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Get Me a Wife
By: Hiki-chan

Kyuubi's Pov

Aaaah, finally. The whole stupid dumb bloody thing is over. The bloody wait of three bloody years. A demon could bloody die! It's just about time the wait is over. I've been anxious to see this day since three years ago! Damn that old hag and damn the rules and laws.

Oh- there goes my kit down the aisle. He's all grown up, it brings a nonexistent tear to my eye! Where is my tails (aka tissue) when you need one?! Or nine… Oh, right, behind me.

Damn I'm talking to myself, I knew staying with that kit would rub some of his dumbness on me.

Hah, my kit is blushing again. He looks so kit-like when wearing a pure white silk kimono with a silver sash… pure and innocent; though not anymore after tonight.

The Uchiha brat looks so damn smug and happy. I guess he has every right to, I'd look like that too if I had to wait three freaking years to get what I want. Uchiha brat is wearing a black silk kimono with a gold sash, when I see both him and my kit, they really make a pair. Total opposites, hell I knew it would come to this since all those years ago. It made me a very happy demon to know that I would be able to watch this relationship evolve through my kit's life.

"So we come together today on this day to-"

Blah, blah, blah, old man! Get it over with! Have you any idea what a BAD idea it is to make a demon wait?!

Bah, what a waste of time. Pfft, mortals… Might as well my time looking around. Ah, the fangirl and the… other fangirl. I mean that pink brat and her best friend. They're over there among the other fangirls, enthusiastically taking photos, gushing and just plain fainting and dying. Women…

The dog and bug boy… If I'm not wrong I heard from kit that they're engaged too. Hah, that's right kit, beat them all by getting married first!

Hmm… Oh, it's baka Shukaku, his vessel and the Hyuubi brat. Kit said they were engaged as well. All the girls in Konoha can probably kiss getting married goodbye. Every guy is turning gay.

Except a few like that lazy and fat one. Think they were getting married too… but hell don't expect me to remember everything kit says.

It's the pervert sensei who always has a book under his nose and the dolphin! Can't say I didn't see that one coming either. Being me has it's perks, and humans are just plain blind.

The big-breasted old hag, her lousy assistant and the disgusting old hermit. They look a bit smug… I guess they figured this out long ago too, tch, like I care.

Old man. Just marry them already!

Yes, yes they do!

This has to be the happiest moment in my kitling's life. And if everyone were to disrupt it, I'd kill them.

Kiss the bride, woo! Haha, my kit is so angry at being called that again, and there the Uchiha goes shutting him up in the nicest possible way. Please, I've seen them kiss a billion times or more and they better stop now if not the Uchiha brat would be doing so much than mere kissing.

Kit was able to ignore the brat in terms of sexually throughout the three years. He had admitted to the brat that he didn't want to have sex until after marriage. Sure the Uchiha brat obliged, but that didn't stop him from trying. Or maybe it's just his insatiable libido. So kit is a bride and pure, and I'm quite sure the Uchiha brat is too.

They were able to prevent and satisfy their sexual needs through doing other things. No penetration as kit was saving that for tonight.

Kit looks so happy. I'm sure he is, I can practically feel the disgusting sugar-coated feelings sinking into my mind through our link. He's now married to his first love. I was never blind to see that Sasuke brat was actually Naruto's first love, not the pink-bitch. I'm proud that my kit is going to be Hokage, he's already undergoing training through the Tsunade big-breast and I think he is going to be promoted soon… that is of course, unless he gets pregnant.



"Can you stop touching my ass!" Naruto hissed to Sasuke, grabbing the too innocently wandering hand.

"Why?" Was the all too smug answer, "I'm going to own it later."

Naruto blushed to the tips of his hair. "A-At least wait until the ceremony ends…" He protested weakly. "Not where all our friends can see…" Then suddenly he paused and frowned, "Who said you'll top?!"

Sasuke chuckled deeply into Naruto's ear, making the man shiver. "We always make out in public places, there's not a soul in Konoha that doesn't know you're mine. And as for who's topping…" He used his free hand to give the blond another pinch at the ass making him yelp again. "We shall see."

The vessel didn't say anything, his mind sending very disturbing images of Sasuke and him doing very impropriate things in public places, bathhouses and such. He repressed a shudder the thought. Damn that pervert of a… husband.

Naruto smiled.

He loved life. He was already on the way to realizing his dream of becoming Hokage, all his friends supported him in everything he did and even the people of Konoha have accepted him. But not all of course, but the majority has and that's all that matters. Besides, the most important is that his relationship was accepted.

It wasn't hard accepting it also because Iruka and Kakashi got married so gay marriages were more acknowledged. Also due to the fact that the Kazekage of Sand was getting married to the next heir of the Hyuuga family. So no one really dares to point anything out. Hell, he preferred it that way.

Hinata didn't want to be the heir of the Hyuuga family. She finally chose her road to help Neji on his way to become the heir. She decided to focus on becoming some what like a medic nin, her family supported her in her decision because it seemed to have suit her. Hinata was no more like last time, stuttering and fidgeting. Now, she was more confident, although there were times her old personality came back, like when she sees Sasuke and Naruto making out. Hinata… much to Naruto's chagrin, was a fangirl as well though not as crazy…

Sasuke was promoted to ANBU leader about a year ago, despite the fact he betrayed Konoha years ago. They knew he wouldn't do it again especially with Naruto in his arms. And although he and Naruto were mostly busy, they always made time for one another.

Sakura had finally let Lee woo and court her, making him the happiest person alive. Why? Because he said so with tears streaming down his face, a bunch of flowers in his hands as he ran the road of, as he put it, youth. Sakura was becoming a fine medic ninja and by the looks of it, she would be Naruto's adviser or assistant when he becomes Hokage. She is still the leader of the 'New and Improved SasuNaru Fanclub' and uses any chance to get pictures of her ex-teammates making out.

Shikamaru was with Ino, surprise surpise. It was about time anyway, and they made a fine couple with lots of squabbling and lots of love. The blond girl was taking over her mother's business in no time while Shikamaru was promoted to ANBU. Ino, was the vice-president of the 'New and Improved SasuNaru Fanclub', also much to Naruto's chagrin. Especially when she spread about how Sasuke had given him a hundred roses. The squealing in Naruto's ears never stopped that day.

Kiba and Shino were Jounin's and are getting married soon and Naruto knew that Chouji was dating a really sweet girl he had met, albeit pump, they both made a, as Sakura put it, 'super sweet couple!'.

Ten Ten was doing a good job as a Jounin, teaching the younger kids.

Temari and Kankuro were also Jounin's teaching the young generation of Sand, sometimes with the Kazekage himself backing them up.

Jiraiya was still a pervert and so… Tsunade still looked young with big boobs and Shizune still was her assistant. So nothing really has changed.

Now, came the hard part…


Soft breaths mingled together while Naruto nestled up to Sasuke's bare chest despite them being sticky and sweaty due to their… herm, previous activity. "Ne Sasuke…" Now after marriage Naruto was also worried, he knew that there were people who existed in this world for… well, sex. He knew Sasuke wasn't that type but still the lingering worry that Sasuke would leave him…

Sasuke smiled and shut his eyes, very satisfied as his arms wrapped protectively around his… wife. The Uchiha grinned very uncharacteristically. "Hn?"

Naruto chewed his bottom lip for a while. "Eh… are you sure you're alright with me? About a heir and all…"

Dark onyx eyes opened and gazed down to the one in his arms. "Dobe, I've already told you many times, I don't need a heir. I only want you."

Relieve swept through his mind but one tiny glint of worry remained. "But what if I want one?" Naruto wondered how he should go about asking this…

Sasuke frowned lightly, "Where are you going with this question Naruto?"

"Eh, I mean, what if I want to have one?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, Naruto didn't mention wanting one for the whole 3 years and really, he was too tired to answer the blond. He was the doing all the work just now! Though he wasn't complaining… However, he also knew that once Naruto got into mood like this, it was hard not answering. "I don't know, adoption or something." Hell, if Naruto really wanted one he couldn't refuse…

"Can't we have our own?" Naruto pressed on, "Can't males get pregnant?"

"Dobe, normal males can't get pregnant." Sasuke chided, brushing bangs out of Naruto's eyes.

Naruto felt like this was a repeat of kyuubi and his conversation three years ago, with positions reversed. So he replied, blushing. "But… who ever said I was a normal male?" Naruto mumbled shyly. Damn this was so embarrassing. Stupid fox, it was all his fault.

Sasuke stiffened before he pulled Naruto away gently by his shoulders and looked him straight in the eye. "What did you say?"

The blond wretched away from Sasuke before he flung the silk blanket over his head. "I said I wasn't a normal male…"

Sasuke felt a sickening jolt of hope. "So?"

"Don't ask anymore you bastard! This is so embarrassing, teme! So, so, so super embarrassing! And I blame you kyuubi! It's you're bloody fault!"

-"Don't blame me for everything kit."- The fox huffed, almost sounding like a whine.

The Uchiha pulled the blanket gently off Naruto and immediately hugged the man around his waist. "What are you saying Naruto? That you can get pregnant?"

"Don't ask me!" He cried out, struggling, his whole face red.

"Dobe, you started talking about it first, finish it." Sasuke hugged the man close. "I would like a heir, but if you can't produce one I don't care. You should know that by now."

Naruto stopped struggling before he went lax in Sasuke's hands with a sigh. "Fine…" He mumbled, "Yeah… I can get pregnant…"

The raven stared.

"It's due to the fox… some shitty demon hormones or something. He calls it a blessing and a curse… hell I'd call it a curse and- Sasuke?" Naruto tilted his head to stare at his lover. Sasuke was just staring at him, stoning. "Don't stay silent! You're freaking me out, you jerk!"

Sasuke blinked, then his grip on Naruto's shoulder tightened. "Y-You're saying you can get… pregnant?"

Wide blue eyes stared back, "Are you disgusting with me Sasuke?" Naruto was honestly afraid of that and the answer.

The Uchiha immediately embraced tightly, "Of course not, I'll never be disgusted with you… Unless you cheat on me or something." He added with an afterthought.

"You're such a bastard." Naruto muttered too tired to shout anymore as he poked Sasuke in the stomach. He grinned when he felt the hard muscles flex. "I'd never do that, you should know me better."

Sasuke nuzzled Naruto, "Of course I know." He bent and kissed Naruto's temple. "So… you can get pregnant?"

Inside, kyuubi chuckled, -"Kit, tell him you can but there are risks. Like you dying or the baby dying."-

Naruto immediately choked and stiffened, scaring Sasuke a little whom instantly rubbed the man's back soothingly.

'I can die? The baby can die?!' Naruto questioned, too concerned about this. His life… wasn't the thing he was worried about.

The demon snorted, -"Of course not. Do you think I'd let either die?"-

The blond relaxed into Sasuke's arms again but kyuubi continued, -"But I want to see the Uchiha's reaction to those words."-

Inwardly, Naruto snorted as well. But he decided he wanted to know if Sasuke would be more concerned about the baby or him. "Sasuke… Kyuubi said, if I was to get pregnant, there would be a risk and there is a bigger possibility the baby or I may die."

Then he felt Sasuke stiffen. Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke soothingly, waiting for the reply.

"Then… we won't have a child. There's no way I'd risk you dying, in any chance at all." Sasuke knew that even normal pregnant women would have to take the risk, but since Naruto was a boy…

Naruto glanced up to see if Sasuke was joking but saw nothing but sincerity in his eyes. The vessel felt his own eyes water up happily, "No, we will Sasuke."

Dark eyes furrowed together, "No we won't. I won't risk losing you."

"Don't worry. I won't die… Kyuubi was just testing you." Naruto smiled cheekily before he buried his face at the crook of Sasuke's neck.

The blond laughed when he felt Sasuke relax. "That baka fox was testing me?"

"He asked me to ask you that." Naruto said between chuckles, "Your expression was funny."

Sasuke glared at Naruto before he captured those pink lips and tugged predatorily on the bottom before he pulled away. "Baka usuratonkachi, you know I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world, even out of the world."

Naruto felt his heart melt at the honesty of the words, "Teme…" he reached up and pulled Sasuke back for another soft kiss. "I love you." He whispered softly against Sasuke's lips.

"I love you too." Sasuke smiled and intertwined their fingers together. Be it in his next life or whatever, he would always love Naruto. No matter what.


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