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A man walks out of one of the city's pubs. He's intoxicated, and is walking as if he were on the moon.

"Damn show… Was as borin' as hell…" the man mumbled as he continued walking through the dark streets of the city.

All of a sudden, a dark figure jumps in front of the drunk. He holds a knife in his hand, and stabs the drunk immediately. The drunk bleeds profusely, still mumbling incomprehensible words. And then he blacks out—dead.

His attacker makes his escape, muttering something in a low voice.

"That's what you get for insulting my show, idiot."


March 1, 2036; 9:38 AM; District Court, Defendant Lobby

"This is it… This is the day the world will know the name of the future #1 defense attorney: Griffin Turner!"

Okay, so I was a little hyperactive that day… My name is Griffin Turner, and that was my first time in court. See, I just passed my Bar Examinations two weeks ago prior to that date. Damn, that test was so hard I hardly know how I passed. A friend of mine said that "I had a gift for patterns", but I didn't really get what he meant. A lot of people thought I was a bit young to be an attorney, though… But hey, I'm 20. I'm sure I can handle intense court battles, present evidence and stuff! … (I think.)

Right now I'm working at Turner and Co. Law Offices. No, it's not mine. It's my sister's. Since I started working there, sis had been acting as my mentor. Since this was my first case, she would also be supervising at the Co-Council seat.

"Griffin! The defendant's here. Are you ready for the trial?" my older sister said.

My older sister, Midori Turner, you could say looks a lot like a female version of me… with glasses. The thing that most people notice about us siblings is that we both have orange hair (Though she never ends up getting called "Flamehead" by random strangers on the street… Hey, my hair is unique, yo!). Midori's 5 years my senior, and she's been a lawyer for 3 years already. She's a tough defense attorney, Midori… She's actually kinda like a role model to me, and I was really hoping to win my first case. I sure didn't wanna disappoint sis.

"Yeah, I'm ready, sis," I replied. "The defendant… You've met him before, right?"

"Not just I, Griffin," Midori said. "…You've met him too."

"I did?" I asked, puzzled. "Really? I don't remember meeting any electric guitarists before…"

"… You'll remember it soon, I guess," Midori said.

"Hey there…" a man with a familiar-sounding voice said.

(That must be the defendant…)

The man had a green beret on and was wearing rounded sunglasses. He didn't look too much like a rocker like I expected him to; he was wearing a denim jacket on top of normal clothes. Not a single piece of leather in sight. One could mistake him for an ultra-clean hobo if those ever existed… He's also got a burn of his left eye… It resembles an axe.

"So I hear this little kid's gonna be defending me today? Aww, ain't that cute." the man continued.

(Little kid…? Hey! Did he just call me a molecule so small it can't even be viewed with the most advanced microscope?! More importantly… did he just call me… CUTE?! Sis, exactly who is this person?)

"Er…" I tried to reply, but couldn't. Thank goodness sis filled me in on some details.

"Griffin," Midori said, "This is the defendant, currently known by his stage name 'Tension Dude'. As you may already know, he's been accused of murdering a man who insulted his performance at the Thundershock Cravat club last night…"

"Wait…" I said. "M-M-Murder? Sis, you didn't mention that before!"

"I… I didn't? … Oops…" Midori said. "Sorry, Griffin, I forgot you didn't like stuff that involved death…"

(Uh-oh… I don't like that look on Midori's face… Wait… She couldn't be thinking…?)

"Griffin", Midori said, "Maybe you're not yet ready for this… I could take over if you want."

"B-But…" I replied, "But I'm sure I'm ready! I've been watching all your trials and taking down notes, I was practicing my 'Objection!' all week! Please, sis, let me go through with this trial! It's my first one, and I'm gonna win it even if the thought of murder does make me a bit… uh… queasy. Please? Pretty please?"

"Heh," I heard Tension Dude say. "You can't blame him for his enthusiasm. Go on then, Midori. Let him handle the case. Should be a hell of a lotta' fun, hmm?"

I saw Midori think for a while, and then… She agreed. So it was settled. I was going to head that case, and I was gonna win it!

(Time to step into the courtroom!)

March 1, 10:00 AM; District Court, Courtroom #1


The Judge had just banged his gavel, signaling the start of the trial. From what I've heard, the Judge for this trial was a younger cousin of the "Fickle-Hearted Judge", "Udgey". Though I can't really tell whether he's young or not… Those gray muttonchops take up around 65.4 percent of his face.

"Court is now in session for the trial of… er, 'Tension Dude'", the Judge said. "Is the prosecution ready?"

"The prosecution is ready, Your Honor," Winston Payne, the prosecutor, said.

(I actually wonder why this prosecutor, Winston Payne… Why's he still one? I mean he must be at least 72 by now… People call him the "Rookie Killer", but, to be honest, I don't find him intimidating at all. Sure, he's completely bald, except for a little curly topknot on his head, and he has freaky glasses, but I'm sure any rookie defense attorney can beat him.)

"Very well then, Prosecutor Payne…" the Judge continued. "Is the defense ready?"

"Everything's in tip-top shape with the defense, Your Honor! Believe it!" I said.

The people in the courtroom suddenly began muttering stuff. I must have goofed up…

"Um…" the Judge said to me. "Er… You are Mr. Griffin Turner, are you not?"

(!! Uh-oh… Did I just say "Believe it!" out loud? Okay, so I DID goof up…)

"Uh… Yes I am, Your Honor," I replied.

"Well…" the Judge said, "I didn't think I'd see you in the Defense Bench so soon. You only graduated 2 weeks ago, am I correct? I actually thought that it would be your sister heading this case…"

"Uh…" I tried to reply, but couldn't—again.

"Your Honor, I'm very much confident that my younger brother and subordinate is ready for this trial," Midori suddenly said. "Though he has only been a defense attorney for 2 weeks, I've seen him take down notes whenever he accompanies me on my own trials, and he's been practicing his 'Objection!' all week. Your Honor, I have full confidence in Griffin. I'm sure he can handle this."

"Sis…" I said. "Thanks for saving my butt!"

"No problem," Midori said. "Just promise me that you'll win this case with flying colors!"


"Very well then," the Judge said, "Let us continue this trial. Prosecutor Payne, your opening statement, please."

"Yes, Your Honor," Payne said. "At precisely 12:00 midnight, a man, Naldo Bleavitt, was found dead outside the Thundershock Cravat club. The defendant, under the name of 'Tension Dude' was the only one to be found at the scene of the crime. The defendant's assumed motive is to get revenge."

"Revenge…?" the Judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor," Payne continued. "Apparently, Mr. Bleavitt insulted the defendant's performance that night, and… things took a turn for the worse. Not only that, but also… the defendant was holding… this."

Payne presented a knife. It had bloodstains on it and was kinda rusty.

"The presumed murder weapon…" Payne continued, seemingly brandishing the object. His topknot was also… well, dancing. Disturbing… "Take that, rookie!"

(Huh? Was he… talking to me?)

Bloody knife added to the Court Record.

"Okay, Griffin," Midori said. "That piece of evidence was just added to the Court Record. Every piece of evidence you encounter in court or in investigations goes automatically to the Court Record, and you can check it anytime you want. Right now, it contains the Autopsy Report, the Murder Weapon, and… of course—"

"My Attorney's Badge!" I said proudly. "Maybe I should check out the evidence first?"

I selected the Autopsy Report first. It said:




"Okay then," Midori said. "Remember, you can also check the evidence at every angle by zooming in and rotating it. That should help you find significant details in the evidence."

I selected the Bloody Knife next. I zoomed in, and saw that its model was the "Double-Screw" type. I turned it clockwise, then counterclockwise. One thing I found was a strange white rubbery thing on the tang of the knife. The handle was also broken: it was missing a screw. I wasn't sure what was important about it at the time being, but I updated the Court Record anyway.

Bloody Knife information updated.

"Also…" Midori said, "You can check profiles with the Court Record."

"Profiles…" I said. "Right!"

(Maybe I oughtta check those right now…)


Midori Turner

Age: 25

My older sister, mentor, and head of Turner and Co. Law Offices. She's currently one of the Top 5 defense attorneys in the state.

"Tension Dude"

Age: 30

The defendant, an electric guitarist at the Thundershock Cravat club. He looks somewhat familiar, but I just can't quite put my finger on it…

Naldo Bleavitt

Age: 31

The victim, and a frequent customer at the Thundershock Cravat. Insulted the defendant's performance on the night of the incident.

Winston Payne

Age: 72

The prosecutor for this case. He's something of a veteran, but he still doesn't have much of a presence…

(Looks like that's all I need to know for now… The Court Record'll provide me with some ammo for this trial!)

"Hmm…" the Judge said. "Well, perhaps the defendant should testify about the incident first?"

So Tension Dude took the stand…

"Defendant…" the Judge asked Tension Dude. "Why do I have this feeling that I've seen you before…? Anyway, please testify to the court about what happened on the night of the incident."

"Sure," Tension Dude said with a yawn. "Whatever you say, whatever you say…"


"I was just doing my job that night, you know; playing my electric guitar for the customers and stuff," Tension Dude said. "Now it ain't my fault if some people don't like how I play… If they boo at me, I don't care. … So when the show was done, I packed up my guitar, and went out. I was the last to exit the club 'cuz I had to put away the other guys' instruments. I went out, and I just saw this dead guy out in front of the club. I didn't know who he was, but I just picked up the knife next to him without thinking. I guess that was when the cops caught me 'red-handed' or something."

"Defendant…" the Judge said. "You do realize that the victim of this case, apparently, insulted your performance… You say that you don't care whether customers hate your show, then?"

"Yep, that's what I said," Tension Dude replied. "I really wouldn't have any motive to kill, really. But if you really want to convict me, then I wouldn't care about that."

"I'm not sure I care much for your attitude," the Judge said to Tension Dude.

"I'm not sure I care much for your muttonchops, but you don't see me complainin'," Tension Dude said with yet another yawn.

"…! Er, well… The defense may now begin its cross-examination," the Judge said, flustered.

"Griffin," Midori said. "You do remember how to do a cross-examination, right?"

"Well…" I mumbled. (Oh crap! I forgot!)

"Listen here," Midori continued. "During a cross-examination, you've got two weapons: Pressing and Presenting. You can press a statement in their testimony so you can hear more about the details. If you find contradictions in the statement, however, you can present a piece of evidence to show the court what the contradiction is. Got it?"

"Yeah, well…" I said. "Sis, I'm… I'm not really good at finding contradictions… What if I screw up?"

"Well…" Midori continued, "You could always use your special ability."

(I don't think that helped much… Oh well, I guess I should just go on with the cross-examination.)

"Is the defense ready to start the cross-examination?" the Judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor," I said.


"I was just doing my job that night, you know; playing my electric guitar for the customers and stuff."


"So… Uh… Was the show successful?" I asked.

"Heh, I really don't care if my show's 'successful' or not," Tension Dude said. "I just play because I need to earn a livin' for myself, and that's that."

"Uh… right," I said. (This guy's not exactly the most cooperative, now is he?)

"Now it ain't my fault if some people don't like how I play… If they boo at me, I don't care."


"So… DID you get a 'boo' from the audience?" I asked.

"Yeah, I did," Tension Dude said. "I didn't mind it, but one of my co-workers, Dash Headdon, gives all of us hell every time we get even one 'boo'. In case you didn't know, me and the other guys play as a band, so I wouldn't be the only one to blame if the audience hates our performance."

"Okay…" I continued. "Could you… could you tell us more about this Headdon guy?"


"That…" Payne said, "Is irrelevant to this case. What matters is that 'Tension Dude' has a motive for killing Mr. Bleavitt: to get revenge for his performance getting insulted!"


"Prosecutor Payne," I said, "The defendant has clearly stated that he didn't care whether he got bad ratings or not. The one who apparently dislikes this is that Headdon guy!"

(Wow! My first actual "Objection"! I hope that went well!)

"Yes, Prosecutor," the Judge said. "The defendant… has established an alibi. He has already said that he didn't care for bad ratings, and, unless he is lying, that would terminate the tentative motive for him to kill Mr. Bleavitt."

"M-My apologies, Your Honor," Payne said.

(YEAH! Score one for the defense team!)

" … So when the show was done, I packed up my guitar, and went out. I was the last to exit the club 'cuz I had to put away the other guys' instruments."


"You 'put away the other guys' instruments'?" I asked.

"Yeah, we take shifts putting away the instruments after we perform," Tension Dude said. "It just so happened that I was supposed to do so that night."

"And around what time was this?" I asked Tension Dude again.

"I dunno, probably midnight," Tension Dude answered. "I didn't have a watch, you know. The last time I was informed of the time was at 8:30 PM, around the time our shows start. And since our shows last up to three-and-a-half hours, I'd assume it was midnight, yeah."

"And how long did it take you to put away the instruments?" I asked further.

"I think it was around 10 minutes," Tension Dude said. "After that I packed up my own guitar and left. And that was when I saw the dead guy."

"So you spent 10 minutes in the putting away the instruments," the Judge said. "What happened next?"

"I went out, and I just saw this dead guy out in front of the club…"


"So Mr. Bleavitt was already dead when you saw him?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah," Tension Dude said with a bit of an irritated look on his face. "Did I not just say that?"

(Ugh… Musicians.)

"Anyway," Tension Dude continued, "I approached the guy, and…"

"I didn't know who he was, but I just picked up the knife next to him without thinking."


"Why did you pick up the knife?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, kid," Tension Dude said. "It looked familiar to me somehow, like in a case—I mean, in an 'event' I handled before."

"Familiar? An event?" I continued. "Could you, uh, tell us about this?"

"Sorry, but I'm not at liberty to speak to you about that," Tension Dude answered.

(Damn… Maybe I should press something else.)

"I guess that was when the cops caught me 'red-handed' or something."


"How could they be sure that you were the perpetrator?" I asked.


"Sorry, Mr. Turner," Payne said with a weird grin. "There was a witness to the crime 'Tension Dude' committed. Ergo…"

("Ergo"? Who does he think he is: Mr. Edgeworth?)

"The defendant," Payne continued with his hair still dancing, "The defendant is already guilty."

"WHAAAAT?!" I suddenly blurted out.


"Prosecutor Payne…" the Judge said, "Who is this witness you speak of?"

"Your Honor, the witness is none other than the lead guitarist at the Thundershock Cravat club," Payne said. "Dash Headdon!"

("Headdon"? Wait a minute…)


I found myself slamming my desk after that. I pointed at Payne and said, "Prosecutor Payne! You just said a few minutes ago that Headdon was irrelevant to this case…! Yet now you are claiming that he IS relevant?!"

"I… er, well…" Payne muttered. I could see some sweat drops form on his brow. He soon regained his composure, though. "My mistake. I apologize."


"That's quite alright, Prosecutor," the Judge said. "Mr. Turner, you, however, should probably find contradictions in the defendant's statement, NOT the prosecutor's!"

(Gah! Dammit! That didn't go so well…)

"Griffin? What's wrong?" Midori asked.

"Sis…" I said. "I told you… that I sucked at finding contradictions… I messed up…"


"Seeing as we may need to contact this witness and ask him to testify, I am now giving a 10-minute recess," the Judge said.

March 1, 12:08 PM; District Court, Defendant Lobby

"Sis…" I said. "I really messed up, didn't I?"

"Now, now, Griffin," Midori said. "You didn't mess up. You just found a contradiction in Payne's statement is all. Though you really should focus on the statements of the one testifying, what you did was only expected. I mean, Payne isn't necessarily the best prosecutor in the bunch; he always ends up saying things he shouldn't in court."

"Hey kid!" Tension Dude said. "You didn't do half-bad in there. I mean, you ain't exactly a pro, but I guess the way you cross-examined me was a-little-above-average, you know? I mean, you're still a rookie. I actually thought you were gonna burst into tears and whine like a baby in there when that prosecutor said there was a witness to my 'crime'… Heh."

(Gee, thanks for the "encouragement", Tension Dude…)

"So… uh, did this Headdon guy really see you 'in the act'?" I asked Tension Dude.

"… He's a sneaky guy, Headdon," Tension Dude said. "I wouldn't be surprised if HE murdered Bleavitt. I mean, he's been known to sucker-punch customers who boo him when he's on stage… or worse, even"

(You don't say… Wait…)

"Uh, Tension Dude?" I asked. "You don't think… Headdon killed Mr. Bleavitt, do you?"

"I can't say, kid," Tension Dude said. "THAT… You'll have to find out in court."

(Okay then… Let's see who this Headdon really is…)

March 1, 12:18 PM; District Court, Courtroom #1


"Court shall now resume for the trial of 'Tension Dude'," the Judge said. "Prosecutor Payne, you may now call forth your witness."

"The court calls upon Dash Headdon," Payne said. "Please take the stand."

Soon, an incredibly huge man with a leather choker and a metallic blue Mohawk took the stand. He had a lot of piercings on his face, and he had that "Mess with me and I'm gonna roll yer body up and toss it in the lake" kind of look on his face. I felt like he would rip my jugular out through my ear if I cross-examined him…

"Hey, freaky shaolin guy!" Headdon said to Payne, "You better make this quick! I gotta go somewhere right now!"

"Er, um, yessir!" Payne said, obviously scared. "Will the w-witness please state his name and profession?"

"UEAAAAAHHHH!!!!" said Headdon, doing some air-guitar movements. "I am the almighty DAAAAAASH HEEEEEAAAADDOOOOOON, the official King of Heavy Metal and the city's #1 Electric Guitarist! WUZZAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

(Okay. He OFFICIALLY creeps me out.)

I added Headdon to the profiles list. He was creepy, but I still had to document him as a witness.

Dash Headdon

Age: 35

- Lead guitarist at the Thundershock Cravat. Seems to enjoy screaming like a rock star at random times.

(Okay, now let's get to his testimony.)

"Er…" the Judge mumbled, apparently at a loss for words after Headdon's act, "Mr. Headdon, you may now testify."


"OOOEEAAAHHHHH!!!" Headdon yelled again. "Gladly! I had just finished my performance… I must say, it was a hell of a rockin' show, damn straight! EVERYBODY loved it. So after that, I packed up my guitar…"

"I see you have a band-aid on your thumb…" the Judge said. "Would you mind telling us where you got that from?"

(It's just a band-aid, Your Honor…)

"Well," Headdon continued. "After I packed my guitar, my thumb accidentally got caught in one of 'em steel strings. I had to bandage it with a piece of rubber from my outfit. The audience was gone, anyways, so I di'n't mind it if my jacket got ruined."

"You cut your thumb?" the Judge asked. "Uh… Is it possible to cut your thumb on the string of an instrument?"

"Yeah, I did!" Headdon said. "It hurt a lot, too! Anyway, after I came out, I saw this drunk. I figured he was from the audience earlier. I di'n't mind him, until I saw Tension Dufus attack him! He came from outta nowhere, and then he stabbed this drunk over and over again! AAIEEEEHHH!!! That was some murder, and to be honest I di'n't think Tension Dufus would do such a thing."

"… Alright then," the Judge said. "The defense may now cross-examine the witness."

"CRAWS-EX AM INN?" Headdon yelled. "Whazzat? Is that yellow-belly over there gonna open me up or something?"

(Oh, boy…)

"Griffin," Midori asked. "Are you ready?"

"I hope I am, sis," I said. "There's no telling what this guy could do…"


"I had just finished my performance… I must say, it was a hell of a rockin' show, damn straight!"


"By 'rockin', do you mean it was… good?" I asked.

"GOOD? It was BETTER than GOOD!" Headdon yelled. "I had the audience at the edge of their seats!"

"You must be a really good musician then!" the Judge said. He looked amazed, though I honestly didn't believe that Headdon could be that good a musician.

"OH YEAH, I AM!" Headdon exclaimed. "That's why…"

"EVERYBODY loved it."


"Everybody, huh?" I said. "Mr. Headon, according to Tension Dude's testimony earlier, there was someone who insulted your performance."

"… 'Insulted'?" Headdon sneered. "I'll have you know anyone who insults my show… well, they'd never see my show ever again."

"You mean you kick them out of the club?" the Judge asked. "Like a permanent ban?"

"You could say that…" said Headdon with an evil grin. "Permanent, yeah…"

"Alright then," the Judge said. "Carry on!"

(I don't think the Judge understood at all…)

"After that, I packed up my guitar, but my thumb got caught on one of 'em steel strings. I had to bandage it with a piece of rubber from my outfit."


"A… piece of rubber?" I asked.

"Yeah… this," Headdon said, presenting a white band taken from the collar of his jacket. "I dunno if this means anything, but you can keep it. A souvenir from the Heavy Metal King, you could say."

"Or evidence," Payne said.


"Er, well…" Payne mumbled, "The witness insisted that this was evidence."

"But that doesn't match up to the rules of Evidence Law…!" I said.

"Then let's accept it as informal evidence," the Judge said.


White Rubber Band added to the Court Record.

(Maybe I should check this "evidence"…)

I examined the white band. It had a tear in the middle and a large piece of it was missing. What it didn't have, however, were bloodstains. I thought it was weird for a rubber band used to bandage a cut to not have any bloodstains.

White Rubber Band information updated.

"Anyway, after I came out, I saw this drunk. I figured he was from the audience earlier."


"How did you know he was from the audience?" I asked.

"… I've seen that man before," Headdon answered. "He likes to boo at the other guitarists, while he praises ME. He's a… a critic, I guess."

"You've seen him before?" I continued. "Wait… There was a man who insulted your performance that night, right? And this drunk you encountered, you say he was from the audience, and you also say that he was a critic… That man, Naldo Bleavitt, WAS the man who insulted your performance!"

"Yeah, so?" Headdon said. I could tell he was looking a bit nervous. "Like I said before, I'd normally 'ban' anyone who gives me a bad rating, but that guy just insulted the OTHER guitarists, and praised ME. I'd have no grudge against him."

(Darn it!)

"I di'n't mind him, until I saw Tension Dufus attack him! He came from outta nowhere, and he stabbed this drunk over and over again! AAIEEEEHHH!!!"


"You saw the actual moment of the murder, then?" I asked.

"Yeah, I did," Headdon said. "It was terrifying!"

"Griffin!" Midori said. "Don't you think there's something fishy about that statement?"

"Uh… I dunno," I said.

(Ugh… Could there be something in the Court Record that shows if there's a contradiction in his statement?)



- My treasured Attorney's Badge. Having it on makes me feel like a real man!


- The Autopsy Report of the victim, Naldo Bleavitt. Death was caused by internal bleeding, the victim was stabbed once.


- The presumed murder weapon. It seems a bit broken.


- A piece of rubber from Dash Headdon's jacket.

I took a look at the Court Record again, and then it came to me.


I found myself doing yet another desk slam. Then I pointed to Headdon.

"Mr. Headdon…" I said. "You say that you saw the defendant, Tension Dude, murdering Mr. Bleavitt. You also said that he 'stabbed the drunk over and over again'."

"What of it?" Headdon said.

"Well, according to the Autopsy Report," I began, "Naldo Bleavitt was killed due to a 'Single stab to the stomach'!" I did another desk slam. "Mr. Bleavitt was only stabbed ONCE, but you say that you saw Tension Dude stab him MULTIPLE TIMES! This is clearly a contradiction!"

"Wha…? WHAAAAAAAAAAAHHT?!" Headdon yelled.


"T-The witness merely made a mistake!" Payne, who was beginning to look nervous, said. "He just witnessed a murder, and it's quite expected for him to be a bit disorientated!"


"Prosecutor Payne," I said. "Disorientation is not an excuse for forgetting such a crucial thing!"

"No! Wait!" Headdon yelled again. He was already sweating. "I… I remember now! So the drunk was stabbed once… But I think the reason that I thought Tension Dufus stabbed him multiple times was… because of the knife itself! It was an illusion!"

"… Witness!" the Judge said. "Please add this to your testimony!"

"So the drunk was stabbed once… But I think the reason that I thought Tension Dufus stabbed him multiple times was… because of the knife itself! It was an illusion!"


"The knife itself? An illusion? I don't think I follow, Mr. Headdon," I said.

"Well, it's kinda simple! … Okay, maybe no so simple…" Headdon said, still acting weird. "That knife… It musta been so strong and fast so when it only struck once, it looked like it was striking multiple times! I mean, the murderer… he… he waved the knife around, you know!"

(That's not right… I KNOW that can't be right…)


"Mr. Headdon!" I said. "You've made another crucial mistake!"

"Huh?" Headdon said. "Wha… What the hell do you think you're talkin' about?"

"Mr. Headdon…" I said. "You just said that you thought the knife was 'so strong and fast' that when it only struck once, it looked as if it were striking multiple times, am I correct? Well… that knife definitely couldn't have been 'strong and fast' like you just stated, Mr. Headdon, and I can prove it!"

I presented the murder weapon.

"The murder weapon?" the Judge asked. "Er… What's wrong with it?"

"If you look closely…" I said, "You'll notice that the handle's a bit broken. With a knife in such a shape as this, I'd say it couldn't be 'strong and fast' as Mr. Headdon says. That, plus this knife could only be… uh, well, I'd estimate that it could only be used ONCE."


"What of it, then?" Payne said. "YOU already said that the victim was only stabbed once! Your Honor, the defense is stalling for time!"


"Prosecutor Payne…" I said. "True, I already proved that the victim was only stabbed once, but that's not what I'm talking about right now."

(Yeah, here comes the good part!)

"For the knife to 'look' as if it had struck multiple times…" I said. "It had to have been waved around or something. BUT, if the knife was already in that state, i.e., having a broken handle, then it COULD NOT have been waved around by the murderer! If that happened, the blade would fall off! Think about it. Let's say the knife was already used before the stabbing and got broken during that time. If it was used again, the damage to the handle would only get worse, and the blade would fall off!"

"GAH!!!" both Payne and Headdon said. Both were looking nervous.

The crowd began to get noisy. The Judge had to bang his gavel and shout a really loud "ORDER!" for them to shut up.

"Hehehehe…" Payne began to sneer again. His topknot was also beginning to dance again. Disturbing…

"You almost got me there, rookie," he said. "So the murder weapon couldn't have been waved around because it was broken… BUT, if that were the case, then it couldn't have been used to stab the victim either! See there? Looks like what you just said was just baseless conjecture!"

"Wha… WHAAAAT?!" I said, shocked.

(That can't be! It's not true! It's… IMPOSSIBLE!!! … That knife is definitely the murder weapon, but it couldn't have been waved around by the murderer! Damn it! C'mon now, Griffin… Think, think, think! Wait…)


"Wait!" I said. "That knife is obviously the murder weapon! All I'm saying is that the murderer couldn't have waved it around after it was used to stab Mr. Bleavitt…"

I did another desk slam. I was starting to get used to those…

"But that doesn't rule out the fact that the knife WAS used to stab the victim!" I said.

"Heh…" Payne said. "Persistent, aren't you, Mr. Turner? Your redundant sentences won't help you, boy! Since the knife's broken, and we have no way of telling when it broke, then we also have no idea if it was indeed used to stab the victim."

"I say it was broken before the murder!" I said.

"Hmm…" the Judge said. "Mr. Turner, you seem really convinced that this knife is indeed the murder weapon… But you also say that it couldn't have been, er, 'waved around'. Please show us proof that the knife was truly broken before the murder."

I took another look at the knife. For some reason, a pattern was already forming in my head. I knew exactly what to present, and I presented… the knife.


"Er… the knife? Again?" the Judge said.

"Fufufufu…" Payne said. "Like I said, this boy is redundant. It's quite obvious he's grasping."

"Heh!" Headdon said. "What show are you runnin' here, kid? It's PUH-ZE-DICK!"

(You spelled 'pathetic' wrong, Mohawk boy…)

"Your Honor!" I said. "Take another close look at the knife, please."

"Hmm?" the Judge said. "Oh, sure… Ah! The handle! It's… It's missing a screw!"

"Exactly!" I continued. "The model of the knife is a 'Double-Screw', and it won't function properly with only one. For it to be used, well, it should have both screws intact. If it had only one screw, the blade would go all wonky and stuff and obviously the knife CAN'T be used. Obviously, this knife lost the screw before the murder… No one would waste their time taking off a screw from a knife after they've already stabbed someone with it."

"B-But how could it have been used to stab the victim if it was already missing a screw?" Payne asked. His topknot wasn't dancing then, it was swaying. Still disturbing… "Your Honor! I told you the defense was grasping!"

"Uh… well, I say something else held the knife together when it was used to stab the victim," I said. "Not only that, I think whatever it was that held the knife together could also tell us who the REAL murderer is!"


"But the defendant was the only one found at the scene of the crime holding the said knife!" Payne said. "There COULDN'T be anyone else!"


"I'm afraid that's not what the evidence is saying, Prosecutor!" I said.


"Intriguing…" the Judge said. "Very well, please show us what was used to hold the knife together… You also said that whatever it is that held the knife together can also prove who the real murderer is… Mr. Turner, I pray for your sake this isn't a joke."

It was all coming to me right then. The pattern that formed in my head was complete. I knew what I had to do, and presented the White Rubber Band.


"T-The band used to bandage Mr. Headdon's thumb?" the Judge asked.

"Wha… What is this?" Headdon yelled. "What stunt are ya tryin' to pull, huh?"

"I'll tell you what 'stunt' I'm trying to pull," I said. "It's called 'Dash Headdon, Time to Confess'!"


"A-Are you mad?" Payne said. "You're b-b-blaming the witness for the murder? Y-Y-You can't prove that this band tells us that the witness murdered Mr. Bleavitt!"


"Prosecutor Payne, it's obvious," I said. "Recall what Mr. Headdon said earlier in his testimony: he said that he got his thumb caught in one of his guitar strings, and he had to bandage it with a piece of rubber from his outfit. Why then, I ask you, doesn't the band have any bloodstains on it? It WAS supposedly used to bandage a wounded thumb, after all. And since the murder took place only last night, some drops of blood should still remain. I'll tell you why… It's because the band wasn't used to bandage his thumb, it was used to hold the knife together when he murdered Mr. Bleavitt!"

"UAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" Headdon yelled. "HOW DARE YOU! You! You can't prove that! C'MON!!! PROVE THAT I USED THAT BAND TO HOLD THE KNIFE TOGETHER! Oh wait. You can't! That's 'cuz I had nothin' to do with this, other than bein' a witness!"

(Proof that the band really did hold the knife together? You asked for it.)


"What is your obsession with that knife, anyway?" Headdon taunted, but I could still see that he was nervous.

"Take a look at the tang of the knife," I said. "Now doesn't that piece of rubber stuck on the tang look familiar?"

"No… NOOO!!!" Headdon yelled. He began pulling on his Mohawk. It was a wig…!


"I think I know what happened…" I continued. "Naldo Bleavitt insulted your performance that night, as he did every night he goes to your club, and you got mad. You said that 'whoever insulted your show never watched it again'. You wanted to kill Mr. Bleavitt! You used that rubber band to hold the knife together and stab him, and when that was done, you took off the band and threw the knife on the ground. The band got stuck on the knife, however, so you tore it off, leaving a piece of it behind. After that, Tension Dude came out of the club and saw the body. Then YOU came out and blamed it all on him! Am I correct, Mr. Headdon?"

"… GRAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! NNOOOOOO!!!!! WEIAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!" Headdon yelled. "ALRIGHT! I DID IT!!! I murdered that idiot who insulted my show! NO ONE insults the Heavy Metal King! No one, I tell you! NO ONE!!!! YEEIAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!! HEADDON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEEEEEEAAAAAD!!!" Then he ripped off his Mohawk wig and collapsed.

… The courtroom was silent. Both Payne and the Judge were stunned. Payne must have been so stunned, that even his topknot fell off his head.

(I did it…)


"Well, that was certainly… a 'lively' trial," the Judge said. "Prosecutor, what became of Mr. Headdon?"

"He has been arrested, Your Honor," Payne said.

"Very well then," the Judge said, "In light of these events, this court finds the defendant…"


"Erm, alright," the Judge said. "Court is now adjourned!"


March 1, 2:24 PM; District Court, Defendant Lobby

(I did it! I won! Oh yeah! Go me! Go me! Man if I were at a Football Field right now, I'd do one of those victory dances! WHOO!)

"Griffin!!" Midori said. "Congratulations on winning your first case!"

"Thanks, sis!" I said. "Man, if you hadn't helped, I probably would have been toast in there!"

"You're welcome, Griffin, but…" Midori said, "You yourself won that case. Remember? Your special ability?"

"Huh?" I asked.

"Griffin…" Midori continued. "You're a prodigy. You can form patterns in your head almost instantly and figure out what's what. THAT is your special ability. That's what, along with your perseverance, helped you win this trial. I really am proud of you."

"Hey there, kid," Tension Dude said. "You did well today. Looks like Headdon finally got what he deserved."

"Uh… thanks, Tension Dude," I said.

"You… You've changed a lot, you know," Tension Dude said. "You're not like the old Griffin I used to know… I'm proud of you, really. Well, see ya." He left after saying this.

"Huh?" I said, confused. "Wait! Tension Dude!"

He already left, though. One more person to congratulate me was, well, someone I didn't really expect (Or wanted to see, for that matter.). It was Winston Payne. Yes, he and his freaky bald, topknot-less head came to congratulate me.

"Prosecutor Payne?" I asked.

"Congratulations, rookie," he said. "You beat me… You're the 25th one to do so, actually. First Ms. Fey, then Mr. Wright, then Mr. Lawson, and a bunch of other new defense attorneys… Now you. I'm getting a bit rusty at this job, aren't I?"

"Well…" I mumbled.

"Heh…" Payne said. "You don't have to tell me. I've decided to retire, anyway… I'm getting too old for this. Anyway, I've come to tell you that there'll be a new prosecutor around here to replace me. Boy, that new prosecutor's a genius. You may have beaten me, but I'm afraid you're no match for him. If you beat him, then I'll be even more surprised. Well, I guess I have to go now…"

Payne left. Sis and I were already planning on leaving, until I bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going!" the man I bumped into said. He had a strangely long scar on the left side of his face, and he wore green glasses. He was scary, to say the least. And… he was the new prosecutor. Somehow I knew… that I would be facing him in court very soon… And I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to get Midori's help again, too.