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Chapter 16: Ending

Italicized: thoughts

It had been a couple of months already since Ryoma and Fuji had last made up. They were together and happy. Tezuka was returning from Germany today, so Ryoma and Fuji had decided to go pick him up, however the last thing that would ever been on their minds was Tezuka appearing with Atobe by his side. The sight of the two men walking towards them was shocking to Ryoma, causing him to involuntary widen his eyes. He hadn't expected Tezuka to go and hook up with the monkey king. As Tezuka and Atobe approached them, Atobe gave a smirk at Fuji and Ryoma.

"Looks like the other couple is here," muttered Atobe as he leaned into Tezuka and bit his ear.

"Don't do that on public," grumbled out Tezuka as he shook Atobe off of him, "It looks like you two made up."

Fuji smiled at him and nodded.

"Welcome back, Tezuka-buchou," greeted Ryoma.

Tezuka nodded towards Ryoma and then glanced over to Atobe who was yawning.

"Let's go get something to eat," said Atobe, "Fuji and Ryoma can treat us out since we just got back from Germany."

"...We were only expecting Tezuka. Why should we treat you out?" asked Fuji with his beautiful smile.

"Because I'm Tezuka's new lover and you owe him for allowing you to keep Ryoma," replied Atobe.

Fuji's eyes opened as he turned to look at Tezuka in accusation. He couldn't believe that Tezuk had just openly told Atobe about what happened between them.

"It kind of...just came out," replied Tezuka bluntly.

Fuji sighed and shook his head. No use, might as well, he thought. Nodding his head towards the exit of the airport, he led them to a waiting car. However, before Fuji could get them to go inside, Atobe stopped him.

"I'll call for my limousine. You can have your sister leave," he said cockily.

Fuji stared at him and gracefully covered his irritation with an elegant smile. He nodded his head and turned back towards the war. Knocking on the window, it rolled down, revealing his sister.

"We have another ride, so you can go home," said Fuji.

"Okay then. Don't be out too late," she said before rolling the window back up and leaving.

As she left, the limousine that Atobe had gotten to come was already entering. Fuji had forgotten how rich Atobe was. As soon as the limousine parked, the driver got out of the car and opened the the door for them. He bowed his head slightly as he held the door open. Fuji and Ryoma looked at one another before turning their gaze back to Atobe who was ushering Tezuka inside before getting in himself. Atobe looked at them and arched a brow that clearly revealed his annoyance with their slowly moving body. Fuji merely smiled again, but Ryoma grunted annoyance. They both entered the waiting limousine and the door was shut behind them. The drive wasn't a very long one, but the awkwardness between all of them made it feel like it was. After a few minutes, they arrived at a fancy restaurant, one that was probably too much for Fuji and Ryoma to pay.

"...I don't think we can pay if we're going here," said Fuji.

"I was only joking. Don't worry, this is owned by my family," said Atobe as he got out of the car.

Tezuka followed after him and then Ryoma. Fuji was the last to get out. When they entered into teh restaurant they were seated right next to the window with the best view of Japan. After they ordered their food, they went on to conversing and updating each other about what happen to so far in their lives. It was about thirty minutes into their conversation when Tezuka excused himself to use the restroom. A few seconds later, Atobe had followed suit. Both Fuji and Ryoma sat at the table, unsure of what to do. The restaurant felt too fancy and they weren't even dressed properly. Fuji glanced over to Ryoma and smiled.

"What do you think?" he asked

Ryoma looked at him and stared in silence before asking, "What do I think of what? Tezuka-buchou and monkey king dating?"

Fuji snickered slightly and nodded his head, "That too…but also the food."

"Oh…the food was okay. I would have rather much go to a fast food than here though. As for those two…what they do is none of my business."

"Hmm…they're taking quite awhile in the bathroom aren't they?"

"…Should we leave them?"

"Good idea. Let's go!"

Ryoma stared at Fuji in disbelief, but he wasn't joking. Fuji got up, grabbing Ryoma by the hand and dragged him out. People were staring as they ran out of the restaurant, but Fuji didn't care. He wanted to get away as fast as possible. In a few minutes, they were out of the building and walking down some random street. They stopped briefly to catch their breath. Ryoma leaned against a side rail and chuckled slightly. He couldn't believe that Fuji had just done that. Looking up from under his cap, he noticed Fuji staring off in a distance. Ryoma frowned slightly and stepped forward slightly. He tugged lightly at Fuji's shirt, causing him to look down at him.

"Are you…mad that Tezuka found someone else?" asked Ryoma.

"What? No! It's just…I mean…I'm just shocked. I'm still trying to take it in," he answered as he chuckled and intertwined his fingers with Ryoma, "Don't get the wrong idea Ryoma. I'm not interested in Tezuka anymore. I-"

Fuji was cut off in the middle of his sentence as someone let out a scream that sounded like they recognized them. Ryoma and Fuji turned around at the same time to see the rest of the tennis team staring at them. Ryoma tried to pry his hand away from Fuji, but he wouldn't let go. Fuji was determined to announce it to the group, but it would seem he didn't need to.

"You two finally made up!" yelled Eiji as he pointed at their hands, "Yay! No more awkward silences or avoiding."

"Eh? How did you…know?" asked Fuji.

"Well, it wasn't all that hard," said Oishi with a blush on his face, "I mean all those explanations? Did you two honestly think all of us would fall for such a thing? We were merely being nice because it seemed like you two didn't want to say anything yet."

"Yeah…besides, me and Oishi know exactly how these things work," blurted Eiji.

"Eiji!" yelled Oishi as his face redden even more, "Anyway…I'm just glad that you two made up.

"Besides…you know the walls at the inn were very thin," explained Momo.

Everyone else on the team nodded their head in agreement. An awkward silence fell over them, until the rest of Atobe's team had somehow coincidentally met up with them. In a matter of a few seconds, everything became loud. Fuji leaned down and whispered into Ryoma's ear.

"Let's get out of here," he whispered.

Ryoma nodded and once again they were running away. They didn't know how long they were running, just that they were running. There was no destination in mind, it was just them and the world, smiling and laughing. Somewhere along the way, they ran pass a bridge. As they ran along the sidewalk, Fuji faltered and tripped, tumbling to the side of the sidewalk and down the grassy hill while dragging Ryoma along. They were half way down the hill when they both came to a stop, their hands still joined. Fuji and Ryoma stared at the blue sky with painted white clouds and then at each other and burst out laughing. Fuji scooted closer and pushed himself off the grass. He leaned over on top of Ryoma and kissed him softly on the lips.

"I love you Ryoma," he whispered lovingly.

Ryoma smiled. "I love you too."

Author: Now…aren't you curious about what happened to Atobe and Tezuka?

Water was dripping down from his face as he stared at the reflection of himself in the mirror. A heavy sigh escaped Tezuka's lips as he splashed his face with more water. The sound of the door opening and footsteps caused him to look up suddenly. Atobe was standing next to him with a smirk on his face. Tezuka arched a brow, silently asking him what he was up to. Atobe shrugged in response, so Tezuka stopped splashing his face with water and instead started drying it. As he turned to leave, Atobe grabbed him by the arm and forcefully kissed him.

"Are you jealous of those two?" he asked Tezuka.

"Why would I-" Tezuka's words were muffled out by Atobe's kiss again.

He felt himself being pushed against the tiled wall as Atobe deepened the kiss. Tezuka was unsure of how long they were in the bathroom for. All he could remember were the feel of Atobe's warm mouth and his fingers tracing down his body. He didn't know when Atobe had gotten his pants off or when he started thrusting deep into Atobe or when he came. He just knew they did something incredible inside the bathroom of Atobe's family's restaurant. It didn't even occur to him that someone could have seen them. Somehow though, they got away with it, even with their clothes clean. It was when they were leaving the bathroom that Tezuka noticed the hanging sign on the bathroom door that read, "Close for cleaning. Please wait momentarily." Shaking his head, he looked over to Atobe's back who was happily humming and walking away.

When they made it back however, the two other were no longer there. Tezuka silently sat down picked at his food. At hearing Atobe's laugh, he looked up and saw him holding a binocular. How he had gotten a hold of that, Tezuka was unsure and he would probably never find out.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

Atobe motioned for him to look out the window with him. Tezuka stood up and walked over to stand besides him. Atobe handed him the binocular and pointed to a certain direction. Tezuka looked through it and saw two familiar figures running hand in hand. A tiny smile came across his face as he handed the binocular back to Atobe. He felt no grudge against the two, just that he was glad that Fuji and Ryoma were happy together. Glancing over to Atobe, he noticed him staring. He raised a brow at him and tilted his head to the side, his smile disappearing.

"Why don't we have a little runaway rendezvous too?" asked Atobe with a smirk, "Of course it won't be running. More like walking and taking a ride in the limousine to a hotel or my condo near the beach."

"I like the condo idea," replied Tezuka.

"I like it too. Let's go."

Atobe turned on his heel and began walking away as Tezuka shook his head. He really thought Atobe was joking, but from the looks of it, he wasn't. Ahh, well…I guess I wouldn't mind, he thought as he followed suit after Atobe.