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Chapter Thirty Nine

Naruto glared at Sasuke. "You're staying in Konohagakure."

"I need to get that poison out of me." Sasuke said in a demanding tone, hiding his pain. "And I need to immediately."

Naruto clenched his fist and sighed, looking away. "I know what poison that is. I've been poisoned accidentally too. I'd love to see your face when you realize what that means she'll have to do to heal you."

"What? Screw him?" Suigetsu said, wiggling his eyebrows at Karin, who steamed and tried to attack him, being held back by Juugo. "What? He never said, did he?"

"No! Nothing like that vulgarity!" Naruto denied immediately, protective of his friend. "She's bloody married to Neji! There's no way she'd cheat on him! She doesn't even know the word divorce! And I want to keep it that way!"

"She doesn't know the word 'divorce'? What the hell?"

Sasuke cut in, gritting his teeth. "The antidote. What is it?"

"Saliva and water." Naruto smirked. "Only hers can heal you. You'll be lucky if she actually heals you though. She doesn't heal anyone but about… six or seven people tops. Everyone can die for all she cares. And you'll be one of them. Haha!" Naruto laughed in amusement at his blanched face. "I'm kidding; she may do it for me. I've been training to get you back."

Sasuke stared at him blankly before just ignoring him. "Let's go. We did our side. If she doesn't heal me we'll deal with her and the Hyuuga in a most final way."

Naruto stilled. He didn't want Richochet or Neji dead, let alone the budding family they had. Neither did he want Sasuke dead. But Sasuke's chances of Richochet healing him were so bad it was in the minus numbers. Sasuke had nothing that would appeal to Richochet if he wanted to bribe her into it.

He looked away.

"Don't. You even try and I'll never be on your side again." Naruto threatened, wondering if this was it for them. For their rivalry, and their friendship. Forever. "Ever."

Suigetsu burst out laughing and Karin chortled in a nasally way. "Oh, how cute!"

Naruto didn't see what was so funny. "You don't want the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki as a true enemy."

Suigetsu stopped laughing. "You? The Nine Tails host? The demon boy? Jinchuuriki?"

The blonde growled, looking at them all furiously, his energy level rising dangerously.

"So, what of it?"

Sasuke looked back at him. "I don't care. Go ahead. Be an enemy. Let's go."

As they disappeared Naruto collapsed to the ground painfully with a loud thud.

And wept for his first true friend.


Gaara stared down at his paper work, eyes blurring out into thought, though his ears, nose and other senses were still sharp as anything, waiting and listening.

He heard echoes of things.




And it was anywhere around him.

It was in his own mind, like it was once with Shukaku, that bastard.

He couldn't stop it.

And the other three hanyou didn't hear it.

It seemed reserved for him only.

'Nearly time is it?' A feminine voice echoed in his head. 'Good… Good. Come to me, love.'

'Silence immediately.'

The voice laughed before disappearing.

Gaara put his head in his hands, gripping his hair tight enough to rip it out if he so chose to.

'What is going on with me?'

He took in a deep breath, focusing himself on what he had to do. Checking the papers and reports. He grimaced. What idiot needs ninja to do their chores? How degrading for his ninja. Still Genin had to learn teamwork… or something along those lines. So, carrying on, he put the accepted stamp of approval on them all.

Shoving those to the side, he then caught a stray piece and gave it a quick check over before double checking it in confusion. "Since when did I send two sets of Anbu out to Kiri and approve it? And if so… Why hasn't that Kage told me so?"

Gaara took a piece of paper and wrote a letter to the Mizukage, sealing it with his stamp afterwards.

"What's going on with everyone?"


Rakuin stared, absolutely confused, at the piece of paper he'd just received. "Since when were there any Sand Anbu ninja in Kiri?" He asked himself putting a hand to his temple and massaging it. "I'd have at least received some message of their arrival…"

"Maybe Gaara-sama is loosing his edge?" Nye shrugged, sipping on his green tea and then making a face at it but sipped again, doing the same face.

"Of course not, Nye."

"Well, I dunno then." He sipped again and made a face before repeating it over again.

Rakuin sighed and put the paper down, watching the slightly younger male with a twitch in his brow. "It's just that - Why are you drinking that if you don't like it?!"

Nye spluttered in shock at his Mizukage, spilling the tea down his dark blue button down shirt. "What the heck Rakuin-sama?" He took the shirt off quickly, showing off the black netted vest underneath. "Jeeze…"

"I'm in a sort of crises here! People are leaving for Lord Toko's lands for their own safety, leaving our economy to go down, not to mention I won't be Mizukage if there aren't any people to protect and you're doing that idiotic face-!!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Nye held up his hands defensively. "I understand it's important and that your stressed but calm down. You've been doing this for three years with me helping you. We'll get through it better with a cool head, like you usually do." He said in annoyance. "What's up, man?" He lifted a smoky eyebrow in confusion. "You're not normally like this. Irritable and such."

Rakuin sighed again, obviously not wanting to answer as he looked away with a grimace. "I don't damn well know."

'I do, little prince.' Mana said happily. 'He's back for now, gathering fools for me to charm. And as a Seduction Demon I can do so veeery easily, charming the little idiots to bear children that will follow only me.'

Rakuin felt his heart thump and miss a beat in his shock. "Nye, get me the report for the amount of pregnant woman this month from the main hospital in Kiri. Immediately."

Nye blanched at the suddenness and randomness and then frowned in confusion but, nodded, taking his soaked top and nearly empty drink with him.

'It'll only prove what I've been telling you.'

'But you're a woman. How can you get them to follow you when you're the 'earth body' needed to grow the children? They'll be regular humans.'

'Not when I've had my way with the men. They'll, speaking of the men I charm here not the children, will be part demon. An Incubus. And as incubus they'll use their wanton and seductive charm and ta-dah! Little me's.' She smiled in her mind, finally revealing her plan to him. 'And as a Succubus it's very easy for me. An army of demons, for me to control, with your brother.'

'Wretched bitch.'

Mana turned vile. 'How dare you?! I give you power and you insult me?!'

'I did my part of the deal by bringing you here and letting you live in me and now it's over.' Rakuin sneered at his desk. 'SHUT THE HELL UP!'

'You fucking rotten scoundrel… Damnable scumbag!' She screeched and disappeared from his head for the time being. 'HEATHEN!!'

Why would she want to do this?

Rakuin unknowingly copied Gaara's motions of holding his head in his hands. "What the hell is going on?"


Richochet looked up, thinking she'd heard something far but near, if anyone could understand that. The village she was in was the one with Kyo. Genkaku himself. And she was doing some training with throwing weapons.

Her husband wouldn't let her do anything too heavy, even if she was only a month and a half to two along.

No huge jutsu's.

No killing bandits.

No strenuous activities.

Neji had become far too overprotective and controlling. And she felt like she was about to explode from sheer boredom of nothingness. She was a doer not doing and had way too much pent up energy.

She scowled, plucking at the baggy top borrowed from Neji once again, Hyuuga style written all over it. "This is so boring. How am I gonna keep in shape, huh? Sure, I should put on weight… but I want to be active, damnit!" She glared down at her clothing. "And this clothing is so boring too. I need to get that male to wear colours more. Anything of his with his energy in, I can see in bloody colour so where good colours not plain ones!" She complained loudly to the sky.

The Lightning Mistress groaned and held her stomach, she'd stuffed herself earlier that day for reasons she couldn't even begin to reason with and had so many different types of food into her system she was absolutely bursting with energy to last for months. Even with her kittens in the stomach.

Richochet looked away, feeling several auras warm into her. Her other half was around the village and the village lands, not too far from her, scouting for any trouble. Her Genjutsu counterpart was coming to her for assistance, leaving the other village children studying peacefully in her kitchen.

She couldn't believe she'd become a fucking teacher of all things.

A teacher!

She had inwardly laughed at the other idiots who wanted to be one when in school back in Japan and was one herself. Tch.

Genkaku walked into the training area, frowning in confusion. "I don't understand this, nee-chan! The Genjutsu technique says I have to concentrate on clearing my mind at the same time as doing the technique so I can make people think they're doing something else while really under my command…" He gave a hella cute confused stare at her that was absolutely adorable. "But… but how do I clear my mind without thinking of the jutsu?!"

Richochet smirked at the boy. "Think of it this way. Can you breathe?"


"Do you think about breathing?"


"Do you think about moving your arm when you want to reach for something?"

"Nope. So I have to do it without realizing it?"

"Yeah, sure. Sounds that way to me." Richochet shrugged, not entirely sure as to what to do with the Genjutsu herself. "It would be better if Naruto was here though. He'd be able to do it for you, the smug arse."

"Yeah…" Genkaku grinned at her. While Kino was her calmer half, Kyo was the up and at 'em type that Naruto was. "He's really good at this, isn't he?"

"Admittedly, yes. Though I loathe to say so."

Genkaku nodded in happiness. "I like him too!"

"…You've never met him."

"So? He sounds awesome. If you keep talking about him, then he's something." The boy grinned cheekily.

Richochet grunted in reply, scowling at the side. "I'm that easy to read?"

"Only because I am you." His cheeky smile turned soft. "You are much loved by the ones closest to you, you know. You may be a cold-blooded killer, uncaring, sarcastic and all around cruel, but you have a nice side. Every colour has a light and dark shade. Your's is just seriously shaded darkly and probably always will be. Though, hints here and there can be startlingly bright glowing white concerning some parties."

Her mind immediately switched to Neji's image on their wedding day, kissing the life out of her and crying, and it would be burned, unearthing, into her mind forever. Such emotion was the true emotions she waited for from him eagerly, patiently. Which was why demons enjoyed sex. That moment of pure of unadulterated, blissful emotion…

She felt like crying over that emotion, totally and exceptionally happy beyond compare, tears welling up.

Genkaku hugged her around the waist, comforting her. "I love seeing you happy, nee-chan."


"I don't need you to say it, nee-chan! I already know!"

Richochet snapped her head up, feeling more life signatures.

'What are you doing here?' Neji's voice was deadly. 'And why would I let you even near her?' He asked in still threatening manner. 'She did, didn't she? Ah well, maybe I'll let you die. After all, you didn't do much for our village. How many Akatsuki have you killed exactly? Minus your brother, of course, who you could never kill.'

Richochet snickered at his remark. "Go in Genkaku, and make sure the others don't know of your worry."

He stared up at her with onyx eyes. "What if Sasuke comes into the house while the others are there?"

"Alright, then stay. It might be better if you're here where I can see you." She said quickly and then walked over to a stump and sat down, her legs thanking her. "So stay."

Genkaku waddled over and sat on the bit of stump between her legs, hugging her stomach and waist. "Yeah. I will."

'Silly, human.' Oooh, Neji was getting good at his cusses. Sarcasm, people. Still, she would've used such lame lines for that equally lame boy, so she shouldn't say anything. 'Stay away from those under my protection. …No, I don't care he's dying. You irritate me. Go die.'

Well damn.

Neji had become callous hadn't he?

Richochet frowned.

Had she done that to him?

'NO! This is my demon talking to them.' Neji soothed her instantly.

'Neji? Take them to me.' All of a sudden she felt rather guilty. Something she rarely felt. She pushed the feeling of wanting to take them to her as an emergency. He had to do it. He just had to. 'It'll be fine.'

Hesitantly, Neji did so. 'Very well, now stop it.'

Richochet smirked slightly knowing she could be a manipulative bitch with the best of them and placed her head on top of Genkaku's.

Within moments, the four appeared by jumping down the trees and into the area next to their temporary home and Neji immediately walked towards her, a tense look on his face. He gave her a 'why?' look as he went to her.

She shrugged smoothly. 'I'm not too sure myself.'

Sasuke was looking worse for wear, breathing erratically and he collapsed to the ground on one knee. The three members of Team Hebi moved to help him, but the other three did not.


The Uchiha looked to her.

"You look just about dead." Her voice was monotonous; having her own hormones wrecking havoc in her body and Naruto's emotions on her mind along with Neji's overbearing protectiveness. She was a little bit more than pissy. Flippin' hormones.

"You bitch!" Karin yelled at her. "Can't you see he's about to BE dead?"

Suigetsu and Juugo shared a look, unsure.

Sasuke glared up at her. "How did you stop the Mangekyo Sharingan?"

"The basis of any Genjutsu is fabrication. Lines of thoughts weaved together and only the most creative can use them with distinct ease and vibrancy. I merely disrupted them before they could be put together."

"No hand signs?"

"It is a bloodline limit I hold. Not to mention Jiraiya and I have nearly cracked the system between the three eyes we have. But that's neither here nor there." Richochet yawned, just to annoy them. "Let's make a deal."

They looked at her in shock.

He was literally dying in front of her and she wanted a deal?

What kind of person were they dealing with here?

Richochet stared at him blankly. "Without any help or assistance in any way, if you can get here by yourself without falling, tripping over your own feet or dying, I'll heal you. From the time you start no one is allowed to move unless it's me." Her eyes were glossy signifying her being absent from there. "Deal?"

What else could he do?

"De…al…" Sasuke stood up, wobbling like crazy. He took one step and stumbled but didn't fall down. He took a breather, for a split second, glad there wasn't any timed thing on this deal. Another step, and another and he had eaten up half the way to her. He nearly tripped over, but held himself up at the last moment.

This was harder than he thought.

His cheeks tinged green and purple.

"You should hurry. Before it gets your mind next." She nodded to herself.

Sasuke eyes widened, blurred as anything and the dashed in the direction he heard her voice and followed his instincts that were screaming at him to get to her. Richochet stood up with Genkaku in her right arm and caught him before he hit the ground.

"…Preg… nant?" The Uchiha stayed still a moment and then touched her stomach.

This drew a growl from Neji's throat. "Don't EVER touch my wife there, fan boy. Only I can do that and only I can permit males touching her. And you aren't permitted in the least."

The sixteen year old stopped immediately; flinging his hand away and in doing so lost his grip on the woman. Catching him once more, she placed down Genkaku, ripped his sleeve off, baring the rotted skin and bursting veins.

"Such pain you must have been in. Still in." She murmured. She stared at him. "No wonder Naruto wants you to live. Give up on Itachi, you fool. Let someone stronger kill him for you." She leaned her head to the slash on his arm, ignoring the males whimper, and bit the skin off the surrounding area and spat it away.

Spitting at his wound, it immediately cleared up at the area. It didn't get that far when it stopped again. Concentrating on the healing content in her saliva, she placed her mouth over the wound and put as much saliva as she could into his wound. Her eyes planted onto the males' skin watching her poison slowly disappear.

Genkaku moved from her and ran back into the house, quickly walking back out and handing her some water. She moved away from Sasuke, drank the whole thing and gestured for him to get her some more. He went back in as she went back into her work, Neji standing guard and eyeing the other three warily.

Juugo cocked his head to the side. "She's spitting in him? Is that a type of healing too?"

Suigetsu looked to Karin and then away, smirking.

"You mean apart from a sexual healing one?"

Karin twitched and turned to him with a face that showed he would soon get a pain worse than death if he didn't shut up.

Suigetsu was punched in the face and thrown back into a tree by Neji with that one hit, and he then reappeared by Richochet's side once more, a waiting protector.

Juugo blinked, confused.

Richochet sighed in her mind, feeling rather depressed and bleak. When it registered five minutes later that Sasuke was healed and now she was really just flushing her spit into him she stop, licking her lips from the remaining poison. "Done." She took the glass from Genkaku giving a small half hearted smirk. "Appreciated."

"I know."

"As always." She whispered to herself, suddenly feeling seriously down for no reason. "Hmm…"

Genkaku stared at the dizzy Uchiha on the ground. "You're the other one? The other Uchiha Naruto keeps going on about to Chet-nee-chan. You really annoy her. I don't know why she healed you though."

"I got to her…"

Neji stiffened at the way it could be taken.

He shook his head.

This god damn beast in his mind was making him go crazy.

The things he did for his wife that was so out of character, but he guessed his feelings couldn't be stopped and she wouldn't let him stop them either.

"…And she healed me. Are you the Uchiha boy?"

Genkaku, known as Kyo to everyone else nodded. "I'm Uchiha Kyo. Look." Kyo pulsed chakra into his eyes and showed off Sharingan with two comma's in one eye and one in the other. "I've been practising with Richochet-dono."

Richochet just looked to the ground, face a marble statue in its movement.

"She has eyes too like Neji-dono. Just Kazangan, not Byakugan like Neji's eyes with both." Genkaku stated and nodded to himself.

Neji himself was staring at Richochet, though he hid his worry, unsure what to do. His wife was seriously depressed, Genkaku was spilling secrets and there were four potential threats to his family.

And he wasn't a happy bunny.

"You realise you owe me now. I saved your life." Richochet said softly, running a hand down her stomach. "With a threat of losing my unborn children with you here, I am not very pleased."

"Um, you went really big." Juugo said, asking a question. "How so quickly?"

It was Sasuke who answered. "She's a half demon. A wretched half demon who enjoyed watching me about to die." He groaned, holding his head in pain. "She still saved my life though. And for that…" He looked at her with weary black eyes. "I'll do one thing you want in return. Anything you say… I will vow to do. Uchiha Honour."

Richochet blinked slowly staring at him in boredom. Her mouth opened to tell him to go to Konoha permanently then it closed. She thought about telling him not to kill Itachi by himself and then stopped herself.

She thought deeply for a second.

The answer then came to her.

"Live without regrets for the rest of your life. Think hard about what you think others think you should and shouldn't regret, and especially what those closest to you think of that even if you aren't close to them." She put a hand to her stomach and then dropped it, looking away. "Now piss off and take your vow seriously because I'm saying what Naruto would have wanted of you and I kill for him for less."

Sasuke stood up drunkenly and caught her elbow, so she turned to him. "You know… you once told me that you would do the same as Itachi for the same reason, just for the fight, even if it was your family." He turned to look at her stomach and back up at her. "Do you regret that now?"

"…" Richochet looked up at the sky, wondering what she should answer. "I guess I regret things too. But… I don't think I could regret any emotion I had at any time. I might regret doing the thing at that moment in time, but I couldn't regret the emotion behind it because I'd be lying to myself otherwise. Never growing, never changing. Anyway, I've never really liked my own family. It was a lie."

Sasuke softened his look and let her go. "You… Make me feel stronger."

'Oh yeah, and Higher Beings, if you're listening, you piss me off. Must I give strength to this fool?' Richochet, still staring up at the sky, nodded at that. "So I've heard." Her head turned to the patter of feet and stared at the children there. They looked back with smiles and waved at her. She smirked back automatically and they grinned wider. "I'm just living. Go ahead and kill Itachi. You don't have the fear of killing all of your clan apart from you and being exactly like him."

"Are you forgiving me?"

"Tch. I'm pregnant with moods swinging from here to there. Don't push your luck. Any other time you would be dead."

Sasuke bowed to her lowly and looked up at her in mid bow. "May you have a prosperous life and healthy children. I understand now why… Naruto likes you so much. You grew out of your childhood pettiness to your family." He rose.

"…Think what you will." Inwardly she was laughing.

Grew out of childhood pettiness to family? Please, he didn't know she killed her mother for kidnapping her. He didn't know how much she would give to end that miserable scumbag she calls a Grandfather's life at any time. He didn't even know how much she wanted to see the back of Mizu. She just wanted it over with.

She didn't want anything to do with her past ever again.

Things had a way of haunting you, though.

So, she kept facing her past. She kept on hating her grandfather. She kept on wondering why her parents weren't there. She kept on loathing her childhood pest, Mizu. But she had made the step to turn another way. And that way had her future written all over it. Binds of the past still crawled around her legs like slimy octopus legs, suckers still sticking her to the ground mockingly, letting her barely move forward. But struggling was all part of life wasn't it?

Sasuke rose from his brow, wondering at her quietness. "I am your ally. Even if you aren't mine."

Richochet nodded, finally looking at him. "Ally of Seishou Richochet, Lightning Mistress to Lord Toko?"

"Yes. Uchiha Sasuke is at your service."

"…You can leave now." She said softly. "I will ask for your aid at an important time only. Remember that."

Sasuke nodded and turned away. "Team Hebi, move out."

They disappeared in a flash, jumping away into the trees.

Richochet walked right into Neji's chest and collapsed onto him arms wrapping around him tightly in her owning hold. "I haven't done any growing. Why did he say that so deferentially to me? I don't think I've grown at all."

Neji held her close; glad she had actually come to someone instead of landing herself in one of those destructive moods he had seen. "Listen mate, you have. This is a direct result of your depressive moods. It will move on soon and you'll be the same person I married, but with a better experience, skill, knowledge and outlook on life. Everyone improves and grows, just at different rates."

Richochet calmed herself down, taking deep breathes of his scent and permanently washing it into her again. "You're right. You always are when it comes to me. I trust you with anything and everything. And for me to say that…" She shook her head and tried to push herself even closer to him. "I don't know why I did and I feel like I have to, so I will."


"I'm a psychopath. Leave. Me. Be."

Neji pulled her hand up and cradled them in her hands. "Silly." He kissed her on he lips and then kissed away the tears. "You said 'Save them for a better person who will appreciate them even more than I' to Kino. He told me. I appreciate you very much. I absolutely adore you. I hate to say this, but I enjoy seeing you so wrecked with emotion. You're usually so cold or arrogant that nothing but superiority leeks from you."

"And you." She argued weakly. "You're cold too. I won't be for you or our children if you don't want me too."

"I don't. I promise that too."

It seemed they still had problems with relationships if they had to keep reminding each other.

Or maybe it was a demon thing.

She closed her eyes and took one last deep inhale of his scent. "Okay, fuzzy moment over. We'll keep this for the bedroom." She stood up straight and smirked properly, hands to hips as she faced the children who were staring at her from near the kitchen door. They suddenly ran to her and started hugging her and bawling loudly, much to their startled confusion. "Wh-What…?"

"Don't cry!"

"We love you!"

"We'll beat that meanie up if he's nasty to you again and makes you cry!"


"We promise we will even if it's anyone!"


Richochet stared at them all and couldn't help the smirk. "Even if I'm a meanie?"

"But… you're not a meanie to us so we don't care!"

"You guys are crazy!" Richochet exclaimed, looking at them with amused disbelief. "I can't believe you mean it…!"

Kyo grinned up at her. "We believe in the supernatural! So we believe in you! Because you're super, and you're natural! And we like you two demon people! It's natural for us!"

(R to Kyo: Which begs the question, 'What is supernatural to you if demons are something normal?' Vamps or somethin'?) ((Note: XD Kyo's just cool like that! .))

Richochet shook her head, letting them hug her to death. "Okay then guys, to that, I got some words for you." She noted them all watch her and she let her pride go and smiled at them all kindly. Well, as kindly as she could get. The smirk wouldn't be gotten rid off. "I was told two simple lines. Fight great, love great. Know who you come home to, and who you wait to come home for."

They frowned in confusion but nodded anyway. "Okay! We will!"

She nodded in triumph. "Good. Now let go of me. I'm hungry."

Neji waded through the large amount of children, grabbed his wife and pulled her out through the throng of laughing and rambling crazy children. "Sometimes, you seriously surprise me."

"I thought Naruto was the number one-"

"You come in at two then." He cut her off smartly. "Now, you are going to come in and eat and then sleep. You get bigger by the second I look at you." He laughed at her indignant look, glaring at him. "Children, go home and come back tomorrow, your things will still be in the same place."

Richochet nudged his stomach. "Hey, you're the one who impregnated me. Don't be complaining now." She warned as they went into the kitchen, smirking as they went in.

The Seishou male scoffed and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, the opposite hand on her stomach. "I like seeing you with my children in you. I've always wanted a family."

"Always wanted to be a dad? Crazy fool. Watch when you have to wake up at three in the morning for feeding them bottles of milk. You're an odd mate. Though I'm more than thrilled you're mine, slave boy. Chop, chop! I'd like some deer, if you please."

Neji made a face as he pulled out a chair and pushed her into it. "That's right. I forgot about that little point." He sighed and then hugged her around the shoulders, one hand drifting to her enlarged stomach again. They stilled as they felt a kick and stared down at her stomach. "…She kicked." Neji stated in awe, eyes brightening. "We felt her first kick."

"That's… whoa…"

"Why would it be right that it was one of the females and not the male?"

The Seishou female rolled her eyes and swatted his chest. "Oi, cheeky." She poked his nose. "The boy will be a mama's boy, I bet. Right lad?" They blinked as they felt the small tappings. "Know that we three girls won't take shit from anyone and be proud." Richochet huffed as he took her finger from his nose and kissed it, sending tingles down her spine. "That's unfair tactics."

"Hmm?" He looked down at her, connecting their eyes.

"Using my emotions against me." She smirked and burst out laughing at his twitching 'you-did-not-just-say-that' look. "Oh, but it's fair you get controlled over via emotions if I have no control over my actions with you."

"Tch. Whatever." Neji retorted, kissing her senseless, her mind fuzzing over delightfully before moving away and getting her some dinner from their fridge, enjoying being able to look after her. He looked over his shoulder to see her tapping some rhythms on her filled womb and smiling when she felt the taps back. He glowed inside to see it. He, personally, thought she'd be a brilliant mother, even if she thought she wasn't that good at much else but fighting and mocking.

"Hey Neji. Our children are seriously smart."

"Be proud." He mocked her.

"You're damn right I am."

"Because you're just that good?"

"Of course." She purred out making him chuckle. "I know I'm not that big now but… How big do you think I'm going to get to?"

Neji looked away from his cooking and stared at her. "Very. Triplets are a lot of work." He said wistfully, looking at her stomach. "I want them to be here now."

"You really can't wait for them to be here?"

"No. The thought of being a father blows me away."

"Well, you're gonna have to wait, aren't you?" Richochet said smartly and snickered at his grimacing pout. "Aw, how cute. You know you're going to have to wait, so patience, husband of mine. I'm the one carrying these kittens."

Neji scoffed and tossed some vegetable into the wok and Richochet got up silently to watch him, leaning against the counter. "Heh. Bok choi. You cook well, mate, but you can't beat Hinata." Then her nose twitched. "Still, it's getting there."

"Any good mate would do something as simple as cook for their mate when they're with children." He turned to her with a brow raised, stirring the vegetable with chopsticks. "I have to protect you and give you whatever you want. That's my duty and my need. I can't help it."

Richochet wasn't too comfortable by what he was speaking but it hit her hard. "You really are like me now." She stated, staring at him in something akin to awe.

"Are you slow?" He mocked one of their earlier arguments and she smirked back at him.

"Neji…" She leaned forward, looking up at him demurely, making him feel intoxicated by her presence with a single thought.

He couldn't help but lean down, enchanted. "Yes?"

"…The vegetables are burning."

He blinked, snapping out of it. "What?"

"The vegetables, love. The vegetables!"

Neji spun his head to see the somewhat blackened vegetable. "Damn it! You little vixen!"

"That would be Hinata in a little while, mate."

The Byakugan user smirked at that and then lifted up the wok, putting it to the side and away from them both as the scent of slightly burnt food hit their noses. He paused and then snapped his head towards hers. "You just called me…"

Richochet cocked her head to the side, staring into his longing silvery eyes and then read his mind. Her eyes widened, the colour of lava glowing even stronger than ever. She looked away and out of the window above the cooker. "I just… I guess I…" Looking a little lost, the lightning hanyou stared at him.

Neji leaned into her once more, his hair making a curtain around them so she would only she his questioning face. "Richochet?" He couldn't help but whisper her name. "Go on."

"Since I'm on a role..." Richochet placed her hands on his cheeks in a feather light touch. "You really do make me want love, you know. I want to cry every single time that you look at me in every single way." She said very softly, almost inaudibly. "To me you are the absolute perfection I would want in a man for my mate. I'm made trembling by these emotions." She actually did tremble and her eyes wept red blood tears, spilling over her cheeks. "They're too strong. You make me everything. You're more than just my tree. You're… I want to devour you, to keep you in me always. I have to have you. I would kill the whole world if you weren't there anymore and you know I speak the truth. I'd officially do anything to get you back if something took you away from me. Anything. I would even…"

She left off her words but they were in his mind to read.

'…Kill these children.'

And read he did.

Neji ducked his head, so she couldn't see his face.

"I just…" Ricochet trailed off and moved away, seeing his actions as defensive against her as she tried keeping the bay of rejection in her. "I'm going to hibernate." She bit her thumb, grabbed Neji's hand with the small tattoo of his garnet gift and summoned it out. She took it with her as she went to their bedroom hurriedly.

Neji immediately followed her in worry. "What do you mean 'hibernate'?" He demanded, gripping her elbows from behind but she pulled out of his hold and continued on.

Richochet walked in and sat down in the middle of her fur.

Neji dropped in front of her, on hands and knees, looking worried and stressed out. "Please, mate. Tell me. Why are you acting like this? I just want to know."

"I have to."

"You have to WHAT??" Neji then whistled sharply, and three weasels jumped in from what seemed like no where and bowed but he didn't care. He pointed at her. "What is she doing?!"

They turned to the pregnant woman and then bowed lowly to her also. "Hibernating, Lord. If you want, you may join her in her sleep. The only protection will be an impenetrable barrier to all but demons, seeing as it is a demon barrier." They chirped. "I bet she even ate the whole pantry out."

Richochet nodded and starting growling in different tones, the garnet ball lighting up with chakra. 'I need to sleep. Do not be offended… love. You need time. I give it to you. Join me if you want.' Her growls turned into yelps and whines. 'I will be sleeping until they want out.'

"How will they grow?"

'Chakra, my blood and energy to give different nutrients in my body.' Richochet realised why she had eaten so much earlier.

"Listen Neji. Go now and eat everything you need for the next few months." Richochet stated, pumping some lightning into the ball, the whole room glowing up with the static electric. "And make it quick."

"I will be joining you. Let me make preparations." He turned to the weasels and pointed at a red coloured one. "Bring me some papers and pen." He pointed to the yellow one. "Bring in some clothing and towels." He looked to the orange one. "Restock the fridge and keep everything fresh and edible for us."

The three weasels left quickly.

He heard a squeak and quickly wrote up a note for the children to let them know what was happening. In fact, it was only the children of the village who knew they were hanyou. He handed it to the weasel. "Stick it on the front door."

'Naruto, Gaara.' Neji called, getting an immediate response.

'Wow, it's odd you would contact me, Neji-eji!'


'We'll be… hibernating… for three months.' He said with a pause. 'Try to keep us literally unknown and off the face of the earth. I need to keep her protected.'

'Me, protected?' Richochet huffed in her mind to them. 'Whatever. Naruto, make sure to get Hinata by the time I'm out here. Gaara just as importantly, keep the lines up well. And find yourself someone, too. Make sure to stay near each other for control because I'm not around as much. And Naruto, Sasuke is my ally now.'


'What indeed. He decreed it himself. Naruto, make sure to go on a mission around this time and take a detour to here.'

'I will send someone.'

'Thank you.' Neji expressed his gratitude.

'Gaara will be busy a lot, Naruto, so make sure you keep checking my lines and gathering information too. You're smart enough to do that at least. And I trust you, as the Lord Toko's Third, The Fire Master, to be able to do that?'

'Will do, dattebayo, anything you say Lady Toko! Or should I say Lord Toko, Neji?'

The male Seishou rolled his eyes and then smirked. 'Be good without us…'

'…If you can.' Richochet finished with a smug laugh. 'See you soon.'

'Goooooodnight! And make sure those babies are healthy!'

'Of course.'

'Rest well.'

'Never fear.'

"Neji." Richochet closed her eyes. "I meant everything I said. Even if I am… me." She finished. "I know I'm not a good person. In fact, I'm horrendously malevolent… twisted and cruel. And I do enjoy it. I honestly do. But I am yours to do with as you will. You are first, not anyone else."

"Hmm..." Neji looked away, pained at the thought of her throwing away, it could be said, those unborn children and just for him. "I understand. Please wait for me. I will be a couple hours."

"Anything." She whispered as he got up and went out to eat. She wiped her blood tears trails from her face with the back of her hands, licking it off after with a saddened look. "I am yours for you to use." She carried on with her growls and whines to the red ball, prompting it to glow warmly in return.


"You are ready?" Richochet questioned monotonously, a shiver gong down her back as she remembered her earlier soul baring and her words. It was true. Every word she had spoken to him was true. It was just so deep. She was so obsessed. She wouldn't let him go – even if it were to save the damned world.

She couldn't.

When these irritating love songs sang about the other half being the air they breathed? That wasn't even the half of it with what they had. She would be a fucking brain-dead murdering beast of a drone without this man alive with her.


Him, actually living, breathing, being with her, needing her, having her, using her, was just that necessary to her.

He was necessary to her.

Neji stared at her blankly, mind calm and filled with only her face that was in front of him. "I am yours to do with as you will." He remarked. "If you'd let me in your mind more. I don't even know how you can block some things out from me. I accept that but I don't know why I don't feel the same demon tendencies as you."

Richochet closed her eyes and nodded, holding out a hand for him to grasp. "Anything." He grasped it warmly, wondering how she stayed so small and so strong at the same time. She wrapped their connections together. "Let me show you my life within our dream of sleep." Her eyes snapped open, whirring red Kazangan alive eyes staring at him.

He merely copied, showing his double eyes, red as hers were. "Show me everything."

A huge red circle beamed up from the ball and they floated in the middle of it, one hand entwined with fingers knitted together in a seamless pattern of opposites.

Richochet moved closer and grabbed the back of his head with her free hand and tapped her forehead against his. "Initiate memory sequence of Seishou 'Richochet' Toko and Seishou 'Hyuuga' Neji." Her eyes closed his face in her mind. "Begin."

"Ne! Toko! Wake up!"

"I'm awake, I'm awake…" A bleary eyed six going on seven year old looked up from her half asleep state to see her twin there, a worried look on her small child face. "Shoko? What's wrong?"

She trembled and then curled into herself, clutching the velvet feeling summer dress of yellow to her. "I...I couldn't find you and I was so scared…!" She grasped the girl instead, burying her head into the long black hair of her sister. "And Grandpa came!"

Toko sat up this time. "Did he do anything to you? Like he does to those… those other kids…" She hesitated asking, knowing it was painful for her caring sister. The girl shivered in Toko's hold and she held the girl back, joining eyes and glaring at her. "Tell me Shoko!"

"No.. no!" She shook her head in denial and held her as tightly as she could, wrapping herself in Toko again.

Toko was unsure, but held her tightly, not really certain as to what to do. "Shoko…"

"She was…?!"

"I never found out. But it fuelled me to go farther than I ever could."



Richochet gritted her teeth and started the exercise again, sweat pouring off her young body as she blocked multiple attacks from several huge, burly men coming at her with powerful weapons that had squelches of blood on them. Her blood. Numerous cuts surrounded her body, but her Grandfather's lackeys didn't give a damn.

They were just his playthings too, waiting for pay.

Until they died.

Lucky bastards.

She dodged a spiked ball with chain and ran up the said chain, taking a slice with her blades at his wrist and then neck. The neck was cut with her inexperienced slice but the wrist was easily dodged by letting go of the chain. She fell to the floor, but went into a roll. Once again she dodged a weapon but this time was a large scimitar coming right at her.

Her eyes widened and she rolled sideways and hacked the ankles, blood squirting out and temporarily blinding her. She saw red as blood filled her vision and she quickly wiped it away with her dark reddish orange jumper. Everything ached, especially her wrists from staying in on position with the blades, heavy as they were.

She yelped as she was kicked and shuffled away to get away from the punch and succeeded. Moving into a handstand she kicked a male in the crutch and then jumped away to avoid the double punch from two men, looking rather scared.

"STOP LOOKING SO PATHETIC RICHOCHET! YOU ARE A WARRIOR! BE STRONG!" Her grandfather yelled at her, stern eyes snarling at her in rage and he snapped his cane down. "DON'T LOOK AT ME! GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!"

Richochet whimpered to herself. 'Shoko. I'm so sorry. I have to do this once more to see you again.' She put her face into a determined grimace and went right at it with more vigour and mercilessness. She evaded the extra attack from a huge iron pipe with nails sticking out the other end, forsaking her fear.

She twirled around a vertical slash and stabbed the lackey in the lumber vertebrae, a sweet spot. He dropped to the ground instantly and fell to the ground, twitching.


She gutted another man and then ripped his stomach out, ducking to escape his hands and smacked the stomach in another idiotic lackeys face to blind him, stomach acid burning his sensitive eyes.

No more fear.

"I have no need of it anymore." She stated to herself, sticking her blades into a mans bladder and twisted, flinching at the scream of agony that welled from his chest to his throat to echo, screeching like a banshee, out of his mouth. "Goodbye me. See you sometime."

"That's when you changed from a normal girl to a cold blooded killer, hmm?"

"I still felt the guilt. So not cold-blooded. Yet."

"Still to come?"

"You haven't seen what drove me to kill my sister."


Shoko was smiling at her in that oh so cute way.

Richochet was starting to despise it.

Why was she always so damn happy?

Toko smiled back at her. "Yes, Shoko?"

"Do you think you could stop killing soon?" Shoko looked pleadingly at her.

The twin stilled, waiting. Her eyes gave a steady look to her. "…Why do you ask? It's not up to me if I do or not. I'm nothing but a weapon for him to use."

"I hate seeing you like this! This isn't you!"

"Well, I recall saying something like that to you."

"You really do have her kindness. But you have what I'm looking for."

"I think I could guess, but do tell."

"You have acceptance. Shoko… couldn't give that. And I hated her for that. I wanted to be like her. I didn't want her around when we looked the same, when we could have been the same. Why was I chosen to be a heartless murderer? Why couldn't I be as kind as her? Why did she have to be so lucky?"

"You are Seishou 'Toko' Richochet. This is you. You can be whatever you want to be. I believe I understand your thinking."

"You're in my memories and can feel me. I'd be worried if you couldn't."

"Your sarcasm is, I note… fragile, almost."


"Were you always so breakable, my Toko?"

"Don't you DARE touch her!"

Shoko sobbed in a corner. "I don't want to… I don't want to…"

Richochet snarled and sliced the mans hands off, ignoring the screaming shriek of pain. "You pathetic, abysmal little shit! You fucking little cunt! HOW DARE YOU?! YOU MAKE ME SICK!"

"Stop it… please stop it… Toko… You sound like him…"

Toko looked away from her kill that kept twitching to stare with dread at Shoko. She slowly went to the girl, miserable.

"Shoko…" Shoko immediately attached herself to her. "Why am I never there when you need me?"

"You really did love her, didn't you?"

"Love… why people talk so lightly of it is beyond me. I don't know what I feel. I don't really care."

"…That hurts me."

"What? How? Do you want love?"

"Can I have it from you, ever?"

"I'll give you anything. Stop making me feel like I have to say these things. Can I not just show you with my self?"

Richochet scrambled through the shelves of her Grandfather's office. "Come on… Come on… Who are you?" At that moment Richochet was scouring the places for any hidden letters or things that could provide some form of identity for her.

She was a Seishou, for sure. She'd found blood tests to prove she was one as a young child that that vindictive old man made her go through just to make sure she was. She'd forgotten about it until she found them not moments ago, stuffed into a back pocket of her very old black shorts. That wasn't what she wanted though.

It was something else she was looking for.

"Who the hell is my father?" She snapped to herself, straightening up the shelves of books, knowing he sometimes kept special papers in them and hadn't found anything like that in these. She smacked a hand against the bookcase holding the rare books and spluttered as a huge dust cloud fell to the floor and over her face.

"Nice one, genius."

"Sod off."

"Crap!" She coughed loudly and glared down at the stuff and yelp as something smacked her. She glared down the file and swiped it up, scowling at it up deeper. "What are you about?"

She read the top of the file and raised a brow. "Experiment two point oh." She flicked the manila folder open. "Who on earth is that?" She took a closer look.

"Talking to yourself?"

"Well, no, I'm talking to the invisible man. Genius. Stop interrupting my memory! And… this is kind of important."

The picture was of a small beaming girl with long hair in the colour of-

"Jesus FUCKING Christ! That's not possible! She looks like Mizu! Wait, wait, wait! …IT IS MIZU!"

"…That's Mizu as a child?!"

"What the hell is going on?! Why… Why haven't I ever remembered this?"

"…Sometimes people forget what they want to forget, putting a block up in the mind."

"…Maybe. I don't know. I… think I forgot everything but the sheer anger I held to my family. Even at that age."

-Blue with bright neon green eyes. Richochet frowned. "Chikoto Mizu… Plastic Surgery? First attempt, any value needed will be given…" She looked closer and turned the page. "Turning the subject into the copy…"

Toko swallowed her saliva and dropped the manila folder, staring at her hands. "She's not... She's not my real sister? She… faked it this whole time? How could she… how could she?!" Her hands trembled in rage as her face twisted into fury and she snarled at the manila folder on the floor that had dropped something out of it.

Picking it up, she unfolded the piece of yellowed paper, several years old.

To, Vincent Seishou.

It's time to get that girl back to normal and if she thinks she has a damn twin, we've given her one.

How far have the experiments gone on her? There must be a reason why Richochet is supernaturally strong. Has she realised why she become sick so much? After all, the experiments of different poisons and solutions we created must have had some impression on her mind as to the connecting of her illnesses and the experiments?

Or is she still that brainwashed by you? Heh heh.

So far, the twin has worked specifically to what Richochet wants, correct? After all, Mizu is just some pitiful little girl, some tool we used after her parents gave her away to pay off some bills. A little toy for the warrior to use and throw away if she doesn't want her anymore.

How is her training? Is she still scarily quick?

Send back some good news,

Seishou Soubi

Richochet stuffed the piece into her back pockets and trudged out of the place, forgetting to put the manila folder back in its place. She ran out of the corridor and down towards her cellar, her current bedroom.

Shoko looked up at her and smiled softly. "Toko…"

Richochet steamed, absolutely incensed. "Who are you? Get the hell out of my room!"

"Wh… What…?"


"How did you get so callous to that girl from being so kind?"

"I'm a selfish, conceited bitch. I didn't know how to do much else at that time. I was used merely for my unnatural talent to kill. It wasn't so bad. I didn't know anything else, so how could it be bad when nothing to compare it to? My moments away from Richochet were everything to me. Being Toko was exhilarating."

"…We still call you Richochet though. Is that okay to you?"

"Being Toko may have been exhilarating, but it was a lie from my true self."

"Or was it the other way around?"

"My true self will be whatever you want it to be, Neji."

"…Saying that one side is a fake is a lie. Be both. Be whoever you want to be."

"I wish I had that wisdom that comes to you so easily back then."

"There's something I don't understand."


"If you ended up hating the girl, why did you always pine for her?"

"…Tricky question. Back then she was the only good thing in my life. I never had anyone after that back in that world. Then I came to this world and everything… is different. Sure people still kill, still steal and all that shit that I do. But it was different. How? Not even I know. Maybe it was because I died."

"Did you see your life before your eyes?"

"Say what?"

"I guess not, then."

"Why would I see my life before my eyes when I die? That's stupid."


"I didn't see my life; I just felt I was a waste of talent because of not being able to kill anymore."

Shoko watched the girl from the sidelines and sighed. "I wish you would stop this."

Richochet glared at her. "Get stuffed. I live for nothing else."

"You can if you want to!"

"What do you know about wanting to and having to apart from practically being lower than a slave to me?!" She stopped doing her exercises and turned to the girl fully. "If you want something to have I get it for you! If you need anything I give it to you! Why? Because I have to! Otherwise you'd just DIE!"


"Just go away! Stay away from me!"

Shoko sniffed, tears running down her face. "I really do love you, To-"


"I know that Toko is now a Lady who rules over huge plots of lands and cares for it and the people within it."

"…That's just to satisfy my instincts to have territory."

"You still do it though."

"So what? It doesn't matter. Only you and what you give me do."

"What about Naruto and Gaara and Hinata and Deidara?"

"…You come first forever, they understand. I need you more than anything."

"I don't think there is much of a life left for you if you keep saying that."

"This… what I say… it is the truth. The only thing important to a demon is a mate, I'm learning."

"I'm sorry, okay?! I didn't mean for it to go this far!!"

"I'm not needed as much as you think I am, Toko."

Her small hand held out to her twin, Shoko, as she took another step backward, wobbling now, eyes wide in raw emotion as her voice stuttered out words to make her stop. "Is it because I fight? You know I fight because-"

Shoko shook her head in anger and sorrow, glaring at her, making her flinch in shame. Shoko never… ever glared at her. "That is it!! I no longer wish it to happen! I no longer wish for you to… to… UGH!! STOP!! That is it!!"


"I saw that memory."

"How did you see that memory? Only Naruto had picked it up."

"You thought only Naruto picked it up. We're much stronger than you realise. I'm much stronger than you realise."


"Well, I make you go weak at the knees, don't I?"

"Only you can, love."

"Again with the love. Do you love me?"

"Can I? I can get very possessive over what I 'love' even more. You saw what I was like with Shoko."

"Trust me, I can take it. Can you take my possessiveness?"

"Heh. Haven't I?"

"Excuse me? I haven't been-"

"-Not letting me workout. Not letting me get my own food. Not letting me have my independence. Not letting me out the house. What will you be like with our children, hmm? I fear for our daughters' love life."

"You like it, really. And what are you talking about? They won't have one."

"Bloody hell, but I understand. And like? Would you?"

"Hmph. This is only when you're pregnant and out of action."

"Aiyiyi... Just know I will try for you more than I ever did for Shoko. She may be the world… but you are my universe."

"You can say very sentimental things at times."

"It's only us in here."

"And our children."

"That's what I meant by us. Still can't believe you got me pregnant at a time this… Jeeze… What's wrong with your mind?"

"Oh shut up. You enjoyed it. And what's wrong with my mind? You sent it into orgasm land, thanks."

"Damn right I did. Ugh. Pregnancy sucks… I've been not me."

"Damn right you are."

"Oh, shut up."


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