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Tie Me Down

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

There's a tingle of anticipation right before he pulls open the car door. He's intrigued by the man he knows he'll find in the car… it's not something that happens often. He has peered in at a lot of lives, its part of the job, has never actually been curious of the people who they belong to.

There's a distinct edge of fear permeating the car.

"I know you're scared, but as long as you don't do anything stupid, we're not gonna hurt you." He runs through the usual spiel looking over a hard body that only looks like it shows its proper age… he knows the other's actual age…

"Do you understand?" There's a sharp jerk and he decides that it's probably a yes.

"What do you want?" He hadn't expected fear, oddly enough.

"I want you to put your hands on the roof of the car." He watches the shift of muscle beneath the uniform.

"Pardon me." He's weary as he moves to pull the seat belt across the heaving chest; it's hard to tell when someone's fight or flight instincts will kick in and he hates being caught by a stray elbow or fist.

"Now, would you mind putting your left hand through the steering wheel, please?" He's always found that people are more willing to comply when you pretend to give them a choice.

Talley moves his hand slowly and even without the uniform it would be easy to identify him as a cop.

"Now bring me the right." His hand wavers slightly before gloved fingers close around his, steadying. He feels a little cheated that theirs fabric between their respective skins, he would've like to feel a little more than almost feverish warmth.

"Good… Good." He praises, finding that everyone in this situation needs to be treated like a five year old.

"Now the guy behind you is gonna take hold of you. Don't struggle. It's for your own good." He watches as Rivet locks one arm over the taught throat, the other gong to clutch the seat belt.

"Eyes in the rearview mirror. Now." The doors swing open on his wife and child and the reaction is jarring.

"Jane! Amanda!" Rivet grunts as the other tries to pitch his weight forward, hands wrenching frantically, chain grinding against the wheel.

The doors are pulled back shut after ten seconds, as usual, this time it somehow seems longer though. The violent reaction stills a little, muscles still quivering under the strain.

"I know. I know, I know." There never sincerity in his voice, because truthfully he does know, can only guess and most of the time he doesn't bother with it

"But at least they're still alive. From this point on, you control what happens to them." Again people are calmer if given a choice, though after so long as an officer he would hope that Talley could recognize it for what it is… mollification…

"Can we let you go? Can you be calm?" He almost wants the answer to be a no… knows himself well enough to know that he curious as to whether or not he could control someone like Jeff Talley.