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- - - -

The Dating Game - Chapter 20
Of Endings and Beginnings

- - - -

Two hours after the hype...

"Wait!" Isane rushed up to the First Division captain and bowed down deeply. "Yamamoto-dono! Can you please repeat who the winner is? Unohana-taichou must have it confirmed by Yamamoto-dono himself! She even says she cannot believe Ishida-san and Nemu-san at all until she hears directly from you!"

Yamamoto tilted his head down slightly. "I am." With a turn, he face his back to her. "It's true. Although Hitsugaya-taichou did indeed kiss Hinamori of the 5th division, Hinamori did not reply to his kiss until after Ichigo and Rukia had reciprocated their feelings."

Isane sweat dropped. "So... that means..."

A hearty laugh rumbled from the elder. "It means... I definitely have won!"

"CHEATERRR!" Matsumoto flopped in front of him, out of breath from chasing Bya-taichou. "You... just... wanted... the money!"

Byakuya appeared behind her before Yamamoto could answer back. "Do not question the 1st captain. His word is law, and that is his final answer. Always obey the law." He bowed slightly.

Her eyes narrowed. "You bet on the same pair." She complained. "You're in on it! Both of you!"

"Hn. Then, if we were wrong, would you like to lose your ranking, Matsumoto-taichou?" The old man rumbled.

Matsumoto gulped. "N- No, sir. I- I agree." She became very quiet after that.

"I'm glad you see it my way."

- - - -

Rukia leaned forward onto the red railings, giving a big sigh. It had been awhile since she had confessed to Ichigo that she loved him, and Ichigo had told her that he loved her in return, so she wondered where he was-- he had promptly escaped after speaking.

Sighh."I wonder where he his right now... hmm..." She mumbled aloud, watching the clouds float randomly around in the sky.

"Over here." Ichigo whispered from behind her, almost making her fall off since she was leaning pretty far.

Rukia gasped, as he grabbed her waist carefully to prevent her from falling, even though in the end she wouldn't really fall. "Gyaah!" She felt him wrap his arms around her softly.

"I- Ichigo..." Her voice was hinted with surprise; her cheeks hinted with red.

He kept his grip, holding her tightly. "Ya know, I've been thinking." Ichigo told her, looking out into the sky along with Rukia. "Since we're like... going out and all..."

Rukia lifted an eyebrow. "We were?" She scoffed, turning her neck back to look at him.

"Shut up." Ichigo grunted. "We are."

She let out a small laugh. "In your dreams Ichigo. It's not like you've told me that you... love... me..." Rukia's mind went blank. "Huh."

- - - -

"I... I lost! My money... gone!" The sobbing Matsumoto complained to her superior. Hitsugaya sighed, nudging the big-breasted lady from his arms. "It's your fault for betting your money."

She grabbed his cloak again and sobbed. "Not my money! Byakuya-taichou's! So... much... money... lost..." She mumbled a few incoherent words after that.

"The rich got richer, it's not a surprise." Hitsugaya rolled his eyes, causing Hinamori to giggle.

"Oh, don't worry, Matsumoto-san," Hinamori assured her."I mean, I'm sure there are other chances to get Byakuya-taichou's and your money back. I have to get mine too... so..."

Matsumoto stuck out her tongue teasingly. "But you got something worth more than your money, Hinamori-chan, right? You don't need it back." She said. "I mean, I bet my taichou's loaded!"

Hinamori turned red, while Hitsugaya jerked his head away. "I- I- we- eh- because- ahh- we're just- because- Shirou-chan--"

The older lady laughed. "No need to explain! You two have a happy life." She turned to walk out, but then faced them one more time. "Just... just don't give Soul Society anymore babies. I don't think we need them at all. Fufufufu..."

And she sped off.


Oh, she'll have it.

- - - -

"I walked here."

"So that's how you ended up here, ehhhh, Ulquiorra-kun?" Orihime said after thoroughly listening to Ulquiorra's monotone-voiced, very very, short story. She hastened her steps to follow his speed. "Wow, that must've been hard."

Ulquiorra remained stone-face. "I suppose so." He calmly replied. Silence resumed.

"Ne, Ulquiorra-kun..." Orihime wringed her shirt together nervously, trying to save a sinking conversation. "I-"

"I assume you are doing better, Orihime?" The arrancar refused to face her that time, glaring at the space opposite to the woman. "You must by euphoric."

Orihime was surprised at the fact that he was speaking to her. "Uhm, about what?"

"Being here."

"Oh, well-" She started to answer.


"That's uhm... w-"


"Ulquiorra-kun, do you miss me?" Orihime gazed at the motionless man, stopping her tracks. Ulquiorra didn't stop walking, but walked even faster.

"And why would I, woman?" There goes the word 'woman' again. "I do not even like you."

Orihime smiled brightly. "I mean, firstly, you remember my name," she told him, "secondly, you remembered that I liked Ichigo-"

Ulquiorra turned around slightly. "That still doesn't not explain your reasonings. I could easily remember things-- I am not a worthless being."

"No," Orihime ran up to him-- Ulquiorra had stopped. "because if you didn't like me, you would've just run off... and I know how fast you can run, Ulquiorra-kun."

"Well- that is-" It was Ulquiorra's turn to stutter.

She smiled. "See? You do like me, even a bit!"

Ulquiorra remained motionless. "Well, that doesn't mean that I missed you, woman."

"It's not woman! It's Orihime!"

And they walked along, Orihime arguing, and Ulquiorra remaining quiet.

- - - -

And thus ends the story. Everyone ended up remaining happy, although most of them bore a hole in their pockets. Ichigo and his group ended up going back to earth, happy and apparently content.

"Hey Rukia!" Ichigo called out, standing in front of the gate that separated them. In the end, both of them decided to have a long-distance relationship.

"Oh- yeah, what do you want?" Rukia smiled, waving back to him happily.

"You know what Uryu just told me?" A smile was plastered on his face. Ishida glared at him-- he didn't say anything to him.

Rukia looked at him curiously. "What?"

"Long-distance relationships never last!" He grinned brightly, giving her a thumbs up. "So th-"

That day, Ichigo received a very, very painful souvenir from his rather angry girlfriend, and felt it very much the next morning. It was a nice sight.

"Well," Ishida told Nemu before stepping in the portal. "I'll see you soon?"

"Y- Yes, Ishida-kun." Nemu nodded shyly, giving him a small wave. "I'll see you soon then." She watched as he stepped in the portal, and soon after, the portal closed.

As she did that, Hisagi and Renji started talking. "Hey, hey, Renji!" Hisagi nudged his drinking buddy hard on the side. Renji winced and punched him back on his "69".

"Oi! What then?" Renji painfully rubbed his side.

"I bet you that that Quincy and Nemu-san are in a relationship!" Hisagi snickered. "Just look at them! They look like they've been going out for awhile now!"

Renji looked at Nemu secretly, then looked away. "No way. Her dad would know, and dissect that Quincy, even though he bet on them."

"Well, I bet you they still are going out." He pushed.

"No way! S-" Renji started, but soon jumped when Byakuya shunpo'd in front of them both. He has a habit of doing that.

"Well then," Byakuya started, reaching out for a couple hundred bills from his coat's pocket.

"Care to make a bet?"

And then, it all began. Again.

- - - -
The End.
- - - -

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