You Know the drill. These characters do not belong to me, except for Cecily, who is my own character creation.

As the train pulled into the station, Amy turned to look at her husband. "How is she related to you again?"

"She's not exactly; she is my father's great niece, by marriage."

"And why are we taking her in?"

"Her mother and father died from a cholera epidemic and her grandmother and her grandmother's sister are too weak to care for her. Because of this I heard that she got into some trouble with men."

"So they send the little Jezebel to us, hoping that we can straighten her out. I just hope she won't ruin the purity of our daughter."

"I don't think that will be a problem, Amy. It wasn't anything to bad, just, well kind of like the talk that goes around about Jo and Nick, nothing too serious."

"Well I just don't think this is going to work. She's 22 Laurie."

This last comment was unheard by Laurie, he was already looking at the disembarking passengers for the one he was suppose to meet. Soon he noticed a young lady standing on the platform all by herself.

"Cecily?" He called out

The young lady's back had been turned away from him. She quickly turned around when she heard her name.

"Yes," She answered back.

Laurie extended his hand, Amy walked over to her husband.

"I'm Laurie and this is my wife, Amy. Your Grandmother has told me so much about you. I pleased to meet you."

"Yes, well I hope she has mentioned good things about me, not just how I'm a horrible, evil child." The smile from Cecily's face had fallen when he mentioned hearing about her. She became silent and upset. Even here, all these miles from home, from California, her reputation preceded her. Hadn't she learned her lesson?" She hopped that by being sent to Massachutes, especially a little town like Concord; she could leave all that behind her. Besides it wasn't even that terrible, although everyone thought that it was, especially her grandmother. Her grandmother did not think that is was proper to walk around town in the evening light. She had said Cecily was flaunting herself, like a prostitute, down the street. One night Cecily had meet up with one of her beau's. She tripped and fell, and he caught her. She had lingered a little longer in his arms than was necessary, and he bent down and kissed her. In that moment she realized that he wasn't the one that she would spend the rest of her life with. However, the town gossip had come around the corner while they were locked in the embrace. The rest is history.

"Don't worry, I don't believe them."

This brought Cecily back into the present.

"Really?" Cecily questioned.

"Really," Laurie reassured her.

Cecily's face lit up and a smile spread across her face. Maybe being sent to Concord wasn't a bad thing. She was filled with new possibilities, she could start over. Maybe she could teach, she had wanted to be a teacher ever since she could remember. They had schools out here, maybe someone needed a teacher. She had been sent to college to get her out of the way. When she was there she study hard and loved to learn. She hopped to spread her love of learning to children.

Laurie was surprised by the sudden change of her continence. Smiles and laughter replaced the dark somber look on her face. This was going to be a good change for her.

Amy too was surprised and no longer thought of Cecily as a Jezebel; however, she didn't quite trust her yet. Trust would come later, she had to earn it. Although, it looked as though her husband already trusted her, Amy thought with disgust.

"I hope you don't mind, my sister Jo has invited us to dine with them tonight?"

"Of course not I would love to meet her, but who is the 'them' that you are talking about?"

"My sister runs a boarding school and so we will be dinning with the whole crew. There are seven students, one of them being our daughter Bess, their teacher, a cook, and the grounds keeper. You will meet everyone tonight."

"Well Amy, I think that you have successfully succeeded in frightening the poor girl." Laurie said as he saw the worried expression on Cecily's face. "Don't worry Cecily, everything will be alright; there are not too many of them." With that Laurie put Cecily's bags in the buggy, helped the ladies up, and headed off towards Plumfield.