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Get Me a Wife
By: Hiki-chan

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, Sasuke." Tsunande folded her arms and looked Sasuke squarely in the eye. "The elders think that this is the only way we can trust you enough to stay in Konoha."

"The ANBU members have been following me around for the past month." Sasuke was careful to keep his voice devoid of emotion. "Why can't they just continue what they were doing, Tsunande-sama?"

"They seem to feel this is the only way. I'm sorry, Sasuke." Tsunande's voice was flat and bored but you can definitely see amusement dancing in her eyes.

"So basically you're telling me, that I, Uchiha Sasuke has to find a wife to marry by the end of this week if not, you will choose one for me instead?"

"Yes, since you came back from Orochimaru after we had defeated him and you had killed your brother," Tsunande kept her eyes locked, "having a family may be the best don't you think?"

"I'm only eighteen."

"So?" Tsunande was really en joying herself and avoiding and ignoring the looks by Shizune. "Don't worry Sasuke, I've decided that you can choose anyone from the entire village."

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly before an eyebrow raised, "Anyone?"

"As long as the person is around your age." She closed her eyes, "That, is your given advantage."

Sasuke found that Tsunande had used the word person. No specific gender... "What about the ANBU?"

"The ANBU will be called off for a week so you can…" She tried to find the correct words, "Plan."

"Anyone huh," Sasuke sounded like he was mumbling to himself.

Tsunande seemed more interested once she noticed the glint in the young man's eyes and leaned forward, "Oh? You have someone in mind?"

A young man around the age of eighteen, sporting golden blond hair, the bluest eyes, three whiskered marks on each cheek and the brightest smile came into Sasuke's mind, "Indeed, I do. But hokage-sama, you are right. I do intent to plan on getting him."

Tsunande nodded slowly, "Aah…" a pause. "Him?"

Shizune looked back from Sasuke to Tsunande then back to Sasuke again, this time it stayed on the Uchiha. Her eyes portrayed confusion as well.

"Yes him." Sasuke's smirk widened as he turned and started to walk out, "Then I know you'll excuse me, hokage-sama." He risked a glance back to the stunned hokage, "I have... seduction to be planning."

With that said, Uchiha Sasuke walked out of the Hokage's office in a much better mood than before.

"Wait, Sasuke!"

The door clicked shut before the hokage slammed her fist on her table, "Damn it, who can he be referring to?!"

"Hokage-sama, who do you think...?"

Tsunande spared a glance to Shizune, "It has to be someone he's close with, but there is no one else he is close to other than Na--" The Hokage snapped up in sudden attention, "Masaka!"

There was a pause before Shizune's eyes widened, "Y-You mean?"

Tsunande buried her face in her hands, everything was beginning to click. She groaned loudly. What was Naruto going to say!?


Naruto was walking through the streets of Konoha, heading towards his favorite store. 'Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen, kyuubi?'

A low rumbling was heard in his head, -"Probably because it is, kit."-

The blond shook his head, "Can't be. Orochimaru is dead, Itachi's killed, Atatsuki disbanded and the bastard is back!'

Naruto could almost feel the kyuubi smirk, -"Especially the last one huh, kit?"- Kyuubi chuckled deeply as his vessel stuttered in his head, -"Pity you didn't get much of a chance to talk to him for the past month."-

'We did!' Was the protest.

-"Occasional mumbled 'hellos' do not count, kit."-

'It's hard! I can't think of anything to say to him! I can't walk up to him and say 'Hey Sasuke, how was life with the snake?'! He'd kill me!'

Devilish red eyes rolled, -"Why not just say, 'Hey bastard, just to let you know my ass is yours for the taking anytime!', then add a sultry wink!"-

'Gee, thanks kyuubi, you're a great help.' Naruto's face was all flushed, he couldn't believe kyuubi wanted him to tell Sasuke that.

-"It's true isn't it?"- The kyuubi teased.

'Shut up!' Naruto's face turned redder.

To be continued.

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