A fluffy two-part Christmas fanfic (my first) starring Jinx and Kid Flash.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, nor do I own the reserve members.

Dedication: To MufassaLuvsPIE of the TGN forums! She is my Secret Santee, thus I wrote this especially for her. Merry Christmas, love.


"Flash! Flash!" One Kid Flash nearly knocked his bedroom door down to get to the living room of his apartment before his friend and temporary housemate Jinx hexed something into oblivion.

"You could just call me Wally, y'know. Flash is my uncle," his easy smile did nothing to calm the obviously irate girl who stood frigidly before him.

"Right now, I could care less," Jinx spat with a wave of her hand. "But would you please be so kind as to tell me what the hell that is?"

Wally looked over her shoulder at the large green plant she was pointing at. "Um…a Christmas tree?"

And it was a Christmas tree; decorated and beautiful and annoying Jinx to the point where she looked like she'd blow it up if Wally didn't start explaining, and fast.

"I know that, I'm not an idiot. I mean what's it doing in our house?"

Luckily, fast was what Wally did best.

"Our house? I think you mean my house, where you are staying until you can find your own place. Unless, of course, you're just so incredibly attracted to me that you feel the need to live out your days by my side…"

"Wally…" Jinx's eyes flashed in a way that made the fastest boy alive flinch visibly.

"It's just a Christmas tree. And Christmas is two weeks from today."

"I hate Christmas," his housemate declared with a snarl. The air in the room seemed to freeze, even though the heater was permanently set on 'High' for the entire winter season.

"Wait…you…you hate Christmas? You hate Christmas? Like, you don't even remotely like it? Even a little bit?" Wally gaped as Jinx shook her head and regarded the festive tree with a look of pure disdain. "Isn't that illegal or something?"

"Hardly," Jinx sat down on the living room couch and turned towards him, almost as though she didn't even want to acknowledge the Christmas tree's presence, let alone look at it. "And I know what I'm talking about when it comes to illegal."

"Don't I know it," Wally smiled sheepishly and put a hand on her shoulder. He could feel her body relax slightly at his touch. "Look, if it pisses you off that much, I'll move the tree into my room."

Jinx looked up at her friend with an almost confused expression. "Really?"

"Sure, why not?" Some kind of weight seemed to rise from her tense posture, and the ex-con sank more comfortably into the plush couch at his words of assurance. Within seconds, the tree had disappeared and Wally was back at her side, albeit standing. "So what's the story?"

Damn speed force. Jinx squirmed uncomfortably, knowing she couldn't avoid a point-blank question. She opted to play dumb.

"What story?"

"The story about why you're a Christmas Nazi?"

"I…what? I'm not a Christmas Nazi," she spluttered, but it was obvious that the ignorant act wouldn't last long. "I hate Christmas for a million reasons." When all else failed, evade.

"Name five," Wally challenged, leaning down in an attempt to meet his housemate eye to eye.

"I just can't stand it, okay? That's it. End of story. There's no rhyme or reason to it, I just do. Now will you please stop pushing me about it?" Jinx leaped up to match Wally's stance, her eyes acquiring a dangerous purple glow.

"I'm sorry, did you just use the phrase 'rhyme or reason' in a sentence? On purpose?"

"Just quit it!" The bad-luck sorceress slapped Wally on the forearm hard, before stalking into her room and slamming the door. Rubbing his throbbing limb with his free hand , the speedster took a moment to look over his living room and noticed that she'd hexed the fern on the table for good measure on her way out.

"You can't hide from the joy of Christmas forever, Jinx!" Wally finally called through her door. "I'll get you to like it somehow. Promise." He could've sworn he heard an aggravated 'I don't want you to' coming from the inside of the room, but he ignored it. "Oh, and if you ever use the term 'rhyme or reason' again, I think I might just piss myself laughing."


He heard her that time.