Chapter 1: First Kiss Stolen, Revenge

Italicized: thoughts

The wind blew gently through the window, softly blowing the greenish black hair from a young boy who slept silently on the desk. Another boy came into the empty classroom and spotted him. He walked over to the sleeping boy and shook him slightly. The sleeping boy stirred and woke up, rubbing his eyes. He looked up and saw the other boy, who woke him up, smiling gently at him as usually.

"Fuji-sempai?" said the boy sleepily.

"You shouldn't sleep here Ryoma-kun, someone can easily take advantage of you," said Fuji.

"Hn…like how?"

"Saa, like this?"

Fuji leaned in towards Ryoma and pressed his lips against Ryoma's, kissing it lightly. Ryoma's eyes widened and before he knew it, Fuji had already stopped and was smiling at him as usual self. Ryoma couldn't get a word out of his mouth as he sat in shock. Fuji leaned back up and turned to walk away.

"That's why you never sleep here like that," teased Fuji as he walked out the door.

Ryoma starred straight ahead, still in a state of shock. Fu…Fuji-sempai kissed me…my first kiss, he stole my first kiss! Ryoma shook his head and stood up and ran after Fuji. He ran through the empty halls of the school. He stopped by the stairs and looked down to see Fuji walking down. Ryoma watched Fuji as he disappeared around the next turn down the stairs. Ryoma was panting fast from the running. He fell down to sit, his back against the wall. He starred out the window for a long time.

Practice for tennis was starting and Ryoma was getting dressed in the locker room. He dressed quickly so he wouldn't meet up with Fuji. He walked out of the room fast enough before spotting Fuji coming. He ran to the tennis courts and started to practice with Momo.

"What's wrong Echizen? You seem out of it," said Momo as he won Ryoma in a game 3 times in a row.

"…" Ryoma remained silent, sweat glistening from his face.

Ryoma turned around walked off towards the fountain leaving Momo in thoughts. Ryoma washed his face as he got to the fountain, hoping to clear his thoughts. He stood there for a while, his face leaning towards the fountain, water droplets falling from his face, splashing into the puddle of water inside the fountain drain. He looked up quickly when he heard footsteps coming from behind him. He looked back and saw Fuji smiling. He gulped as he saw him, his breathing becoming faster, and his face flush.

"What's wrong Ryoma-kun? You don't seem to be doing well in your games with Momo," asked Fuji, still smiling.

"…" Ryoma didn't reply.

"Quiet as usual."




"Haha…don't worry Ryoma-chii, I won't do anything bad to you."

With that, Fuji took a step and placed a small chaste kiss on Ryoma's lips making Ryoma gasp. Fuji smiled and walked away, once again leaving a bewildered Ryoma.

Ryoma was walking home slowly, in a daze over what had happened just in a few hours. As he got home his father had teased him and tried to get him angry, but it didn't work, Ryoma was just too shocked to care. He went to his room and closed it with a thus and flopped onto his bed tiredly. Why did Fuji-sempai do those things? Ryoma flipped over so that his back was against the bed and he was facing the ceiling. His arms were on top of his forehead, sweat beading down from his. His eyes became sleepy and he closed his eyes to take a short nap.

Ryoma woke up later on that night, the night was dark. He looked at his clock, its red light showing it was 12 am. He got up and saw that he was still in his school clothes. He undressed and got into his pajamas and went to get a drink of water. He was halfway in the dark hallway until he heard a familiar laugh. His heart froze as he realized whose it was. He walked slowly over to the living and peeked to see if it really was who he thought it was and he had guessed right. There in the living room sat Fuji talking with his dad. He flipped back, hiding.

"Ah, look at the time, I should leave. If Ryoma isn't awake then I should leave, I've been here too long anyways," said Fuji as he got up and walked towards the front door.

"Oh, alright, I'll tell him you came over," said the dad.

"Alright, and thank you."

"It's no problem."

The door shut and the light in the living room flickered off as Ryoma's dad went to sleep. Ryoma stood in the midst of the hallway, scared partly. What was Fuji-sempai doing here? Ryoma went back to his room, forgetting about the water and went back into bed. He tried to go to sleep, but slumber wouldn't come to him and he ended up staying up all night long.

The next of school, Ryoma had tried to avoid Fuji. He even skipped tennis practice and went home. He did this for a week, but came back the next week, but got lecture for skipping a whole week of tennis. Ryoma ran 40 laps for skipping the practices. He kept his mind on running and not think about the other thing, but unfortunately, the person he tired to avoid had came to run with him.

"Good afternoon Ryoma-kun. Did something happen that made you skip practice all week?" asked Fuji curiously.


"Maybe something that had to do with a stolen first kiss?"

Ryoma froze and Fuji stopped as he realized Ryoma had stop running. Ryoma starred at him, then pulled his hat down and started to run again. Fuji watched as he ran pass him. Fuji smiled again and ran up next to him.

"I hit a bull's-eye," whispered Fuji.


Fuji chuckled and silence fell upon them as they finished their laps. Ryoma was in the locker room getting dressed when Fuji came up behind and wrapped his arms around Ryoma. Ryoma went stiff as he felt warm arms wrap around him, his hands holding his shirt had froze in midair and the shirt fell out of his hands. Fuji lips started to kiss Ryoma's neck. Small butterfly kisses sending chills up Ryoma's spine. Fuji's smooth hands roamed up to his chest and started to tease his nipples, making Ryoma gasp in pleasure.

"Your body really wants this huh?" whispered Fuji into Ryoma's ear.

Fuji smiled and gave one last small kiss before leaving. Ryoma sat on the bench, feeling the places where Fuji kissed tingling. He picked up his shirt and put it on; he grabbed his stuff and stood. If that's what Fuji-sempai wants then fine. I'll play his game also; let's see who'll win this. Ryoma walked out the locker room, ready to seduce his sempai and get his revenge.