I thought you were divorced."

Three days later, everyone had settled back into a routine. Austin returned to school and Carly was working from home again. Dean, having nothing to do, started building a tree house for Austin. It was almost complete.

But it was a Saturday and Austin asked if he could have Danny over again to play. He hadn't seen his best friend since the day before they left – over a week ago. Carly said yes.

So Austin and Danny were playing in the living room while Dean built the tree house outside. Sandra, Danny's mom, came over and talked to Carly in the kitchen.

Carly shrugged, handing Sandra her iced tea, and sitting at the table. "It's a long story."

Sandra sat across from Carly. The two ladies were best friends. "Care to kiss and tell?"

Carly laughed. "He came to visit Austin and… someone threatened us. So he took us to his brother's." Sandra nodded, waiting for more. "We hooked up." Carly felt like such a schoolgirl telling Sandra about being together with Dean. "And then he took me on a little vacation while Austin stayed with his uncle."

"So he's staying here," Sandra asked with a smile. Her friend definitely needed a man in her life, but Sandra wasn't so sure Dean was the one.

"Yeah, because…" She paused. "When we hooked up… well... you'll know in nine months."

Sandra laughed, catching on. "Congratulations, Mom. But remember," she joked. "I already took the name Lauren." Sandra patted her own baby bump.

"Thanks," Carly said with a smile.

"So is he sticking around?"

Carly thought about it for a second. They hadn't really decided on that. "I think so," she said, smiling, looking out the window at Dean. "I think so."

Six hours later, Sandra and Danny had gone home. Dean finished the tree house and showed it to Austin, who thought it was the coolest thing.

Carly had just put Austin to bed. She went outside to the backyard.

Dean was still in the tree house with a little battery-operated light on, admiring his handy work. Carly climbed up the ladder to join him.

"Basking in glory," she asked.

He smirked. "How could I not?"

Carly smiled and sat down next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. "It's been a long week."

"Yeah," Dean nodded. "But who can say they went cross-country with their ex-boyfriend and son, and then got pregnant with a second child?" She laughed. "And we did see the biggest ball of twine," he added.

"Oh yeah," she laughed. "That was a hoot." He laughed with her before they slipped into silence. "Dean," she whispered, becoming serious. "Thank you for waiting."

He turned to her. "I'm not going to force you to do anything, Carly."

"No," she whispered. "You came back. I didn't think there would be anymore us. But you proved me wrong."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

And she was ready to take the final leap. She leaned up and kissed Dean with a playful, normal Carly, happy force. She pulled away for a second, "I love you."

And that's when he knew that his Carly was back. The way she kissed him said it all.

He pulled her into his lap and kissed her with tongue. Her hands wrapped around his neck as his were placed on her hip and lower back. He pulled away, gently, leaning his forehead against hers. "I know, Car," he smirked. "But I love you more."

And they were one that night, not even bothering to go inside the house.

They were so into each other that neither noticed the man standing inside their bedroom, gazing out the window at the couple who were illuminated by the camping light in the tree house.

The man smirked to himself. His plan was working.

His eyes shone yellow.

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