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"Ha ha ha ha!" Seita laughed. "That was very foolish of you to do! Now neither of us can escape. Just what do you plan on doing if you defeat me? I've been ordered to take Ritsuka back with me and that's just what I intend to do."

Soubi glared at his opponent. He was still a little weak from their last encounter when Seita took Ritsuka away once before. However that wasn't going to happen again. He looked at his sacrifice who was clinging to him in fear.

"Ritsuka listen to me. I'm going to attempt to make a dangerous play on the battle field that involves you but if we time it just right we may be able to bring him down. I've set up a shield for the time being. I won't force you though. If you would rather do something more safe then…,"

"N-no, let's go one with the one you just mentioned," Ritsuka said bluntly.


"I'll be okay. I will."

"Very well then," Soubi said looking back up at Seita.

"You're really making me impatient here Beloved. Therefore I'll attack first!" Seita shot an array of what Soubi thought were arrows but they turned out to be sharp objects of ice hailing down on them. The fighter quickly shielded the cat boy from harm but even that didn't stop the ice from leaving cuts here and there.

"Damn!" Soubi thought as he looked around the ring of fire they were trapped in. He suddenly spotted the first step of his plan from beyond the hot flames of orange and yellow. "Heh. Good they're here," he thought again with some relief.

"Ritsuka I'm going to do the next step of the plan. It's an attack I tried once before on Natsuo and Youji when you weren't here. It's not as powerful if the sacrifice isn't present but you will need to be ready to run when I tell you to."

Ritsuka was totally confused. Run? Why run away? He couldn't leave Soubi there alone.

"Why run away Soubi? I need to be by you so the attack can work!"

"Don't worry I'll be fine. Now I need you to stand behind me and put your hands on my back."

Ritsuka blushed and was a bit hesitant but did as Soubi told him. The boy got into position and put his hands on Soubi's back. Ritsuka thoughtfully commented on how warm his fighter's body was but kept focus.

"Okay, if you look behind you Ai and Midori will be waiting on the other side of the fire. They will lead you to safety but you must keep running with them no matter what you hear or see."

The cat boy lowered his head and bit his lip from shouting anymore objections. He just wanted to end this once and for all. He looked up at Soubi who was faced forward again and ready to use the attack. The air suddenly felt as if it was getting cooler around them but still remaining hot like it did in the beginning. It was a rather strange experience that no one could really describe. It stung in a way but felt comforting too.

Ritsuka's hands were starting to feel really hot, almost as if he was being burned but he never moved his hands from the fighter.

Soubi was forming some sort of blue energy around them with his hands. It swept around the battle field like ribbons floating in the air on a cool autumn afternoon. Seita looked up at his opponent in terror and disbelief. How could there be an attack so strong like this?!

"What the hell is that?!" Ai shouted to her sacrifice.

"I don't know! Even if it starts to get dangerous we must wait until Loveless comes out!" Midori said looking on.

Everything around the premises was shaking violently like an earthquake but the battle continued.

"You bastard! You think a little magic trick like that will stop me!?" Seita screamed as he shot another attack at them. He was surprised to see though that his attack was absorbed. Soubi held his hand out with the energy swimming around it.

"Ritsuka go now!" Soubi shouted.

Ritsuka took away his hands but then saw just how much damage the attack was doing to his fighter's body without his help. He shook his head them placed his hands back on the fighter where his energy could be drawn again.

"No Ritsuka you must go now!"

"No! I won't!"

Ai and Midori ran up to the battle field.

"What is that dumbass doing?! We have to get him out of there!" Ai said running towards the pair. She was unfortunately thrown back by the force of the energy. Midori helped her up and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"We can't go in. Loveless has to be the one to come out! Loveless! Get over here! It's too dangerous!"

"No! I can't leave!" Ritsuka said.

A sudden white flash was released and the last thing Ritsuka saw was Soubi ducking to cover him. There was no sound heard for what seemed like 15 minutes to the cat boy. He fluttered his violet eyes open and saw that he was no longer in the park but in his room with his head and wrists bandaged up.

What the hell happened?

He was very certain that he didn't remember getting hurt or how he ended up in his room for that matter. The sun was setting outside his window indicating that he had been slumbering for quite a while. He was in pajamas and his clothes were folded up and on top of his dresser.

He was about to leave his bed to explore a little but was stopped by a familiar voice.

"Ritsuka," Soubi whispered from his balcony door.

"Soubi….why are you here?" the younger boy asked wary.

"I came to see you. My vacation from university started. What happened?"

Ritsuka was confused for a second before realizing that Soubi was indicating the injuries placed upon him.

"We were in battle. Don't you remember, Soubi?"

"What battle? Seven Moons haven't been active for quite some time. Are you alright Ritsuka?"

He didn't know anymore. He swore that dream or whatever he had seen that night was real. The fighting, everything! Was Soubi lying to him again or was he telling the truth about having no knowledge of what he just mentioned.

"How did you get those injuries? Was it….your mother again?"

It was silence in the room for a moment or two then what came out of Ritsuka's mouth made no sense even to him self that he had a tear come down his cheek.

"No. It was me."

All Soubi could do was embrace the child who quietly sobbed into his coat.

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