Cecily awoke in the morning to the birds singing. She slid out of bed and padded over to the window, as she drew back the curtain light stream into her bedroom. It was going to be a beautiful day, one of those first days of February when the sun shines bright and the whole world seems to think its spring. Cecily opened the window a crack and let the cool air of morning glide into the room. She took in a deep breath of the sweet air and headed over to her bed to change. She couldn't believe she was here, her first day living at Plumfield. Cecily floated around her room before deciding on what to wear. She finally decided on her pale pink dress, her mother always liked her in pink.

When she was finished she walked out of her room, down the stairs and out the door as quietly as she could. It was a lovely morning filled with the sights and sounds of spring. Cecily had never been a morning person, but today just felt so wonderful; she wanted to experience it outside in the first rays of morning. She wandered over to the school room, she had been taken around the grounds on a tour lead by Jo, but she wanted to observe it more closely than she had got a chance to before. Cecily walked into the schoolroom, the sun beamed through the window and spilled onto the desk giving them a unearthly look. She walked up to the front of the room and looked out onto the classroom. What would it be like to teach to a roomful of students? She knew one day she would find out, she couldn't wait to have her own classroom. From the front of the room, Cecily notice a small bookshelf in the corner.

Reading was something that Cecily loved to do; she loved to escape into a book forgetting the drab of everyday life. In books anything could happen, and life had a magical quality to it. She walked over to the shelf, reading the titles. She stopped on Pride and Prejudice, one of her favorites. Then Cecily notice a small book in the corner, she read the title, Little Women. "I have never heard of that one before, I wonder what it is about?" She picked it up and open the books cover, written by Josephine March she read. "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo lying on the rug."

Franz decided to head over to the classroom early, there were still some lesson plans he needed to finish before the students came in today. Breakfast wouldn't be for another hour so he dressed and trek over to the classroom. Franz enjoyed the short walk to the barn, today was going to be a beautiful day, and perhaps he could teach his science lesson outside. He walked into the classroom and notice Cecily standing by the bookshelf, his heart began to beat faster. What was she reading; he slowly walked up to her. Little Women, the book Aunt Jo had written in honor of her sister, the one that his uncle Fritz had brought back published just before he proposed in the rain. Franz walked up behind her and gently laid a hand on Cecily's shoulder as he leaned in to whisper in her ear. "That is a wonderful book."

Cecily had been startled by his hand but his voice soothed her. She looked up from the book and smiled. She didn't turn around to face him but remained with her back turned.

"Oh and how would you know that," she said looking down and pretending to read again.

"Well, because I know the story and not just because I have read it." He lifted his hand from her shoulder.

"I don't understand." She snapped the book closed and turned around to face him, their eyes locked in an embrace.

"It is the story of Aunt Jo's childhood, with her sisters. It goes up to the part were she met my uncle Fritz and fell in love. He proposed to her right after it was published. You have chosen a great book to read."

"I can't wait to start reading then," she responded back to him.

Cecily could not take her eyes off of him, in that instant she had the urge to kiss him. Franz stepped in closer to her; he wanted so desperately to passionately kiss her soft mouth. His nearness to her sent small shivers up her spine. Franz responded by leaning in farther, emotions taking control. As their lips were about to meet Franz heard something call his name, they stopped frozen in just the inches that separated them. Franz heard the call again, it sounded so unreal and distant.

Following the last call, at that moment Rob came running into the classroom. He had no idea what was just going on and communicated the message that he had been sent to bring. Franz and Cecily pulled instantly apart.

"Mom told me to come and find you. She said to tell you that breakfast is ready." "Thank you Rob, we will be in a minute," responded Franz. The little boy did not leave; he just looked up doe eyed at Franz.

"I wanna walk with you." Franz could not reject the little plea of Rob.

"All right lets go have breakfast."

With Rob in the middle the three headed into the house.