Doubles tough love: Hyotei interview.

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Here I thought of doing a warm up fic to get me charged up to continue with love in the tennis court… you can request on which doubles pair you would want to hear in this interview as well as the questions that are going to be asked.

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First up is the Dirty pair of Hyotei Gakuen.


Mukahi Gakuto

Describe Yourself:

Rich, famous and loved by everyone. That's typical me

Tell us something about your partner:

He's just useful when he's on the court. But, really, Yuushi can get too annoying.

Like during White day, he sent me carrot cake and told me on the card that he's such a genius because he was the only idiot who would send carrot cake on white day. Duh? That's just plain stupid.

And his ridiculous hobby of watching sappy romance movies is just crazy!

Your greatest rival:

Kikumaru of course! I admit that he's good. But you saw the game during the Kanto tournament, I am a better acrobatic player than he is. And for the benefit of everyone, I have conquered my stamina problem, so beware Kikumaru!. If we meet again in the courts, the golden pairs legacy will end (laughs devilishly).

The person you envy the most…

Nobody! Why would I envy anyone? I am rich and I'm good in tennis. I can get anything that I want.

Have you ever gone on a date?

Why do you have to know? Fine! I'll tell only because I don't want you to think that I am weak with girls…

Of course I did, with a 2nd year last summer. But she couldn't pass as my girlfriend.

I have high standards, higher than Atobe's.

The person you like to make fun of is…

Shishido Ryo. Hyotei's mascot..hahaha…that bandage on his eyebrow is a pure sign of stupidity. He's gonna cut away his hair and he ends up scratching his face..stupid!

Have you ever tried defying the orders of your captain?

Of course, yes! Just because he's our captain doesn't mean he can order us around major..

Have you secretly tried to mess up with your captain's name?





Envious of

Kunimitsu Tezuka;





What is the secret that you know about your partner?

That's easy! Yuushi thinks his violin teacher is hot! Big time!

Defend Yourself: You are Hyotei's most childish member.

No I'm not! Jirou is! Why do you always see me? Who told you that? Yuushi?

Yuushi: No I didn't. Oh and Gakuto…

Jirou: Gakuto, I think your biology class frog snuck in your bag and is currently roaming…somewhere around (looks around) here…

Gakuto: Will you two shut up! I'm in an interview.

What is your greatest fear?

Fears? I don't have fears (croak)

Aaaahhhhh! FROG!

Anything you want to say to your partner.


(After getting rid of the frog…)

Name: Oshitari Yuushi

Describe Yourself:

I am the great tensai of Hyotei

Tell us something about your partner:

He's childish, lively and obnoxious but he has his uses in doubles though he's somewhat dependent on me. But he can do singles now..

Your greatest rival:

Fuji Syusuke of Seigaku. That tennis prodigy is the only hurdle to my spotlight. I can do his counters anytime, or better, surpass him. Unfortunately, Jirou had the chance to play against him so (sigh).

Your partner is complaining about you. What can you say?

He's complaining when he has a tensai for a partner? He's a bit annoying and is hard to keep in line, yet he never heard me complain.

Have you ever gone on a date?

Once.. twice.. a few times during valentines and Christmas.

Gakuto: Those are lies! He talks big yet he's more of a wimp than Ohtori when it comes to asking girls out.

Yuushi: Gakuto this is my interview, go away.

Gakuto: Fine! I hate you!!

Yuushi: Hate me later.

Gakuto: You're always making me wait!

The person you like to make fun of is…

Oishi Syuichiroh…but do be quiet about it.

Tell us why..swear we won't tell

Because his head looks like a bowling ball and if you try imagining him in a long dress with apron..hmf..(Covers his mouth and straightens up after a few seconds). Next question please..

Have you secretly tried to mess up with your captain's name?

If you swear not to tell Atobe I'll talk…

There was one time when Ohtori, Shishido, Gakuto and me went out. I offered to treat the others but when the bill came, we ate at Atobe's reataurant, my credit card got blocked and I ran out of cash so I told them that Atobe will pay the bill since we are already known there.

What is the secret that you know about your partner?

Gakuto loves to cross-dress whenever he gets in trouble to get out of it.

Defend Yourself: You are a very shy person

That's half true. But tennis will be my strength.

Have you ever tried defying the orders of your captain?

A tensai knows when to draw the line unlike my bouncy partner…

Gakuto: Oy Yuushi! Are you talking about me over there?

Yuushi: Currently, none of your business

Anything you want to say to your partner.

Grow up tall..and change your hairstyle so that you won't be mistaken as my girlfriend who has a flat chest.

Gakuto: What did you say?

Yuushi: I said grow old and eat well or you'll get rheumatic.

What is your greatest fear? bite and they can kill. But that Kaidoh Kaoru is no threat at all