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Temari sighed as she looked at the car window. She was going to the newest foster home. She really didn't care. She was tired of moving around, but every family she had been with always said she was to head strong or stubborn or too rebellious. Or her favorite, too much of a bad influence. The car stopped. She surveyed the house. They all began to look the same. Simple, clean and well kept gardens/lawns. She was not happy with the current arrangements. From what she had been told the couple living here had three children of their own and had already accepted four other foster children. At least the house looked big enough to hold all of them.

"Miss Temari, time to meet your new family," the woman who had been in charge of her, pasted on a fake smile. The woman was fed up with Temari, considering this was her eleventh foster home.

"You wish" Temari muttered as she grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

The woman scowled before replacing her smile as the door opened. A tall man with laugh lines sunk into his face smiled, making the lines far more evident. She examined her closely. Temari was used to it. They would take a look then once the annoying woman who she could never remember her name, left, they would look through her bags, looking for anything dirty. She wore a black shirt that said 'life's a bitch, get used to it' a pair of camo caprees and fish net on her arms and her calf's. Her shoes were black and she had added her own touch or red dribbling down the sides, with some red fabric paint. The man's smile became warmer.

"Well, you should fit right in" he opened the door for her and said, "Come on in; make your self at home."

Walking in she waited for the wife to come in and inspect her, telling her how wonderful it is for her to be here. Temari wasn't let down in came a plump woman with a pink frilled apron. Temari groaned at the sight of the color. She was thoroughly convinced that pink was placed on the earth be the devil himself. The woman tsked. Temari had to refrain from punching her. She had a list of pet peeves: nails on a chalk board, pink, new sneakers on waxed floors, and idiots who thought they could 'change Temari into a 'good girl.'

"You are far to thin" the woman said. "Ah well plenty of time to fix that, Riku!" the woman called.

A girl no more than 12 came running down the stairs.

"Come show are new occupant her room" she turned to Temari "by the way I'm Megan" 'Megan?' Temari thought 'what a strange name.'

"Just to warn you" Megan said, snapping her out of her thoughts there are four other girls here that we are fostering."

Temari nodded, thinking that she was going to have to deal with pansies. The girl- Riku- she corrected herself tugged her hand and Temari picked up her bag and followed the girl. Reflexes told her to duck as she climbed the last stair. A red ball whizzed over her head. A girl identical to the one who had a death grip on her hand came running up with tears in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, I tripped an-" "its fine" "what?" "Speak to fast for ya?" she snapped "its fine"

"Um okay" the girl ducked her head, making Temari feel guilty.

"Look I'm sorry I snapped at you I've had a long day and I'm tired." the girl nodded "I'm Siku" she said before retrieving her ball and running off. Riku tugged her hand telling Temari to move it. She followed the girl to a room on the end. There were five other doors on the floor. Riku pointed at the door she assumed was here room and fled. 'Way to go Temari, wonderful first impression' she entered the room and immediately flopped on the bed and sighed 'not that it matters any way'. Once people got to know her they always found an excuse to ditch her, she was 'just too different' a loud thump of the door startled her out of her musings. She hopped up and went to the door. She opened it to reveal to girls decked out much like she was. One had bright blond hair and wore a skirt with fishnet stockings and a shirt that said 'yeah I'm punk, get over it. The other one had an alarming shade of pink in her hair. She wore a pair of black caprees and one leg had a fishnet covering, her shirt was a deep red and said 'so what if I did it?'

"Hey, you're the new girl?" the blond one asked. "No I'm here impersonating an orphan," Temari gave her a glare "what do you think?"

"I think I might like you" she grinned, which surprised Temari "names Ino, yours?"

"Temari" she looked over at the pink haired one. "You?"

"Sakura" she replied with a half smile

"Can I ask you something" Temari had to know why some one with a good taste in clothes, dyed her hair pink.

"My hair? Yeah, I know awful isn't it?" She sighed "it's natural too"

Temari did a double take "that's your natural hair color?!?!"

Sakura winced "yeah, and they wont let me go dye it" she made quotes "'its such a pretty hair color, you shouldn't cover it up' that's what I got when I asked to go get it done."

"That sucks" Temari said sympathetically.

Sakura grinned suddenly "Well, life's a bitch, I better get used to it."

Temari grinned back. 'Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought it would be'. She thought. Sakura grabbed her and nearly jerked her off her feet.

"Time for you to meet the other two." Temari smiled. If they were as fun as the two dragging seemed to be, life was looking better.

They knocked on one of the doors and Ino yelled "Tenten get you're a-but out here!!"

Temari noticed the correction and looked around and spotted three pairs of eyes spying from out over the stairway. The door opened to reveal a girl with dirty brown hair tucked into two buns at the top of her head. She wore a neon pink shirt that said 'all my black shirts are dirty'. She also wore a black mini skirt over a pair of skin tight navy blue pants, fishnet also adorned her arms. Another girl stepped up behind her. This one had dark blue hair, almost black and wore a pair of neon orange caprees with chains draped over her hips. Her top was a tee that said 'I'm with stupid' with an arrow pointing off to the side, over a skin tight long sleeved shirt.

"This is Tenten" Ino said, pointing to the girl with dirty brown hair. "And this is Hinata" she said pointing to the girl with blue locks.

"I'm Temari and I'll be with you until they decide to get rid of me." Temari said, a trace of bitterness lacing her words.

"Heh heh" Hinata laughed "aren't we all".

From that point on the five were friends, doing what friends do best, getting each other into trouble. But for all the times they go into trouble, they managed to talk themselves out of it, Temari and Sakura doing most of the talking, they had become exceptional at slipping out of trouble. Trouble, like dumping buckets of water on the local boys, especially the so called "heart throbs." They usually got them, along with there little shadows and tag a longs. The people in that neighborhood soon learned not to piss them off, then walk next to their home. The "heart throbs" learned to completely avoid their house. They did take pity on those who came to see their care takers, but they couldn't help but get the total ditzes that stopped by every once in a while.

They all decided to camp out in one room each night, and rotate the rooms. (A/N don't know why they just do). Temari found herself to be the oldest of the group, at age 16. They had silently appointed her the leader of their little band. Tenten was the next oldest, at 15. The rest of them were 14. They had all labeled themselves. Temari: bad ass punk, but still the leader. Tenten was the obvious 'bad ass punk tomboy'. Ino was their 'bad ass punk brat'. Sakura was the 'bad ass punk' of the group and Hinata was the bad ass shy punk.' All of them had taken an instant protectiveness over Hinata. She was the baby of the group, not that she was weak, she could throw a mean punch, she was just shy most of the time, and had a tendency to let people walk over her, to a certain point. Time passed and they became inseparable. However the couple, Megan and Jeff, couldn't afford to keep them. When they had told the band this they were heart broken. Nobody in the right mind would take in five girls, let alone five girls with bad attitudes.

At least that was what they thought.


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