Call For Love

Epilogue II: Finale

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Her brunette mother smiled as she brushed her golden lock silently. Everything happened so fast. First, she meets him, who acts like a total jerk then falls for him next thing she knew she is about to walk down the aisle and be one with this person. This person whom she adore and love. She stared at her radiant reflection as her mother continued to brush her medium length hair. then she heard someone sob.

"Mom?" She looked up and softly smiled "Whats wrong?"

"N-nothing dear. I..I just cant believe my little Caggy is getting married..."Via sobbed wiping threathening tears off her eyes.

Cagalli softly laughed and stood up, hugging her mother.

"Oh, Im getting emotional!"Via laughed as she sniffed "I knew someday this day would come..."

"Aww, Mom.." Cagalli pouted lightly "Look, I will still be you little Caggy no matter what." Cagalli smiled and fought back the tears forming in her eyes as well.

Via chuckled and wiped her tears away and nodded "Yes...Now enough of our drama here...We still need you to get prepared"

Cagalli nodded and sat back on her seat as her mother began working with her hair curlling this and that, placing hairpins in different parts of her head, spraying some spray net on her head and such. While her mother was working with her hair, she began thinking.

Cagalli's POV

It has been actually 8 months after Athrun proposed to me at the picnic party. Since then the two of us were inseparable. Well, I got back to the fashion industry as I said I would and started with a bang. Athrun was able to buy a small botique for me though I was against it at first since he was starting to spoiling me and I dont like that all but...He still insisted that I own it.

In a matter of weeks the botique clicked. People started ordering designs for differnt occasions. Shucks, even Meer Campbell, Dearka's favorite pop singer came in herself and ordered several designs for her upcoming concert from me and it really shocked me, of course. Kira, Lacus and Athrun were really happy for me when they found out about it. They kept on saying that this is a big break for me, that I might get discovered by more. Hah... Athrun came to check on me constantly... or rather bugged me during work time but I guess thats just the way we are when we're together. Athrun's been a tremendous help to me. He would critique my sketches sometimes and I would improve it. Kira, on the other hand resumed with his work as an Science Professor in ORB University and Lacus stayed home taking care of herself and their incoming baby. She is on her third trimester now. Hopefully, it is a girl. Dearka and Miriallia relationship was like a switch on and off. with Dearka eyes flying off anywhere, Milly would easily get jealous and get mad at him. They really make a cute couple honestly ...its just a few more weeks and Im pretty sure Dearka will ask her again...Then we have to prepare for another wedding...heh-

End of POV

Cagalli was disturbed when Via patted her shoulder lightly and smiled at the job well done. "you look marvelous..."

Cagalli blinked twice and stared at her reflection and thank her mother. Her blonde hair was arranged very beautifully, Her bangs her fixed on one side. her hair was tied back into a half pony, each end was curled into a loose curls though her hairstlye was simply arranged it was elegant and beautiful.

"Close your eyes, Cagalli...Im going to put make up on your face now..." Via grinned as she picked up a small tube of liquid foundation

"uh..this I dont like..." She grumbled

"Hey, Ath.." Kira grinned giving his soon to be brother in law a light pat on the back. "You seem pretty nervous"

"h-huh?" Athrun turned his head at Kira and half smiled.

"Jumpin' jellybean Athrun is that you?" Kira fell back a few steps as he looked at Athrun "For Haumea's sake! Did you even get any sleep last night?" Kira asked "Your eyes looks like its gonna pop out any minute NOW!"

"I just cant stop thinking about today...especially that your dad is coming too"Athrun said

"Oh. so your afraid of the old geezer?" Kira chuckled

"Who are you calling an old geezer, you litte poo head?"

"eep!" Kira froze on his place as he heard another voice come behind him. Definetly, he wouldnt forget that voice...after all the owner of that voice is none other than...

"Hey, Pops!"Kira greeted him happily

"Dont Pop me!" the light blonde haired man said smirking at Kira "Your making me sound old!"

"Geez, cant you take a joke dad?" Kira snickered

"Was that a joke?"

"Oh, whatever"Kira pushed it away and signaled him to the person right next to him

"So this is to be my son in law?" He asked Kira then looked at Athrun carefully

"Yeahp, the one and only, Athrun Zala, dad..." Kira grinned as he took a step away from his friend

Ulen, Kira's father took a step closer to Athrun and examined him "he...he looks..."

Athrun gulped hard and grinned lightly "h-hai?"

"Good enough..." Ulen finally said smiling at him and patting him on the shoulder. "How about joining me in a little chit chat sonny?"

"H-huh?" Athrun blinked several times before he was dragged out of his room by his father in law


Ulen cleared his throat and looked above the bright sky" So, Athrun much do you love my daughter?"

"huh?" Athrun looked at him and smiled as he thought of Cagalli " Your daughter, the girl who thought me a lot of various things. She totally change my life and instantly bring me smiles...She is my happiness. I couldnt think of any other girl who would make me this happy..inside and out than her, Mr. Hibiki. I love her more than anything else combined in this world."Athrun said smiling at Ulen

Ulen closed his eyes and nodded. It was a good answer, "Very I can really rest assure that my lil baby girl is going to be happy." he said giving Athrun a pat in the back

"I will never make her cry"Athrun vowed

Ulen nodded and smiled at him "So how many am I gonna expect?" he said changing the subject to a more casual conversation and flashed a goofy grin

"Huh?" Athrun threw a confused look at him "expect what?"

Athrun's father in law laughed"Grandchildren of course! How many are you guys planning on having?"

Athrun trip on his own feet once and his face immediately flushed red"!NO!..uh..right now..well we uhh.."

"Achoo!" Cagalli sneezed

"ara? Cagalli are you sick?" Lacus, her pink haired sister in law asked walking towards her putting a hand on her back.

" Im okay. Why dont you just sit Lacus, moving around too much isnt good for you..."Cagalli flashing a concerned smile at her

Lacus nodded and sat on a chair near Cagalli. "So, are you nervous?"

"no..not really but..."

"but?" Lacus urge Cagalli to go on

"Im more nervous about the after the wedding part" Cagalli mumbled looking like a fresh tomato.

Her pink haired sister in law a.k.a her more experienced sister in law giggled and smiled at her "You have nothing to worry about Cagalli. Everything will go on fine. Trust me. I've been through it" Lacus winked at her "I'm pretty sure Athrun would be gentle"

Cagalli grew redder and lightly nodded. Just a few more hours to go before she become Mrs. Cagalli Yula Zala

Not to soon, they heard a knock and the doors slowly open revealing a happy Mirialia with her trusty old SLR saying it was time to go down to the altar and start the most awaited ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony

Athrun fixed his tie for the miliionth time and combed his hair with his hands.

"Chill Athrun, dont get too nervous..." Kira chuckled.

"uh... yeah" Athrun gulped and composed himself.

"It's time..." Kira whispered

Slowly, the church doors open revealing a lovely lady in a white dress, escorted by her father. Guests, friends, family stood up from their respective seats as the wedding march started playing. All of them smiled as Cagalli started marching down the aisle. It's every girls dream: To be wed to the man of their dreams. To wear a lovely, exquisite gown as hers. She finally has her happy ending.

Finally, with Athrun.

Alright Cagalli, this is it. take one step at a time no need to rush.

Cagalli took a deep breath and held her bouquet of flowers tightly. She wouldnt want to do anything clumsy today. Just not today. She continued to pray.

"I cant believe this day would come" Ulen sniffed starting to act like all those stereotype fathers you see in a typical wedding ceremonies

"Gross, dad you're crying" Cagalli kidded "Im still going be your baby girl."

"I know(sniff)but(sniff)(sniff) my little Caggy is all grown up and getting married" he smiled back at her with a few tears of joy falling from his eyes. ..."today"

The blonde bride looked ahead and saw the man of her dreams standing at the altar looking dashing and handsome in his white tux.

One last step.

"She's...all yours Athrun" Ulen nodded offering Cagalli's hand to Athrun. "Take good care of her"

Athrun nodded taking her hand feeling her warm hands on his palm. He lead her to the final steps and smiled at her. "You look extremely...beautiful today, Cagalli" his eyes softened

The way he said it made her heart jump and beat only faster. Cagalli blushed under the viel and nodded. "Thank you..."

"Dearly beloved guests, family and friends. Today we celebrate a happy union of two souls. Cagalli Yula Hibiki and Athrun Zala" The priest started

(skipping the this and that part of wedding LOL)

"I now...pronounce you... husband and wife" The priest said closing his book and looking at the couple" You may kiss the bride May you have peace and prosperity in your lives Athrun and Cagalli Yula... Zala" He finally said smiling at the newly wed couple

Athrun chuckled and slowly lifted the viel, revealing the face he loved so much. Her cheeks were redder than before and found it rather irresistable. "You're red as a tomato...Mrs...Zala."He chuckled.

"shut u-" Athrun pressed his lips on hers, putting a hand on her waist. No, he didnt let Cagalli finish what she was saying. Cagalli nevertheless, kissed back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Everyone cheered and clapped their hands as the two separated and Cagalli hid her red face on Athrun's chest.

"Cagalli! Athrun, Congratulations!" Their friends cheered as they stepped out of the Church hand in hand

"My Honeeeeyyyyy" Yuna cried

"oh quit crying " Yuna's mother, Isabelle said patting his back "You're already married yourself dear... Cagalli Athrun Congratulations"

the two lovebirds nodded and smiled at them mouthing a soft thank you.

Ulen and Via approached them and gave them a hug. Via was crying "Be happy my dear princess"

"Mom!" Cagalli hugged her parents and thanked them.

"Cagalli, Athrun!" Kira waved "Congratulations..." He grinned giving Athrun a good ol whack on the back. It was a subliminal message. Sort of Make my sister cry you'll die thing. Athrun coughed and messed Kira's brown hair. " I wont. I promise" Athrun chuckled.

"Im really really happy for the both of you" Lacus said giving them a tight hug. She whispered something to Cagalli and giggled.

"e-eh?" the blonde bride turned beet red and stared at Athrun...then looked down.

"Mmmm?" Athrun stared at his wife and looked at Cagalli. Lacus winked at him and chuckled, getting the idea "Dont worry...I'll be gentle" He whispered on Cagalli's ears, teasingly.


People continued cheering and yelling as they threw petals at the couple. More and more guest congratulated them and wished them happiness.

"Alright...1, 2,...3" Cagalli threw her flowers backwards and watched it fall in the arms of Mirrialia Haww, who is busy yelling at Dearka again for trying to hit on a girl...again.

"eh!" Milly stared at the white and red roses in her arms that has just fallen in her arms and looked at the newly wed couple's direction.


"Yeah, you guys fight like husband and wife already" Athrun kidded

The two squabbling couple looked at each other and looked away flushing.

"Witwiw~!" Kira whistled, teasing Dearka and Milly more.

"Alright...Let's get this show on the road" Athrun yelled swiping Cagalli off her feet.

"Hey! What are you...Athrun!"

Not to soon, everyone was enjoying themselves in the reception area. The same place as Kira and Lacus celebrated their wedding as well. Music filled the room along with the voices chattering here and there.
Dearka is well... trying to win Mirrialia back with a dance. Playing old tricks like put the rose in your mouth thing and dance to the Romeo kind of style. Kira and Lacus were seated in their table feeding each other with cake. Since Lacus was expecting. Kira made sure she was always comfortable and as much as possible fulfill all her maternity need and avoid her scary mood swings. Yuna was sulking but still happy for the newly wed. Hey, he's a newly wed too.

The two main guest of this special event stood in the middle of the room swaying along with the music.

Athrun placed his arms on Cagalli's waist as she wrapper hers around his neck. Soft, romantic music started to play. Athrun took the lead and smiled lovingly at her, stroking her cheeks and tucking a few loose strands of hair behind her ear.

"This place reminds me of our first kiss" he chuckled reminscing.

"Yeah, I really wanted to skin you alive that time.."She started as she leaned on his chest"who knew...everything would fall in place and end up like this" the blonde looked up smiling at her knight in shining armor

"It was a long way huh" He mumbled in her ears as she nodded

"Athrun...Remind me not to make stupid deals again..."

Athrun pressed his forhead on hers"That I cannot promise you...Mrs. Zala" Once again, Athrun's lip caught hers. "I love you..."

"I love you too"

3 years later


"Yes, dear..." the bluenette lowered the newspaper he was reading and was greeted by a big hug from one of his prize possesions..

"How did Daddy meet Mommy?" the miniature Cagalli dropped her head on the side and looked at him with a innocent yet curious face.

Athrun chuckled. "Now why'd you ask that" he started

"Because Mommy wont tell me..." the little Cagalli pouted.

"Mou, Sora stop running ahead like that you're tiring me" A blonde emerged from the door and placed her hand on her growing tummy "Ugh,...Back pains killing me like hell" She complained

"Mummy" Sora waved at her.

"Had fun?" Athrun smiled welcoming his wife a welcome back kiss

"Yeah. Lacus, Kira and I had fun talking. Hero's getting bigger now plus their twins are just as noisy as Sora here."

"I see...Milly and Dearka?"

"The usual. Even though they just came back from their honeymoon it looks like their getting into petty fights again" Cagalli snickered.

"still the usual huh?" he chuckled .

"So what's she asking this time?" Cagalli smiled sitting beside him, motioning to her little daughter who was patiently waiting for her question to be answered

Athrun carried their daugther on his lap and smiled " well...our little angel here is curious about someone who used to call a guy and pretended to be someone else" He smirked

Cagalli hitted him lightly on the shoulder and rested her head on his it "Hmmmm...sounds familiar"

Athrun kissed Cagalli's forehead and held the hand on top of her buldging tummy "Of course...It's our story"


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