Disclaimer: I do not own Loveless. The manga and story and art all belong to the wonderful Mangaka, Yun Kouga. This is my first Loveless fic and I'm going by the anime not the manga just to warn all of those readers out there.

Once again he shut himself in his room to keep his mother at bay. No longer was pain a stranger to him, yes that was true. However after enduring it for quite a while, the small boy had grown tired of it. He looked at his bandaged hand and frowned. How long was this going to keep up? Was going back to the original Ritsuka worthy enough to stop all this abuse? He sighed and layed his head down on his desk. For a moment sleep was taking control of his eye lids until he noticed the curtains flapping in the wind. Was someone here?

Ritsuka rubbed his eyes and walked over to shut the sliding door when he saw a familiar figure standing in front of him. He fell back and almost yelled in fright but realized it was Soubi.

"My apologies Ritsuka. Did I scare you?" the man said helping up to his feet.

"N-no. You just surprised me. Why this sudden visit?"

"We haven't seen each other in two weeks. I wanted to see how you were."

"Two weeks? Oh!" The dark haired boy suddenly remembered that he had been studying for his exams for junior high. He hadn't even spent much time hanging out with Yuiko and Yayoi since he began studying.

"Why didn't you come to see me if it was bothering you that much?" Ritsuka asked trying to hide his blush.

"I wasn't able to because of my final exams at the university. I'll be starting my second year there soon."

For a moment the boy didn't say anything and kept looking down at his feet. He was happy to see Soubi again but he was also mad at him. Sure he was studying but there had to have been study breaks too. Suddenly he felt arms embracing him in a warm hug. His eyes widen a little then looked up at the man's face.

"I'm sorry. I'll come see you when I can. However I am free now. If you tell me what you want I'll do it," Soubi said holding him closer.

Ritsuka didn't know what to do. He felt an urge to cling to the fighter and cry but also an urge to hit him and yell. "No hitting wouldn't solve anything," he thought. "Tell me Ritsuka," Soubi said again in a low voice.

"I...I want you to stay for a while."

"That I will be more than happy to."

Ritsuka soon relaxed and became less tense. The fighter played a little with the boy's hair and smiled. They sat together on the bed and watched as moonlight filled the room. Soubi heard a small yawn from the younger boy and saw he was barely keeping his eyes open. He chuckled and shifted waking the boy fully now.

"Its getting late Ritsuka. You should get some sleep," he said carefully tucking him into bed.

"Mmm...Sorry. I thought I could stay up." Ritsuka closed his eyes again and let Soubi pull the covers over him.

"Don't worry. Its not your fault. Nothing ever is." As he said those words the boy was snoring lightly and snuggling against the pillows that supported his head. "I love you Ritsuka." With that he kissed Ritsuka on the forehead but noticed a new injury upon him. He lifted his bandaged hand and kissed it softly so he wouldn't hurt him. Ritsuka stirred but remained sleeping. Soubi walked to the sliding door and let himself out.

Back at his apartment, Kio sat there eating some dried mango while thinking when Natsuo and Youji were going to leave. The two brats have been there for a long time and needed to get out so he could be alone with his Sou-chan. Kio dropped his dried mango when he saw Soubi come through the door.

"Where were you? Its not like you to go off wandering around like that."

"Ah sorry. I was just seeing how a certain friend of mine was doing." Soubi took his coat off and pulled out a cigarette.

"Who?" Kio asked picking up his snack from the floor.

"Just a friend," He said simply. Knowing how the blonde would react he kept quiet. "What have the other two been doing?"

The other man looked behind him at the room they have been sleeping in. "Torturing me to no end! When are they going to leave Sou-chan?"

Soubi puffed out a little cloud of smoke and walked outside so he wouldn't stink up the whole apartment. "Hey Sou-chan! Are you listening?!" Kio yelled after him. "Just who in the world goes to see how a friend is doing at 11 at night?! Most people would be asleep by now! Hey!"

The warcraft closed the door behind him so he could enjoy his smoke in peace. "I bet it was that Aoyagi brat you were seeing huh?! You stupid shota lolita complex!" the blonde man yelled banging on the door.

Natsuo and Youji peeked out from the bedroom and looked at each other in wonder. "Whats going on?" Youji asked focusing his attention at the man who was putting on a rather weird display of jealousy. "No idea but maybe its better if we don't find out," Natsuo said waving his hand and going back into the bedroom. The aqua haired boy shrugged and closed the door.

"That guy," Youji began again "he always says we should leave but maybe he should be the..." The boy stopped and started looking around. "Youji? What is it?" Natsuo asked looking up at his partner. The other boy didn't listen and instead went to the window to look outside.

Natsuo was getting worried now. "Youji what's wrong?!" The red head boy pulled The aqua haired boy from the window and shook him a little. "What is wrong?! What happened?!"

"I...I just had this weird feeling that there was a warcraft around." Youji looked scared but Natsuo smiled nervously. "Well yeah. Beloved is here remember?"

Youji looked at him anxiously. "No! Not him! Someone else was around just now! Didn't you feel it?!" The red head shook his head. He popped his head at the window but saw nothing but darkness. He returned his gaze to his sacrifice. "It was probably nothing to worry about. Your just tired," Natsuo said caressing his the side of Youji's face. "Come on. Lets get some rest." The other frowned a little but reluctantly got into bed next to Natsuo.

Outside a figure lingered but slowly made its way down the road. Soubi had finished his cigarette and noticed something moving along the road. He rubbed his eyes and saw nothing. "I must get some sleep. I haven't gotten enough rest lately. I've been too worried about Ritsuka."

"Souu-chaan...," Kio whined, "please come back inside. Your going to catch a cold." The door opened almost squishing Kio against the wall.

"Yikes! Sou-chan what are you doing?!" The warcraft ignored his question and took his cell phone out but then stopped when he realized what time it was. It wasn't exactly the best time to be calling someone or leaving a message either. He flipped his phone closed and sighed.

Ritsuka awoke to the sound of rain slapping outside. He groaned as he sat himself up and looked around. Soubi was not there.

"He must of went home," he thought rubbing his eyes. His room had a blue glowing to it which meant it was near dawn and sleep still circulated through his system. He went over to the sliding door and looked out. Everything looked grey and gloomy with a few flower pots dotting the neighbor's balconies with colorful poppies and daisies but even those looked like they had a certain shade of grey. He looked over at his alarm clock which read 5:37 am. "Mom should be getting up soon to make breakfast. I'll skip today. I can wait till lunch," he said flopping back on his bed. Ritsuka wasn't in the mood to play food games with his mother.

He was crawling back into bed when he heard a thump on the sliding door that made him jump. He walked over thinking it was Soubi once again. "What is that idiot doing here now..."

A dark figure stood at his door as if waiting to be let in from the rain. Ritsuka gasped and backed away. The figure was pounding softly on the door as Ritsuka scooted to his bedroom door. "Wha-what is that?!" he thought shivering. The stranger got frustrated soon and left the boy sitting there alone with the rain continuing its splashing noises. He slowly stood up and ran to the sliding door to lock it and clos ethe curtains.

He fell alseep after quivering under his covers for a few minutes and awoke to the sound of his mother banging on the bedroom door 10 minutes later. "Ritsuka! Ritsuka! I made you something special this morning. Please come down and eat!" Ritsuka frowned.

"Its too early for me to be up. I'll come down at 7:00!" he yelled back.

Please Ritsuka! I know you will love it! Please come and eat!" Geez, the woman would not give up.

Ritsuka put on his clothes and slippers and walked down to the kitchen where his mother sat happily waiting for her son. The boy pulled his chair out and sat down quietly. The woman went to the teapot and poured some tea in a cup for him. "Its orange chamomile."

"Thank you," he said in a low voice. He picked up his chopsticks and began eating slowly. Every now and then he would recieve glares from his mother across the table as she ate and drank her tea. Ritsuka was careful to eat the food that the "old" Ritsuka liked and to avoid the ones he least like. When he was done his mother smiled. "Did you like it?"

"Yes. It was delicious. I'm gonna get ready for school," he replied. The boy moved from his seat and started to move past his mother when she grabbed him by the wrist. He jumped a little and saw his mother frowning. That wasn't a good sign.

"Ritsuka doesn't like orange chamomile tea. Why did you drink it?!"

He was suddenly pushed to the floor by the woman. The boy tried to scramble away but he was stopped when she grabbed him from the waist. "Bring him back! You little demon!" she shouted trying to keep him from going any futher across the floor. "Mom stop it! Your hurting me!" Ritsuka said breaking free from her grip. The boy was a bit too slow and felt an impact to his right cheek. "Bring him baack!!"

His mother picked up a butter knife that fell from the table and held it above his eye. "Mom stop!!" he cried.

AN: Okay I know that everything happened faster than it should have but trust me. If I were to write more detailed, it would of dragged on and on. So sorry for those who found it fast pace. And yes I am being mean by leaving you with a cliff hanger D. I'll see how the first chapter goes. If everyone likes it enough for me to continue it, I will.