Chapter One

Tyler clicked his tongue lightly to a beat that he was playing through in his head. He had been sitting in the office of his public school for nearly thirty minutes. Any person passing by the office would look through the glass windows and see Tyler in his baggy jeans, baggier EckĊ shirt, and straight billed black cap, and assume he was there for some kind of disciplinary action. In truth, he was awaiting his transcripts. It had only been three days since Principal Gordon had invited him to join the Maryland School of the Arts. An invitation no one saw coming, since he had aided in vandalizing it four months earlier.

"Tyler Gage?" said a heavy-set woman leaving the printing room.

Tyler stood up, standing a good foot and a half taller than the woman in front of him, "Yes ma'am, that's me."

She handed him his transcripts, "Sorry to hear that you're leaving us, but good luck at your new school."

"Thanks ma'am," he said as he took his transcripts and began to walk out of the office.

"If I may ask," she began, "where are you going?"

Tyler turned around and gave her a cock-sided grin, "I'm goin' to dance school." He then turned and left the office, smiling as he caught a glimpse of her confused expression.


"I can't believe it!"

Nora and Lucy sat at a corner street diner not far from the arts school. As seniors, they got the privilege of going out for lunch everyday rather than eating in the cafeteria at school. Nora was especially giddy, because later that day Tyler would be stepping up the stairs of the school to hand his transcripts over to Principal Gordon. Then all it would take is a week of finals and Christmas break and she and Tyler would be attending the same school for the final semester of their senior year.

"You really are happy, girl, aren't you?" Lucy took a sip of her soda.

Nora smiled ear to ear, "Yes, I don't know why, I just am. It's nice having your guy with you almost all day. Plus, I'm probably going to end up being one of his teachers."

"I hope you don't get tired of Tyler being around all the time. Ya'll spend enough time together as it is." Lucy flagged down their waitress for their check.

"Did I get tired of Brett being around all the time?" Nora asked.

"No," Lucy rolled her eyes, "unfortunately for both of us."

Nora laughed, "Well I've got Tyler and you've got Miles, so it looks like we're all good."

Lucy nodded as she laid a twenty down on the table, "We sure are, baby, and I'm OH SO GOOD!"

Nora looked around as people glanced in their direction as Lucy raised her voice during her last few words, and then did a little two step right outside of the diner. Lucy stopped and laughed at Nora's expression.

"What? I can't be in a good mood too?"


Tyler was a little startled when Nora jumped on his back from behind. He had exited Principal Gordon's office no more than a minute before she had appeared.

"Hey sexy," she whispered in his ear. She then jumped off his back.

"What's up, baby?" he grabbed her and pulled her into a vacant classroom. He leaned down to kiss her, and then pulled back to flash a piece of paper at his girlfriend.

"A class schedule?" Nora questioned as she read it, "Hmm, it looks like Nora Clarke is teaching two of your classes, Advanced Foundations in Ballet and Choreography 1."

Tyler nodded, "You know anything about her, I heard she could be a real bitch."

Nora eyed him and punched his chest.

"Ow," he laughed, "and she abuse her students too?'

Nora read the rest of his schedule, "You've only got one academic class?"

Tyler nodded, "I'm a slacker, I never said I'm stupid."

Nora scoffed, "That's not what I meant. You're going to be beat before you go home everyday. You've got four dance classes and only one academic class. Not to mention what you're going to be involved in after school."

"After school?" Tyler questioned.

"Yeah," Nora pushed him into a chair and she sat in his lap, "Principal Gordon's going to make you do a show for the spring senior exit showcase. You've already got representatives from dance companies interested, now you've just got to hook them."

"So I'm gonna be doin' what you were doin' all semester?"

Nora leaned down kissed him, "Yes." She trailed her kisses down his neck and then back up to his ear. She then whispered, "But I hear that one of your teachers will be more than willing to help you out."

Tyler pulled back and looked at Nora, "You mean that bitch that hits people?"

Nora laughed and hit Tyler, a little harder then she needed to.


Author's Note: I know this was a short first chapter, but what do you think? Give me feedback, I love it. Thanks for reading!