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Naruto gasped for air as he watched the comical-turning-genocidal situation in front of him, tears of mirth streaming from his eyes. The five girls on the floor looked incredibly funny, slipping in the conveniently dumped water. At the last moment, a flash of lavender warned him just enough for his mind to register, 'RUN!!!', as the girls were on their feet and lunging for them, murder written on their faces, varying in degrees of intensity. Neji and Shikamaru were the first ones to bolt, as they were either smarter or slightly less nerve than the other three, followed by Gaara. Kiba and Naruto brought up the rear.

Taking off down the hallway, they came to a small intersection and wordlessly splitting up, Kiba and Naruto, Gaara and Neji, and Shikamaru ventured off alone. Speeding down their various hallways, all were thinking the same thing. What the HELL?!?!

Unfortunately for them, the girls equaled them in number, and simply divided accordingly. Ino and Hinata took off one way, Sakura and Tenten down another, and Temari took the solo route. It was fairly obvious that they knew they were being followed, as they all didn't dare slow down to look behind them.

Kiba and Naruto came to another intersection, and with a breif look at eachother, split off, and ran opposite directions. Needless to say, Ino and Hinata followed, both splitting off with a laugh. Gaara and Neji, where not as lucky, coming upon a dead end. They dove into the nearest open doorway.

Shika maru did a flying leap over a mop & bucket conveniently left right in the way. Sneakers squeaking in protest as he turned sharply and bolted into the boys lo0cker room. She wouldn't follow him in here, right?

The sound of the door opening with a bang was the last thing he ever wanted to hear,ever again.

Well, look at that, you made it all the way through this crackish piece. And I have been bombarded with many a review begging, threatening, yelling for an update. Now, to all you lovely readers, there is this fascinating thing called LIFE and mine has caught up with me. I am very busy, and don't have a lot of time to spend on writing fanfiction. I've got eight classes I need A's and B's in, and unless one of you wants to handle my math and Chemistry homework, as well as go do my job, please kindly, SHUT THE FUCK UP. I was half tempted to just completely delete this story, from the mass of "its been a fucking year, UPDATE," "get of your lazy and write!!!!"

But I'm not going to be that mean. But I can tell you now; I do not have the time, and quite frankly the motivation to continue this story. That is why I am opening it up to you folks. If you want to write a certain section, which I have left some obvious openings for, PM me or send a review say that you would like to write a part. Then, Write out what you think should happen, and send it to me via PM, and I'll let you know if it will work or not. If I choose to put it in, I will probably do the minor editing,(spelling, grammar, etc.) and Whether I think they characters are IC or not.

So basically this means, you want this updated, WRITE!!!

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